Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Ugly.

Ok so like most mommy blogs I normally blog about how wonderful & perfect my child is & all the amazing things that comes along with being a parent.  But lets get real here... Parenting isn't always awesome.  It isn't always pleasant. Sometimes there are things that just plain suck.  I may sound crazy to some of you but I'm just being honest.  There are moments when I really struggle at being that happy mama.  I mean I try to be like that but there are those moments when you can't like it stinks. So Here are the things that I don't mention often or at all that I just plain don't like about being a parent.  Please don't take this as me hating life, my child, parenting-- I know I've been blessed with a wonderful gift & I wouldn't trade it for the world & I'll take these moments & things because I have to it's part of being a parent but Hey I can complain because this is my blog! So here we go... the things I've struggled with or in other words wish didn't exist/happen.
  • Sleep.
    • This is the thing I'm struggling with the most right now-- I dread bedtime I mean like Hate My Life in this moment.  Maddux does awesome through out the day with naps and such in his crib but bedtime is a whole other ball game.  He screams. He yells.  He cries.  He kicks. He screams. He yells. He cries. He kicks. He screams. He yells. He cries. He kicks. He calms down. He takes his paci. He starts to fall asleep. BAM. He screams. He yells. He cries. He kicks. He screams. He yells. He cries. He kicks. He screams. He yells. He cries. He kicks. He calms down. He takes his paci. He starts to fall asleep. BAM. ---Yes, that is a vicious cycle we go through every night until finally I'm crying He's crying & I cave.  I pick him up take him to our bed lay down & he stops crying & goes right to sleep-within minutes! I HATE BEDTIME!!
  • Schedule.
    • Schedule...What's that?  Maddux does what he wants when he wants.  I know I know he's a baby & babies do that but I hate it.  I hate that I can't have everyday planned out perfectly.  I hate that routines just don't work at least not yet.  Some days he goes 3-4 hours between meals others he goes 2-3 hours between meals.  It's just so hard to plan things when you don't know what your infant wants.  I mean sometimes you try to run an errand and they decide that they need to eat right then and there and well then your trying to feed your screaming child in there rear facing car seat while you drive home because you can't bring a screaming kid anywhere. 
  • Picky Peter.
    • I can't stand how one day Maddux will LOVE his swing with a passion he can sit in it for hours--heck he can even sleep in it at his gma's house but other days he won't even let you sit him down in it without crying.  or how some days he likes his bumbo other days he hates it.  Some days he'll take great naps in his cribs other days he needs to be in his pack-n-play & other days he will only take his mama's arms. 
  • Colic.
    • I know that Maddux isn't a colicky baby but, he has his days.  Yes, some days he just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed & is fussy fussy fussy & these are the days where his mama just cries because I'm so lost on these days.  If anyone has ever been around Maddux they know that he is one of the happiest babies ever--He will smile from ear to ear forever but these days I can't get him to smile or anything. I hate days like these. 
  • Words.
    • Ok common sense, babies can't talk.  I hate that I don't know what Maddux needs or feels.  I mean earlier this week I had a sore throat and a couple days after that Maddux was fussy all day well was did he have a sore throat? I'll never know? I don't know why Maddux was fussy that day.  I mean I can decode most of his cries... I know if he's crying cause he's hungry or needs to burp or wants held or what not but there are moments where you don't know what's wrong & it would just be great if you could know the answer. 
  • Lastly, Advice.
    • Everyone has it... Family, Friends, Co workers, Strangers-- It's great I love to hear it but, I don't want it shoved down my throat.  I totally respect everything your saying & will listen to what you have to say about what you think I should do but don't tell me I'm doing it wrong & NEED to do something because well let's be honest--

*I love my advice from you guys & hell I like it from other people too but it's when someone is trying to shove it down your throat like making me feel like my child is going to die or go to hell if I don't do things their way! that's the advice I can do without... my blogger friends are much to kind to ever make me feel like! :)

again, please realize this isn't me saying that I hate being a mom because I love my little more & I will deal with all of these things for however long I need to but sometimes I need to get real & not pretend that I'm living this dream life or have this perfect baby even though he really is perfect even when he does stress me out-- Parenting is one hell of a ride but it's a beautiful journey that lucky people get to experience and the beauty of your childs smile makes all of the bad things go away even if it is for a brief second.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 Months!

weight: 13 lbs 10 oz.
Diaper Size: 1-2
Clothes: 0-3

Time sleeping almost all night in his crib
First Trip to the Zoo
First time going to dinner & Wal-mart with out mom & dad--Gma & Gpa Rowe took you
First time pooping on your dad.
First infection--on your thumb nail :(
First Pool Purchased
First time skinny dipping
Random Facts
You are such a Happy Baby--You smile ALL the time! :)
Wrigley & Addison live with us now.
You are hard to please at times.
Some days you love your swing some days you hate it
You are coming closer & closer to rolling over everyday.
You LOVE mickey mouse-- We watch it a few times everyday!
Momma bought you a book that has all the songs from the Mickey Show.
You are somewhat of a Momma's boy.
You had a couple days where you were super cranky this month.
You have still only stayed with Gma & Gpa Rowe (you stay with them every other week)
your starting to sqeal in delight of things.

