Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Recap

This year has been one of the best yets! 2010 was fun winning the lottery, getting married & finding out we were expecting but 2011 was really our year... we really grew in our faith, as parents & just within our selves.  let's look back shall we...

we were in our last trimester of pregnancy, I got Pupps, we had a 3d ultrasound of our little one.

We really took in our last month as a family of 2, we celebrated Valentines day & my birthday, I began experiencing severe swelling in my feet & ankles.

this is the month that our lives were forever changed.  We became Parents-- we were given a purpose for life.  Our breastfeeding journey began and ended this same month.

We celebrated Easter, We began spending a lot of time at the ball park, we had our first date night without Maddux & he spent the night at his grandparents for the first time, we also purchased the snuza for a peace of mind.

Maddux turned 2 months old,  I celebrated my first Mothers Day,

Maddux turned 3 months old, we went to the zoo for the first time, we quit co-sleeping. celebrated Fathers Day, we also finger painted for the first time, Maddux also went swimming for the first time!

Maddux turned 4 months, we got in a car accident, I thought Maddux seriously lost his penis & we spent A LOT of our days at the ball park watching his cousin play baseball

Maddux turned 5 months old,we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, we had 2 weddings, we celebrated daddy's birthday

Maddux turned 6 months, I got baptized, Maddux got dedicated, started saying his first word:: Hi. & Maddux went to his first DeKalb County Free Fall Fair :)


Maddux turned 7 months, Maddux was a super cute Octopus for Halloween, Maddux started crawling, started saying Dad & started waving.

Maddux turned 8 months, Maddux got his first haircut, Maddux gave up the paci

We celebrated our first Christmas, Maddux turned 9 months, Maddux had his first ER visit due to a high fever & Maddux got 2 teeth

So long 2011... let's hope 2012 brings some great things maybe even a little brother or sister for Maddux!!
We are so blessed... :)


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