Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Current Etsy Project::Wedding CD Favors

This is my 3rd order-- This is my first time really getting to personalize it for a client.

The first time I made them was for my brother.

These were actually printed on a ivory cardstock.

My 2nd order was on Etsy & they wanted the front to be exactly like the example (previous images)
and they wanted the inside similar but no song meanings and the words & date added to the bottom

These were printed on canary yellow cardstock

My 3rd order was just recieved on Etsy & I'm LOVING the outcome.

Her theme is chandalier & damask
Everything was custom to what she wanted.
Aren't they amazing?!?
These will be printed on off-white cardstock.

Monday, January 30, 2012

16 year old me.

This has been heavy on my mind lately.
I keep thinking about 16 year old me.
Boy if I could go back...
if I just would've known then what I know now...
Dear 16 year old me,
your beautiful. Embrace who you are. Realize that life is sooo much more than being chased by boys.  Learn that you deserve respect-- but you need to respect yourself before others can.  Stop being that mean girl--you'll be the one calling that boy your husband someday so, let her have her time.  The only approval you need is your moms.  P.S. enjoy that body it will soon fade away & fasttt.

ahhhh. This boy. Where to even begin.  I only wish you knew that someday he will come to his senses and marry you.  Let him be free & you be free.  You deserve so much more than what he has to give right now.  Stop settling with him & move on-- enjoy your teen years when it's meant to be it will be.
&& appreciate that sweet tan & skinny body he's sporting-- age takes it's toll on him.
Just know your happiness shouldn't be on his shoulders. You be happy.
Even though you'll never be as happy as the day you become his wife.
These girls. Let's get real.  Friends come and go.  It's life.
Just know that these girls really mean something and still will later in life.
Stop getting in your petty fights & enjoy one another.
Someday when you need them they might not be there in person but they are always only a phone call away.
&& remember friendship is a two way street-- you get whatcha give.
My biggest thing that I wish that 16 year old me would realize is...
Your worth it.
Plain & Simple.
Stop begging for attention from anybody out there.
Love yourself.
Stop crying over that boy & enjoy yourself.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's List... Maddux Lately.

  • First thing first, Maddux is getting his 2 top teeth in right now.  1 has already broke through the gum the other is about to burst through.  So, I'm sure you can imangine what kind of child I've been dealing with lately. 
  • Sleep? Hahahaha. This child has done a complete 180.  He is up a couple-three times a night.  I blame this on his teeth but still this is hell for me.  I have tried tylenol, gripe water, oragel-- nothing is soothing him long enough at night... any other suggestions would be great.
  • Bottle Baby... ever since being super sick at Christmas Maddux has been addicted to his bottle getting one everytime we lay him down for a nap or bedtime.  Not sure why we let this happen it was just one of those things ya know?  He is recieving 1-2 bottles during the middle of the night & he has one in the car most of the time. 
  • Food Strike? Maddux has started refusing food-- he will take about 3-4 bites of something not make any faces and want more but then all of the sudden somewhere around bite #4 he begins refusing to eat.  He makes faces, he spits it out, he wimpers, he doesn't want it.  The only thing I have gotten him to eat is french fries & most of the time he eats broc & cauliflower with cheese sauce. 
  • We are starting to walk-- Maddux walks a lot like down the hallway distance or like 7 steps at a time! He is doing awesome.  I feel like I could call him a walker but he doesn't get it all the way ya know? He can turn & take steps but the balance isn't completely there yet but he is soooooo close to being a full time walker!
  • No pictures? NO CAMERA! That's right everyone, I dropped my camera a couple weeks ago right down into a cup of coffee I let it dry out completely and it works. Kinda. The flash doesn't work anymore so? As soon as we get our tax return I'm getting a new one and you will see lots of little maddux and family pictures! :)  Until then I'm going to upload all of my pictures off my phone and post those so you get an idea of what's been going on and so you don't forget what we look like!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding the Beauty in This.

It has taken me 10 months to find the real beauty in this picture.