Funny Tidbit
OK so this month it's another pooping tidbit... You do other things that make momma & daddy laugh but nothing was funnier than this...
One day we were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & you started passing gas really loudly--thank goodness we were at home because this wasn't just kinda loud this was super loud! anywho, then you began to poop & you normally take awhile so we were finishing our show & you were still going strong at about 10 minutes into I was amazed at how much you were going thinking to myself I hope you don't poop out of your diaper... well before I could even finish my thought I moved you and looked down and sure enough you had came out of your diaper & onto my leg so I of course gave you to your dad to have him change you... since we figured you had been pooping forever at this point & just had to be done so daddy started to change you & mid change you began to poop some more...right in your dads HAND now as you know your daddy has a horrible time with things like this & he began screaming for me telling me to hurry so I run out to you guys & he tells me you pooped in his hand and he rushed to the bathroom while gagging the whole way there... he then threw up as soon as he made it to the bathroom! So, yes you pooped on moms leg, dads hand & made him throw up! It was definatly a good laugh! :)

Sweet Baby Maddux I can't believe you are 3 months today! We are loving every minute of being your parents.  You are bringing us some many smiles, laughs, tears & joy already.  I can't imagine being blessed with you forever.  We thank God everyday for you are perfect little boy. 
 Momma & Daddy love you always & forever. :)

I couldn't live without... {months 1-3}

Ok so I know some other Mom bloggers have done things like this--some do it monthly but I've decided I will do it every 3 months at least for the first year...
So here we go Things I couldn't live without.
  • Playtex Bottles (specifically VentAire & Drop-Ins)
These are the only bottles that Maddux uses… we had bought tons of Tommy Tippy bottles but those were making him spit up a lot so we switched & are in love with these they really minimize the air that he takes in!
  • Blankets—We really love soft ones but really just in general blankets…
ok so the reason I listed this is because I was one of those people that got an enormous amount of blankets for gifts! I mean I had a ton and thought I had wayyy to many but no way.  I catch myself sometimes thinking I need more! I mean I prolly go through at least one if not two blankets a day on average… He either pees or pukes on them… so I really don’t know what I would do without all of them!
  • Boppy
I used this a lot when I was breastfeeding but when that came to an end I didn’t use it to much but now I use it for Maddux to sleep in yes I know  he should have nothing around him in his crib but this has made the transition to his crib smoother
  • Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle
at first Maddux didn’t care for this to much but then around month 2 he began to sleep so much better being swaddled plus it keeps him nice & warm.
  • My Parents!
seriously nothing describes the love they have for Maddux it’s amazing.  I never imagined them to be like this—I knew they would love him but they are perfect Grandparents & ALWAYS lending a helping hand!! We are so blessed to have them in our life.  :) Maddux loves them so much too!
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & The Heat Basketball Games!
Yes my child watches TV… I see nothing wrong in this & he loves it… I know he doesn’t understand it but Mickey & The Heat Games really calm him down & he loves to look at all the colors—He will even smile when some of the mickey characters talk… It’s adorable! :)
  • Butt Paste
Maddux hasn’t really had a bad diaper rash but his little bum does get a little red sometimes & I just have to use this once & it clears it right up!
  • Baby Mirror for my car
I don’t have this brand but what I do have is very similar & I LOVE it! I love being able to see if he’s sleeping or why he is fussing & what not. 

Those Items though simple are seriously life savors!! I love all of them & would recommend all of these items to expecting parents! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Home Tour: Office! 
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Ok so my home office doubles as our dumping room… I’m normally super organized & I really didn’t want to post this but hey I’m sure everyone has a messing room every once in awhile! so here ya go…
006 - Copy
the view from the door…

where I get ready…

some of the mess…

This really really needs updated!

now here is some of the major mess!
my desk… just a lil messy!
Here’s the real mess!! My Hubs gets ready (dressed) for work in the AM here so he doesn’t wake me or the baby up! The Huggies box is full of clothes a friend gave to us for Maddux

&& inside that closet is my winter clothes & lots of other junk stuff!

So there you have it… My messy office!! Hope you enjoyed the “real” view of it!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Zoo Trip!

Ok so we went to the zoo forever   almost a month ago & I'm just now posting this... I actually sorta forgot that I hadn't done this yet!

Maddux pretty much slept the entire time! It was a beautiful day and the whole family really enjoyed it!  So here is a few photos from our day. Enjoy! :)

gma & gkids. :)

we couldn't get a picture it was going too fast... this was the only shot of the boys on the carousel

daddy & Maddux on the og ride

Momma & Maddux

Our Little Family

The whole Fam. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's not him... It's me. Fail!

