Tuesday, November 30, 2010

24 weeks. lots of updates :)

So... we've made it to 24 weeks-- 6 months!! Crazy to think that we are already this far into the pregnancy.  It's so funny to think about how last year around this time Jayce & I would talk about how we couldn't wait to become parents but we figured out "a plan" that we both were happy with.  Yes, we should've known you can never plan things out in life but we were very set on what we wanted... married in August, try to conceive in November (late November )  and now as your reading this and realizing that I'm 24 weeks pregnant in well late November our "strategic plan" just didn't play out the way we wanted it to but now looking back... Jayce & I couldn't be happier with where we are at in our lives-- we talk every day about how we can't wait to become parents & meet our little boy! Everything happens for a reason & this is clearly a blessing from God!! I'm sad to see the next 3 months come & go but at the sametime everyday I get more and more excited to meet my growing baby inside me :)... just looking back crazy to think we would talk about parenting and getting pregnant every so often and now we discuss it everyday multiple times a day on becoming parents & how the pregnancy is going... it seriously is life changing from the very moment you find out... simply AMAZING!! :)

Well... let's see other than now being 24 weeks Jayce & I are planning on painting the nursery this weekend/week!! :) Can't wait till that is done his room will practically be finished once it is painted!

I plan on going to register the next week I'm not planning on having the baby shower till January but, I want to register now so I have plenty of time to add/remove anything that we may want & who knows how miserable I will be in the next month to come! :)

We have a doctors appt this coming Tuesday (Dec. 7th) I'm so nervous & actually kinda sad about this appt because it is the last time I will see my doctor until she returns from maternity leave!-- I just dont know what to expect after this appointment I mean I've seen Dr.Thomas for the past few years & to have to switch this far into my pregnancy just stinks but then to switch back the week of my due date is going to stink toooo so a little prayer that whomever Dr.Thomas switches me too is just as wonderful as what she has been would be appreciated! Oh so more prayers that my sugar isn't high would be appreciated as well!! :)

Some more exciting news that Jayce & I have officially decided that we will be getting a 3d/4d ultrasound done... I'm thinking I'm going to go with the following package...

Medallion Package: $295 NOW $275• 3D/4D
• (2) 30 minute sessions
• 4 black and white photos
• 4 black and white (3D) photos
• 4 color (3D) photos
• DVD of entire session recorded to music
• CD full of 2D and 3D jpeg images of your baby
I have to make sure that I will recieve all the photos & cds at both sessions-- if I will only recieve that at one session then I will just go with the....

Platinum Package: $225 NOW $205• 3D/4D
• 30 minute sessions
• 4 black and white photos
• 4 black and white (3D) photos
• 4 color (3D) photos
• DVD of your entire session recorded to music
• CD full of 2D and 3D jpeg images of your baby

Its the same as the other package you just only get one session!! But they have some great savings going on right now... $25 off any 3d session plus they have a refer a friend special going on which you get a $100 discount to split with that other person so you each get $50 off the package price, which another person I know told me about so when I called I told them she refered me so now I get to use that discount so I'm thinking I should get $75 off the package!! I think I'm getting a good deal I could be crazy but oh well Jayce & I are really looking forward to getting it done... I'm thinking we will have the 3d ultrasound done around 27 weeks (and if we get the 2 session package we will get the 2nd one done around 35 weeks)

We are going this friday for a 2d ultrasound at this place so we will recieve the following...

• 2D only
• 10 minute session
• 2 black and white photos
• Quick 3D peek
• DVD of your entire session recorded to music

I'm just really looking forward to the DVD and everything else!! :) I'll let you guys know what package we went with after our appointment on Friday!!


How far along?
 24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  10.5 lbs so far.

Sleep: no complaints this week! :)

Food cravings:  Casas salad && Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks

Best moment this week: going shopping & buying his mattress & rocker and getting all of his stuff put together!! Plus Thanksgiving was wonderful it's always nice to see family :)

Gender: Boyyyy.

Stretchies: no new ones!

What I miss: nothing this week....

What I am looking forward to: ultrasound Friday appt Tuesday

Symptoms: heartburnnn

Milestones:  getting started on his room :) 6 months!!! :)

Emotions: Great!!