When you see someone after giving birth they either look
a) AMAZING like their child just slid out with no work perfect hair & make up
b) like a HOT MESS like they just worked out harder than ever before hair everywhere & make up smeared all over

there really is no in between when it comes to what you look like after labor & delivery
seriously 2 choices A or B
&& lets get real-- you don't have a choice it's really up to how that delivery goes..
Of course, if you ask me I was going to look like choice A.

I was going have my hair straightened & my make up all in place.

So, let me tell you how this was going to happen.

I had straightened my hair after I got out of the shower earlier that day-- this was a big deal I maybe straightened my hair a dozen times during my whole pregnancy.
So, the hair was taken care of. no worries.

The nurse came in at 720 and told me I was ready to push so me... wanting to look perfect.
I checked my hair and did my make up.
well fast forward about 45 minutes.

The nurse FINALLY walks in to have me start pushing.
apparently someone else had to deliver in between me.
so... I pushed for about an hour before my sweet little boy decided to come out.

let me give you the real nitty gritty of that hour of pushing...
that hour included
an epidural that I received 7 hours earlier with a second dose given about 3 hrs earlier
that same epidural spoken about ^above^ yeah it still was wearing off
a right leg charlie horse on more than one occasion in that hour
lots of pushing and breathing
sweat-- this was hard work of course I was sweating!
instructions--firm instructions given to my mom & hubs on HOW they needed to hold my leg
& no rubbing my leg just hold it!
an episiotomy
& lastly a beautiful baby boy arrived

so, now that we understand what happened in that hour lets look at our first post labor & delivery picture.

**please note-- this picture hasn't been shared with ANYONE except my immediate family**

details of above photo:  this picture was taken immediately after delivery & this is touched-up.

But lets get to real beauty that is in this picture.

the smile on my face
that doesn't even begin to explain the happiness I'm really feeling.
the smudged makeup, the messy hair & the look of complete exhaustion 
 that really reminds me of all the work I just did to deliver that baby boy
the large swollen face & double chin
I just got done being pregnant and I gained every pound for a beautiful reason the gift of life for my little boy
(maybe I gained a couple or a few or a lot because of unhealthy eating and lack of exercise during my pregnancy)
the acne that is shining through because of the smudged make up
another pregnancy symptom that I need to overlook
that little boy I'm holding for the first time
no explanation needed

overall this picture is beautiful and the real beauty of this picture--the smile on my face, the smudged makeup, the messy hair, the look of complete exhaustion, the large swollen face, the double chin, the acne that is shining through because of the smudged make up & that little boy I'm holding.
that's beautiful.
that's real.

Real Beauty was Really Found.
now this picture will be on a canvas in my house somewhere because it is that beautiful and it tells the real story of my delivery.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 Months! {picture less for the time being + a week late!}

Can you believe we are in double digit months?? Seriously, no one can tell you how fast that first year goes...  I heard it so many times and I believed it but WOW!

weight: still around 22-23 lbs (home scale)
height: 28 in.
diaper size: 3
clothes: some 6-9 and some 12
First steps taken
First Christmas
First ER visit
First New Years
First time catching the Flu
Random Facts
You have become obsessed with your bottle-- ever since being sick!
You love The Hot Dog Song & will "sing" & dance too it
You can take steps and walk but only when you want too
You still love Mickey Mouse
You give kisses now :)
You have 2 teeth now
You are starting to become a picky eater
You now give kisses
You have your own way of blowing kisses-- if someone blows you a kiss you simply make the kissing noise and do nothing with your hands
Maddux James--seriously you bring us so much happiness! You are such a sweet happy baby boy.  Watching you learn and grow has been a true blessing.  We love you sweet baby.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life Lately. Big News.

I'm feel like the easiest--quickest (nap time will be ending any minute!)  is to do this post as a bulleted list of what's happening.

