Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pause Button? Please.

Life is seriously going by so fast. 
I'm losing my breath just thinking about it. 
seriously one day starts and another one ends.

I need a break.
plain and simple.

I feel like I'm missing my little guy grow up &
I'm spending every waking minute with him-- how is this possible?

This week has been so crazy busy. I'm about to lose it.

I want a week of NOTHING && that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

but I promise promise I have tons on my mind to blog about...
so here in the next week you will see some big some little some important some stupid posts but hey a post is a post and that's all you guys want right? :)

You'll get to hear me ramble on about...
my hair.
my friends--or lack of.
my family--especially maddux's grandparents.
my future as a stay at home mom.
& of course
my one and only Maddux.
oh & a update on how Madduxs bedtime and sleep is going...

so for now I'll leave you with a...
I'm sorry.
I'm a bad blogger.
but life can't revolve around my blog--it has to revovle around the ones I love.
this past week a friend of mine, her dad passed away so I have been busy with that. 
so until next time
Everyone have a wonderful weekend & I'll be back soon.

Monday, July 25, 2011

4 Months!-- A week or 2 late :)

weight: 15 lbs. 14 oz.
length: 25 in.
Diaper Size: 1-2
Clothes: 0-3 some 3-6

First real laugh
First time being in a car accident
First company picnic w. the fam--Walmart D.C. @ the Fort Wayne Zoo
First time riding in your new big boy carseat
First time sitting in the cart
First time swimming in a real pool
First time swinging in a swing at the park
First time finger painting
First Father's Day (you & daddy now have matching shirts :)
First time celebrating 4th of July

Random Facts
you are still a very happy baby
you are beging to recognize that your bottle means its time to eat
you are trying so hard to roll over but just won't yet
you talk (babble) all the time
you make momma and daddy play your mickey c.d. in the car where ever you go
you do not like your new carseat
you still only stay with gma & gpa Rowe
you love your buddy Hayden (momma's cousin)--if he is in the room you will only pay attention to him
you love love love great great grandma & grandpas fish tank
we toured the nursery at church preparing for you to go there next month!
you are still a momma's boy (thats ok because I love it)
Maddux I love you more and more everyday.  You are my world.  Momma & Daddy are beyond blessed because we have you.  Your smile & giggle make absolutely nothing else matter. 
We love you forever & always.
Happy 4 Months! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

I’m back!! :)


I went missing. It was a somewhat spur of the moment unplanned hiatus from the bloggy world.  Not only did I not post on my blog but I only got on one time to read some of my faves.  The Hubs had the past week off work because he went from doing his second shift weekend (fill in job) back to his normal hours first shift weekdays, finally.  This meant that we got to spend lots of time with him which was awesome because we weren’t seeing him much at all mainly like 1-2 hours on the weekends no fun :(  I feel horrible though because I missed Maddux’s 4 month post—I started it but haven’t finished it yet.  So,the week was spent mostly at the ballpark—our nephew made all-stars & he had a game wednesday, thursday, double header friday & saturday and we try to make it to any that we can and we happened to go to allllll of them.  I got some sun Saturday so that was good.  :)  we also had a cookout with some family, we went to the park, we took his niece and nephew and Maddux of course to the Zoo—that is were Jayce’s family picnic for work was held so we got in for free & got a lot of free ride passes.  The kids really enjoyed it & Maddux was awake for practically the whole thing he only slept for about 10 minutes right before we left.

&& the most important thing we did while I was away was celebrate Maddux’s 4 month birthday!! :) 

Below are a few picture of what we did. 



-Maddux fell asleep while letting me hold him—this doesn’t happen often anymore.

-at the park! :)

-Our niece and nephew at the zoo.

-bad parenting moment ;) Me to the hubs—Did you grab the diaper bag? Him to me—No, did you?  Me—No.  We return him & there it sits in our driveway… I’m the one that sat it there… Jayce was putting Maddux in the car and was in the way of me sitting it in the backseat so I sat it directly behind him & told him to put it in the car he obviously didn’t and this is where it stayed while we were gone for probably 3-4 hours! Luckily I keep a thing of diapers in the car in case of emergencies (like this) & we had our bottle bag with us :)

-Maddux at his 4 month check up.

-Daddy & Maddux at the check up.