Ok so I told you guys I would update ya on how last night went...
if you need to get caught up you can start here and here.
So it went like this...
I blogged he slept...
I laid down...
got lonely...
Hubs wouldn't wake up to snuggle with me.  & yes just snuggle...
I lay there trying to sleep...
I watch tv...
I lay there some more...
getting lonelier & lonelier...
I get up just to check on the little guy...
He laid there so peacefully...
I stare for awhile...
I caved & had to get him...
see that he was doing it & I RUINED IT!!
I FAILED HIM--he was doing so good & I couldn't handle it...
so Maddux made it about a hour an a half in his own bed! GO MADDUX!! :)
Momma will work on this... maybe it's not Maddux after all...
Maybe its me. Boo.
Waaahhhhh.  (can't wait for Jersey Shore to come back on :) I'm obsessed!--Thanks Hubby!!)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is tonight the night??

Ok... so this goes with the post about Maddux not sleeping in his crib at night but doing great with naps... you can find that here... I got a couple great comments & I really thought about how tonight was going to go.  Well bedtime for the Hubs came & I needed to shower so he took Maddux & laid down in our bed to try and get him to go to sleep well... Maddux had other plans (normally I'm the one to lay down with him) he cried the whole time I was in the shower so when I got out I decided since I wasn't tired I would go rock him in his room then lay him down once he fell asleep well this worked great until of course I layed him down & 5 minutes later (if that) his paci fell out so in I go I did this back and fourth for prolly 10 more minutes until I decided to give up tonight and just bring him in my bed even though I wasn't tired I wanted him to go to sleep so that's what we did & like always he fell right to sleep! After he slept for about 30-40 minutes I was still wide awake playing on my phone I decided to try to move him to his bed & that my friends is where the boy is at now... In his bed-- I hate to jinx myself but I'm hoping that tonight will be the night! (even though I currently hear him moving--his monitor is amazing you can hear him suck on his paci it's crazy clear) Well I'll update tomorrow on how tonight went.. He's been in his bed for about 5 minutes!! :)
**this picture is NOT from tonight he is not swaddled but he is laying in his boppy...

Wee Bit Wednesday {10}

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{one} how many times have you been a bridesmaid/maid of honor?

I’ve never been a bridesmaid or maid of honor but my cousin is getting married in 2 months and I’m in that… I was the first of my friends to get married so.

{two} what’s the last thing your do before you fall asleep at night?

I watch a little bit of TV then turn it to music

{three} you just won your dream vacation, all expenses paid. where are you going?


{four} what is your favorite outdoor activity?

watching baseball games.

{five} as a child, what did you want to “be when you grew up”? did you end up there?

I wanted to be a teacher and  I’m currently going to school studying Office Administration.

{six} what are 3 things your dream home would have that you don’t currently have?

a 2 car garage, 3 bathrooms, a fenced in backyard

{seven} what’s for dinner tonight?

eh… I’m not sure?

{eight} if someone stopped by your house unannounced on a typical Saturday night, what would they find you doing?

I probably wouldn’t be home.

{nine} what’s your average monthly water bill?

I’m not really sure. Hubs normally takes care of that.

{ten} what do you do to relax?

tan, go for a drive

Over It!—Co sleeping.


ok so… It’s not that I mind co-sleeping because I really don’t I have a “it is what it is” attitude but now it’s getting frustrating not necessarily him sleeping in my bed but here’s the situation…

Naps are going extremely well in his crib! He takes a short nap in the morning about 1 hr. and then an awesome nap in the afternoon 2-4 hrs. I can lay him down a lot of the time and he doesn’t make a peep and goes right to sleep. 

Bedtime is a different story… He will cry and cry and cry… It’s bad! I hate to let him cry so I try to console him I try rocking him then laying him down nothing works… He wakes up after 5 minutes or so… I still try every night but I’m really struggling with it it gets so frustrating! I’m not doing anything different from his naps… I’m not sure what to do anymore other than make him cry it out one night & I don’t think I can do that!…

I have thought about taking away his pacifier because it seems like that is causing problems at night & at some naps its like as soon as it falls out of his he wakes up and screams… just anymore advice would be great.  Please no that I’m not against co-sleeping because like I said it’s not that I don’t like it… nothing is better than waking up with Maddux next to me but I know he can do this so I want to do it. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Tour: Living Room.

This week we are showcasing our Living Rooms!… So here take a look at where Maddux & I spend the majority of our days! && Then head on over & Link Up!

living room3

this is all the views of my living room!


The awesome present is a block that has ALL of his information wrote out on the sides including where he was born & his parents names etc.  It really is our favorite thing. It’s just so personal :)



like the pictures say both of our tables were made by my dad… I love being able to display pictures in them.


we have maddux’s pack-n-play in here right now just for the changing table part & the bags are both of his that we take with us when we go places & that is where is car seat sits the majority of the time unless someone is coming over & yes he is asleep in the car seat when I took this picture he needed the nap & I was not going to wake him! :)


the “entry way”  & the couch I can’t wait to get rid of!



One of my favorite things in my house!


my favorite wall in my whole house! :)

a lot these items were wedding gifts…

So.. there you guys have it hope you enjoyed the peak into my living room! :)