Belly Button in or out?  closer & closer everyday to popping out...

Movement: He has his days... He is sooo stubborn if someone is touching or rubbing my stomach he stops moving... :) only daddy has felt him and that was one time-- He's getting frusterated that he can't feel him all the time like I can..

24 weeks!! :)

total of 5in. of growth from the first to last picture :)
& 10.5 lbs
(I don't know if this is something to be proud of but oh well :) )

**Click on the pictures to see the full size**

Have a wonderful week everyone!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Glucose Test Results

So... I just had to announce that I PASSED my glucose test with a 132 she said the cut off was 137 so, I don't have to go back for the additional testing!! She also didn't say to keep an eye on what I'm eating to keep my sugar down so I guess I dont need to worry about it but I'm thinking I may want to since I was so close to the cut off but we will see what the doc has to say in 2 weeks at my appt.... Just wanted to keep you guys posted esp. with the GOOD news! :)

--Another exciting quick little bit of info we bought baby the cutest booties ever they are nike and they look like actual shoes I will post pics sometime soon!

Until my next post I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I look forward to celebrating with the ones I love because I have so much to be thankful for! This year has been wayyy to good to me-- & I'm thankful for everything that I have been blessed with this year! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

22w6d-- doc appt.

So since the last point we have seen the "high risk doctor" & I'm happy to say that we got nothing but GOOD news!! :)
Baby is growing great & has no problems with his heart he said that the spot is nothing we simply noticed the dot because technology has became so advance that they notice "everything" even stuff that isn't anything so we were very pleased with how the appointment went and we got the ok to go back to our normal obgyn!  Other than the doctors this week I also got the flu--& I got it bad ended up losing around 7 lbs in the 24 hrs I was sick!!  I actually came down with it that Wednesday but just couldn't bring myself to cancel the appt so I ended up going but did not do the glucose testing simply because I wouldn't have been able to keep it down so I'm planning to go tomorrow to do the testing! So good thoughts my way would be awesome!!  Some other news we switched the theme of his room to baseball!! So we are really excited to get started with that! :) Here are some pictures...

Ultrasound Pictures!
22 weeks

Bump Picture
22 weeks

here are ultrasound pictures from when we were 6 weeks & just found out we were expecting!
They have been in my purse since we found out & I totally forgot I even had them!

 here are some of his clothes...
this is nothing compared to what we have bought him just some of my favorite things! :)


How far along? 22w6d!

Total weight gain/loss:  well I had lost some but I'll weigh in tomorrow!  as of monday (before I lost the 7lbs.) I was up a total of 11 lbs.

Sleep: better this week than last!

Food cravings: Snow Cones-- Pickles-- Pickle Sickles-- Salad (olive garden & casas)

Best moment this week: good news from the "high risk" doctor!

Gender: Boyyyy.

Stretchies: no new ones!

What I miss: Nothing.. :)

What I am looking forward to: getting started on his room 

Symptoms: well this week my back hurt butttt I'm thinking that had a lot to do with the flu!

Milestones:  making a FINAL decision on his room && I bought a snow cone maker & some more pickles so I can finally satisfy my cravings!! ( I made a pickle flavored snow cone today to take care of both cravings at once!!)--the joys of pregnancy hahah!

Emotions: good-- a little rocky Wednesday with the flu I was very upset because I felt like I was hurting him since I couldn't keep any food down & was doing nothing but throwing up!

Belly Button in or out?  well I noticed the other day when I got out of the shower that my belly button looked almost dirty so I looked closer at the mirror & noticed the it was my 2nd hole from when my belly button was pierced which used to be inside my belly button well now its outside so I would say it is just a matter of time before it pops! :)

Movement: feel him A LOT-- FINALLY

Monday, November 15, 2010


 Finally got around to posting some pics so you guys can see some of the things I'm talking about!! :)

ultrasound pictures
20 weeks

Baby Bump Pictures!

The big things we have bought so far!