  • First thing first, Jayce accepted a job about 2-3 months ago with a company that would almost double his income and would make it so I may never have to go back to work and we could still move, get new vehicles and have lots of babies.  He would be gone ALL the time!
    • He had to go out of town for a "strength" test--passed with flying colors
    • He had to have a physical, eye exam & hearing test-- issues arrised.
      • He had sugar in his urine & his blood pressure was horrible
    • The nurse from the company called told him that he had some signs of diabetes and he needed to see his family physician to find out what was going on, etc.
      • Jayce had an appt last week
        • he still had sugar in his urine
          • had to go back the next day for blood tests to test for diabetes, etc.
  • Yesterday the doc called confirmed that he does have Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Today the nurse from the company called and told Jayce because of this diagnosis he is unable to work for them until he gets it under control.
All of this is soooo much to take in.  I hate to even type all of that out.  I mean Jayce is a very determined person so he will be able to overcome this & hopefully take care of this by changing his eatting habits & excerise. It just sucks because of all the opportunites our family had and now we are going to be living the same life ya know.  I mean he has one of the best jobs available in our area so we can't complain but at the same time this was an even better opportunity!
Sorry. I'm done with that pity party! :)

  • Maddux is practically walking-- lots of steps here and there happening!
  • I hung out with one of my "old" best friends last Friday & made plans to hang out again next Friday-- too good to be true to think they are coming around :)  Finally.
  • I have soooo much stuff for Maddux's Birthday Party-- it's pretty much going to be the party of the year ;)
  • We are on month 3 of trying to concieve-- it sucks.  especially since Diabetes can cause infertility ohhhh the worries. :(
Naptime is officially over.  So for now this is all I have to say. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Look!!

I decided that since I came back to the "old" blog with a new name that I also needed a new look.

I thought about designing my own but I'm having a hard time finding the time to blog so I knew I wouldn't really be able to commit to a totally new look.

I wanted to find someone that I liked their style and had a reasonable price--especially since I know how to do a lot of the design work & can't see paying someone a lot of money.

I came across Ashton from Something Swanky Design.

I loved her work & her prices were perfect!!
She was a pleasure to work with--
very easy to communicate with
listened to exactly what I wanted
She did a great job

I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants a new look for a great price!! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Husband & Wife ----> Daddy & Mommy

What happens to that couple that everyone used to be??
Seriously, where did they go??
I'm beginning to wonder who we were before we were Momma & Daddy.

Jayce & I are going on 9 years of on again off again "us"

1 1/2 years of marriage

only 10 months of parents.

I'm beginning to think we have lost "ourselves" in the bliss & crazyness of being parents.

I mean it used to be all about us.

We did what we wanted when we wanted.
We had our own life.
We talked.
We loved.
We lived.

don't get me wrong. I love our life-- I thank God for blessing us with Maddux. 
I wish so badly that we were currently pregnant.
We want Maddux.
We love him.
We want baby #2.
We will love that child.

but us.

where did we go??

Our conversations now consist of poopy diapers, naptime lengths, baby wants, baby needs, all things Maddux.
Our conversations used to be about our hopes, dreams, goals, weekend plans, friends, our wants, our needs,all things us.

I think this is all just us becoming parents & who God wants us to be.
I love Jayce with all my heart && at times I need to take a step back and look at him as just my husband. my best friend. my prom date. my first love. my provider.  my high school sweetheart.
I need to remember that he. that WE are so much more than parents. 
That even with the hustle and bustle of life that he is still that guy I fell in love with when I was a just freshman in high school. 

I guess the point of this ramble is for you to really appreciate who you are. who your spouse or other half is.  don't look at them as that parent and really remember how great they are with or without that title of Daddy.
talk to them.  talk to them about you. talk to them about them. talk to them about plans. talk to them about anything but that baby that you both adore and just enjoy what used to be.
all while appreciating who they have become and all while loving that gift God has gave you.

then go back to Daddy & Mommy.
& love that person too.

**Never forget there was life before that little miracle screaming at you for attention**
***Never. Ever. Forget How Much You Love Your Spouse.***

Monday, January 9, 2012

PINterest Inspired:: DIY CANVAS

This has been my favorite DIY things I have found on Pinterest so far.
I have put my own tutorial together for you guys!

supplies:: canvas, mod podge, paint brush thing, and picture

first apply mod podge to back of picture

put picture on canvas and let dry

once picture has dried to canvas apply a coat of mod podge
--make sure all strokes are in the same direction

let dry

snacking on some cookies watching mama make the canvas :)

once that coat has dried
apply another coat of mod podge in the oppisite direction you put the first coat!
Then let that dry and your product is FINISHED...