-our toilet broke—luckily it was an easy fix. :)


So… I’m sorry for not letting you guys know what was going on but there you have it I had a great week & weekend… & now that the Hubs is back to work I will be back to blogging during naptimes! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Weekend {{mini photo-dump}}

So this past weekend we did a lot... we went to Maddux's cousins' baseball game, we hung out with him gma & gpa a lot, we went to a cookout, we went swimming, we went to the park, we went shopping & we just hung out at home! Sorry for the crappy quality of the photos they are from my phone! :)

*Here we are getting ready to go somewhere... obviously Maddux was excited. :)

*Bath time lovin! :)
*First time in the cart like a big boy 7/9/11--
I must add that he tipped over one time when I was looking at nipples for his bottle & he hit face & cried. yes it was horrible--for the both of us! :(  
 *Don't mind all my unmatched bedding-- I am in the process of changing it but have been to lazy to wash the normal stuff. :) anywho,
don't the boys look so cute? :)
I melted when I walked in from showering and saw this. :)
 *sorry for the blurry picture this was for church yesterday & it was his first time wearing shoes! :) 7/10/11
 *Maddux went swimming for the first time! :) He loved it! 7/10/11
 *Grandma bought Maddux the adorable hat! :)
 *Maddux also swung for the first time. He also loved it! :) 7/10/11
 *again swinging
 *Momma & Maddux at the park :)
 *Maddux & Wrigley :)

 *Maddux fingerpainted for the first time last Saturday (7/2/11)
 *His artwork is now framed & hanging in my kitchen! :)
 *He got a little messy!
*Maddux in his shades & hat! :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today is just another day I am down on my knees thanking God for everything he has blessed me with-- mainly my healthy happy baby. 

Today I had a horrible thing happen & hopefully the first & last time this has ever happened.

Today I got in an accident with Maddux in the car.  It was a minor accident but minor or not it still scared all of us.

This surprisingly in no way at all my fault.

A older lady was driving & just blew a stop sign she tried to stop wayyyy to late  I saw her & thought wow she is going really fast to stop at the stop sign & before I could do anything but slam on my breaks & try to turn out of the way she had hit me. 

As soon as I stopped I jumped out of my car and rushed to my screaming baby in the back seat--
Thankfully he was fine I think the sharp turn & the collision of our car just scared him.  & as soon as I picked him up he stopped crying.

Thank Goodness she only hit my passenger door & front passenger tire.-- If I wouldn't have tried turning out of the way she would have completely t-boned me!

My Mom was with me as well & she was just fine too. 

The lady that was driving the other car said she simply wasn't paying attention she was turned talking to her mother & just spaced it. 

They think she broke the tire rod & there was a bunch of fluid leaking so they don't know where that was coming from  but hopefully no where to serious. 

This is the first accident I've ever been in && I'm hoping this was the last because wow... it was terrifying I can't imagine getting into a serious accident. 

Definitely saying some extra I love yous today. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lost Penis?

I've never been around boy babies.  I mean when I worked in childcare I worked as the preschool teacher so I didn't deal much with the infants. So Maddux is one of the first babies that I've actually "cared" for. 

Over the past few weeks Jayce & I have really wondered if Maddux was circumsized right....
It seems he still has a lot of extra skin so we had planned on asking about it at his 4 month appt in just 2 short weeks. 

But the other day (Monday)  I was getting Maddux out of the bath & I brought him to his changing table laid him down & prepared to put a diaper on him....all of the sudden I looked down to find just skin... my instant thought was panic-- I thought I needed to get him to the emergency room I literally thought he lost his penis.  I then began to take a picture so I could send to my Hubs-- after I tried calling him with no answer.  Well as I'm freaking out I thought I needed to try & find this.... yes this is a little detailed but I began just poking on his skin above where his penis is & finally out it popped! I couldn't believe my eyes... I had no idea that a penis could dissappear. 

Maddux got his pictures taken that day & for most of them he was nude & this happened at least 3 more times that day so me being the paranoid mama that I am I called the doc to talk to the nurse I explained that my son kept losing his penis & what not... I told her I probably sounded crazy but I was concerned & needed to know why this was happening.  She simply told me it was normal.  (Good to know) 

This really bothered me though I was so concerned & still keep a close eye on things down there.  I'm counting down the days to his appointment to find out if everything still looks good down there!

I know I probably just sound crazy & probably a little perverted but this really happened....
oh the joys of parenting boys. 

I guess there is a first time for everything right???

I will have to write this one down in his baby book... He'll love this story 20 years from now right ;)