-to see the images larger just click on them. :)


**I will post a new blog sometime after Wednesday with an update on how the appt went Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great week!!!**

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm now 21w6d. as you know from my last post that my due date changed well my doctor decided that she didn't think we should change it because the first date would most likely be most accurate but they were very uncertain last time on the actual day so, I guess you could say my due date now technically ranges from March 17- March 22.  Also, at our appt on Tuesday we heard the heartbeat- 136. still beating perfect. :) I had to of course pee in the cup for them to test for stuff not sure everything they test for but, I know they test for sugar because that came back very high.  I told them I had just ate some Panda Express-Orange chicken & drank some Pepsi they said that was probably why it was so high but,  they want me to do my 28 week testing early as in next Wednesday-- yuck! Not looking forward to it but, they want to make sure I'm not developing gestational diabetes! So lucky me I get to go drink the famous yummy drink- ew. & then get my blood drawn! Sounds like a great time-- Not!

Also at my appointment she said that they had found a "dot" on his heart, they aren't sure what it is or if it is actually anything but she wanted me to get into see a high risk doctor and have him do an ultrasound that will look at his heart closer.  She said not to get worried because this happens and a lot of the times it turns out to be nothing and we will be able to see her- our normal doctor after he says that everything is good. So, we have just been praying that it is nothing but we have tried not to think about it much because thinking causes worrying and that won't do us any good so, its best to just keep reminding us that everything will be OK! :)

Oh and I have forgot to mention in my previous blogs that my doctor is also pregnant, she is due in January. So, I get to see her for one more appt on Dec 7 well that is if things go well at our appt next Wednesday then we will be able to go back and see her.  But, I'm kinda nervous about switching doctors because this next doctor I get to see will be there for the most important months of my pregnancy because starting at 7 months (end of December) I will be having Doctor visits every two weeks then the last month of pregnancy-9 months I get to visit him every week.  Well the part that I'm kinda nervous about is that my doctor is expecting to come back right around the week that I'm due & so she might come back just to deliver my baby but I'm not sure if I even want her to do that because I will be seeing another doctor and he will know exactly whats going on she won't so, I'm not sure what I am going to do my doctor is great & maybe if I don't like the new doctor then I won't care buttttt I'm just unsure at this moment! Just a little information I forgot to tell ya earlier!

Some VERY exciting news--- He received his first Cubs purchase from mlb.com!!-- 3 onsies, a shirt & a batting practice onsie for the summer (I'll try to take pics & post soon!)

Other than that we have bought him wayyyyy to much clothes we went a little over board but isn't that the best thing about having babies? Playing dress up! :) hahah!

I have told myself I'm going to try and not buy any more clothing till the day after Thanksgiving! We'll see if that lasts when I go to Fort Wayne today! :)

How far along? 21w6d!

Total weight gain/loss:  8 lbs.

Sleep: beginning to get a little uncomfortable but still sleeping good! :)

Food cravings: panda express I eat it every chance I can!!

Best moment this week: receiving his package from mlb.com!! :)

Gender: Boyyyy.

Stretchies: hahah! well here's a story for you!-- Last Sunday I went to subway had the urge to pee so I go to the bathroom and look down and there sits a 100 stretch marks ranging from small to big from normal color to purple on my THIGHS I'm like :0... I couldn't believe my eyes I mean I pee multiple times a day and never saw these ugly things before and then its like there they sit right before my eyes and  I was shocked!! :) so, there are a "few" new ones but at least they are on my thighs and no one will have to see them ever but me!

What I miss: the stage where I wasn't gaining any weight-- its starting to stink way to easily!

What I am looking forward to: our appt Wednesday to be reassured everything is OK!  

Symptoms: aches & pains, not as much heartburn but its still there & having a very scattered brain- I'm def losing brain cells!

Milestones:  the first of many cubs purchase!!