Amazing right??
Total cost?:: under $5

I have made 7 canvases I love them!!

Let me know if you try this out! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Backkkk!!

I'm BACK!!

I couldn't stay gone to long-- after switching I really got to thinking and decided that it really something that "needed" to be done. So, as you can see I brought over the new name, new "look", important posts & my new attitude.

 I have a few new ideas that I want to incorporate into this blog. 



Guest Posts.

I seriously am excited I just hope I find the time for all of this!! :)

Hope you all follow along as my journey continues in parenting & trying to conceive!! :) 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This list is going to be simple & to the point.
I try not to make to many resolutions simply because many of them I don't keep.
so... let's begin
  • Take more pictures!
    • I take a picture of Maddux almost daily-- my dad texts me everyday asking how we are doing and instead of sending him a "good" text back we send a picture.
  • Cook More!
    • I think as Maddux gets older I'll get better at cooking breakfast & lunch--right now I just munch for those & dinners I want to get to the point where we are eating at home at least 5 nights a week.  This would be great for us!
  • Start a daily diary for Maddux
    • I want to remember every day of Maddux's childhood--I want him to remember every day & when I read this I knew that I wanted to copy the idea and do the same for Maddux & my future kiddos
    • this one is simple... we really need to work on saving our money.  We are spenders and we really need to work on this.
  • MAKE a baby
    • I'm hoping this happens I want Maddux to have a little brother or sister he loves other kids & I really want my kids close together.
  • Get Healthier
    • I want to be more concious of what we are putting in our mouths & I really want to start going to zumba again. I love zumba & really do miss it!
I know I said I wasn't going to have very many and it kinda went out of hand but things kept coming to my mind...
What are your goals & resolutions for 2012?
I hope this is your best year yet! :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

$0 Budget:: January Challenge

Last year you may remember I did a challenge in January that we would eat at home everyday except on the weekeneds-- this went ok... it was a bit of a struggle because at the time my grandpa was in the hospital so we spent a lot of our evenings there and then would just want to go grab something quick.  I like the idea of starting the year off with yet another challenge! I've grown a lot as a wife, mother & homemaker though and don't struggle as much with the cooking thing so, I've been thinking for awhile about what this challenge would be & then one day I stumbled upon...
it was perfect for us.
it was meant for us.
it had to be done.

The $0 budget.

pretty much the rules I have personally made for myself are a lot different than those found on her blog but, they fit our family.

for Christmas we got about 14-17 gift cards to eat out on.
this was key to our success-- I knew this would be our biggest struggle
so to save us from breaking our rules I decided to ask for lots and lots and lots of giftcards for christmas.

we also got a couple walmart, hobby lobby & movie gift cards.
this was also to help ease the pain of not being able to spend our own money on random stuff we want.

Maddux even got a couple gift cards: Childrens Place, Walmart & $25 cash.
this is what I will use if I see something he has to own. :)

My Rules
  • $10 a week of "blow" money
  • No eatting out unless using "blow"money or gift cards
  • No going into stores that we don't have gift cards too
  • No buying stuff for myself, Jayce or Maddux unless using the available money
  • Get completely caught up on ALL bills
The Splurges
I will be shopping for the following items...
  • Birthday Party Items for Maddux
  • @ least 4 birthday presents for Maddux:: one item a week
  • $50 on christmas presents-- I'm doing great on xmas shopping for 2012 I already have 5 presents for family & Maddux has about 10.

most importantly I plan on SAVING EVERYTHING ELSE!!
I might not have much going into our savings account since we did get behind on our "budget" in December with the purchasing of Christmas presents but something is better than nothing.

We plan on doing this every 4 months.
January - April - July - October

I plan on bloggin hopefully no promises weekly about how I'm doing, what I'm doing and any ways or things I've done to help survive our $0 budget challenge.