Emotions: stable this week! :)

Belly Button in or out?  still in-- my book said it will start poking out soon BUT I think it'll be awhile for me mines still kinda deep :)

Movement: still feel him in there just not much still... only a few times a day but I'm thinking since he is still breech that is having an affect on it and thats why we can't feel it as much.

update, changes & 20w5d

So, since the last blog we have had some very exciting news!!  We found out last Tuesday that Baby Wilcox is no longer a "shim" that it is now a HIM! IT'S A BOY! This to me was one of the biggest shockers of my life because I have told just about everyone I thought it was a girl so to hear the us tech say well it looks like a boy & begin pointing out his boy parts I was justs overwhelmed with... shock.  Jayce of course was ridiculously excited & instantly began talking about baseball.  Other than finding out the gender we found out that he weighs 13 ounces, he is breech so hopefully once he begins to spin around in there that he stays head down eventually.  He is weighing a little bigger than the average baby around 21 weeks so, our due date could still be a little off.  We got some amazing pictures at our appointment though a great one of his little leg & we even got a 3d picture of him even though he had his hands hiding his face a little he eventually moved them and we got a great shot of it! :) Also, something exciting that has happened since our last appointment... I can officially feel the little guy kick!! :) they are the smallest feeling but yet steal my attention instantly.  It really feels like a bubble popping thats the only way I can describe it.  I only feel it a few times a day but I'm at least feeling something in there! :) We have an actual doctor appt this tuesday which I'm looking forward to hear what the doctor has to say about the ultrasound pictures. Since Tuesday I have went shoppping everyday & can now say that he owns just about every peice of carter clothing out there. It is to the point that you walk in a store and he already owns most of the clothing.  So, I would say he is done on clothing at least until the day after Thanksgiving-- hopefully they have some new stuff out by then! :) We also have already washed all of his clothes and plan to begin putting it away and organizing his room!  We are sticking with the jungle theme we got his bedding from target & I loved it.. I really loved the zebra print but everything about it is cute! :) I'm excited to paint in there I know we will have some kind of green accent and the rest of the room will probably be tan... Hopefully we get everything figured out soon! Oh something I almost forgot about I just ordered his first online purchase from no where else but mlb shop so, he now has some official cubs gear. :)  We can't wait to meet this little guy :) He is ridiculously spoiled & unbelievably loved!

How far along? 20w5d!!-- crazy to think we are over half way there!!!!
Total weight gain/loss:  haven't weighed myself since monday... 6 lbs. at that point! :) We will weigh again tomorrow! :)

Sleep: still sleeping just fine. :)
Food cravings: nothing specific this week. just depends on the day! :)

Best moment this week: getting over the shock of it being a boy & SHOPPING!!!

Movement: FINALLY!!! :) Not often but at least a few times a day. like right at that moment he just kicked 7:45 am. :)

Gender: we have a little baseball player inside of us--- its a BOY!!

Stretchies:still no new ones!!

Belly Button in or out?  in
What I miss: really the only thing I still miss is having my friends around... It is much different now that I'm pregnant & I understand but it is still hard to get used to & remember that some of the girls that stood next to me on my wedding day 3 months ago... are not here for this unforgettable experience... I think eventually things will change & they will come around. Especially once baby is here!

What I am looking forward to: getting the room started & playing dress up with him once he's here! :)
Symptoms: Heartburn, nausea, headaches, aches & pains.

Milestones: movement!!

Emotions: I am very moody-- especially with Jayce.

19 weeks... Heartburn Hell

Well... I just typed this wonderful long post and then hit the "post" button and didn't realize my computer diconnected... so I just lost that WHOLE post.  So, I will try to retype a just as nice shorter version! First thing first, as of today I'm 19w4d pregnant.  This week has been horrible! I have had the most horrible heartburn!!! I have never had heartburn before pregnancy and this is just awful I have also heard that it could be GURD or acid reflex? So, since I've never had heartburn I can't say 100% that thats what it is so... hopefully when I go to the docs in 2 weeks I can find out if it is heartburn and what she can do for me!
How far along? 19 weeks

Movement: none yet! Hopefully coming soon!! :(

Gender: ultrasound @ 4pm Tuesday!

What I am looking forward to: ultrasound appt next week! & doc appt the following week!

Symptoms: heartburn, headaches, heartburn, aches & pains, heartburn & laziness--if this is a symptom... I definately blame this on my pregnancy! :) Then probably some more heartburn!

Milestones: gaining my first lbs last week but now this week I feel like its a let down seeing that number on the scale go up isn't a happy thing after those first 3 lbs. :)

Emotions: one word-- Stable. :)
What I miss: not having heartburn!!! its the worst.
Stretchies: no new ones this week so just a couple to date!
Total weight gain/loss: last week I officially gained 3 lbs so far this week I have gained another 3 so I'm up to 6 lbs so far.  Before I gained the 3 lbs last week I was getting concerned because I hadn't gained anything but now that I have gained 6 lbs I am thinking it can stop :)

Sleep: I am still sleeping like normal! :) There have been 2 nights where I have woke up in between 2-4 am and felt wide awake but after about a 1/2 hr of tossing and turning I can normally fall right back to sleep so I'm not complaining just yet! :)

Food cravings: fried zuchini. :)

Best moment this week: actually having people that don't know me acknowledge that I'm pregnant... so I think I can officially say that I'm out of the stage where people have to wonder if I'm pregnant or if I just have a beer gut! :) Also, I announced to my parents of the kids in my preschool class so it has been great hearing the wonderful things they have to say! :)  Also, having one of my little girls in my class tell her mother that... "Miss Ashlee's baby is sucking her blood" her mother had to explain that she isn't "sucking my blood" that she had to use some of my blood to live. :) kids really do say the silliest things! :)


Hello Everyone! :) I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and for you that don't know I'm due March 21-23... I say the 21st Jayce says the 22nd & the doctor is bouncing between all those dates so... hopefully we can get that narrowed down at our next ultrasound appointment.  I think the best way to start this blog and catch everyone up on  our little one is to do one of the neat little survey things I've seen on other blogs. :)

How far along? 18 weeks - 19 weeks tomorrow.

Morning Sickness? Never really experienced this... I'm definately not complaing :)

Weight gain? we weigh in every monday and as of monday i still hadn't gained any weight since we had found out... i weighed myself yesterday (Saturday) and was up 3 lbs. :) I will weigh again tomorrow and see if the weight has stayed!

Symtoms? back aches & exhaustion!

Maternity Clothes? some a couple pairs of pants & some shirts.

Nursery Purchases? The crib, Pack-N-Play, Stroller, car seat, bedding, blanket & some clothes (both gender)

Stretch marks? I have 2 new stretch marks that have formed. :(

Sleep? I am getting PLENTY of sleep... I feel the need to lay down before 8 and I get up around 6:25... No problem in this area.

Best moment this week? Just little talks Jayce & I have had about how awesome marriage has been and how we both agree that marriage has made us happier people! -- Also, seeing all my aunts at a family Halloween Party and having them all ask about me & baby. :)

Nickname for Baby? Shim- So we don't say she or him since we dont know we combined the word and just say shim until we find out!

Movement? Nothing yet.... hopefully coming in the next week or two! :)

Food cravings? Depends on the day... Pickles are a reoccuring craving though & I have now ate a half gallon jar of them. :)

What I miss from life before pregnancy? my friends...

What I'm looking forward to? November 2nd- ultrasound & gender will be revealed--- There are days where I can't wait to find out just like Jayce & then there are days where I am actually depressed because I think the suprise shouldn't be told till Baby decides to come out... but a girls gotta shop! :)

Milestones? Babys Room is officially cleaned out and ready to be turned into a nursery! :)

Emotions?  They come and go... mainly I just get a bit of an attitude but I dont think it is to horrible... yet.
That is our pregnancy thus far... I plan to post and update a couple times a week! :) Hopefully you all enjoy this and it helps you all feel a little closer to us and the baby growing inside me :)

16 weeks

Hi Everyone!
So this is my first blog so I have lots of updates and news.  As you know from the title I'm 16 weeks.  I had an appt yesterday where we heard the heartbeat which was 139 "perfect"  We were given the option of having testing done to see if baby has any type of disorders we chose not to find out simply because if there is something wrong they can't do anything to fix it and really you can't prepare yourself for something like that and we felt like we would just dwell on it and stress us out the rest of the pregnancy.  I was so happy that I wouldn't be getting pricked and just as I was thinking I was out of the woods the doctor brought up the flu shot I didn't want it at first but she convinced me otherwise. That pretty much wrapped the appointment up.  So far Jayce & I have purchased the crib, the bedding, the pack in play, the stroller, and the car seat.