Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The journey so far...

being a parent has already proven to be the most amazing, scary, rewarding & hardest thing I have ever done.  I love every minute of having Maddux here but Oh My Gosh--Nothing prepares you for this adventure. Everyday you are learning on how to be a mom.  The feeling you have toward your child is unreal and unexplainable.  I thank God everyday for this blessing he has gave to Jayce & I.  We have both been blown away at our experience as parents so far we never thought it would or could be this awesome yet this hard.  I'm not complaining and when I say hard its not saying I have a bad baby or that I can't handle being a mom.  What I am saying is... that it is hard to get up multiple times a night, it's hard when he starts to cry and you don't know why, it is hard to watch him get poked to get his blood drawn, it's hard to know what is the right thing for your family, it's hard to leave him to run an errand, it's hard to have time for yourself, it's hard to keep a clean house, it's hard to adjust to this new life.  But no matter how hard it is at times it is completely worth it.  I have never been so happy in my life as I when I am able to sit on my couch with the man I love and the miracle we made in my arms.  Parenting is a gift and I am so blessed. 

Now that Maddux is 2 weeks old...
Jayce is back to work.
 -Today is officially our first day without him here but my 2nd night of doing everything myself and letting Jayce just sleep so far so good! :)
He eats about ever 3-4 hours around 3 oz at each feeding.
-This is a perfect schedule for us so far.  Ever since he's been on formula he is much more content.
He's more alert
-loves to just look at things He is awake a lot more this week
He has reasons for crying.
-He really only cries if he is hungry or trying to poop.
We have learnt he doesn't burp-often.
-We try to burp him during his feedings but its not common to get a burp from him then rather you have to wait about a hour or 2 and he will get fussy and you know he needs to burp at that point. 
He is FINALLY fitting into his newborn clothes.
-sadly he has only been able to wear about 4 of his outfits and we had to go out and buy a few more because only carters newborn outfits fit him the onsies were still big on him but he is starting to fit into them better and better.
He loves car rides
-as soon as he is in his car seat he is usually out.

Yesterday was his 2 week check up.
He is now...
weighing 7lbs 13 oz. (25%)
measuring 20 in. long (25%)

Doc said everything looks good and that he is gaining weight perfectly now! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Breastfeeding Bummer.

So... As I had posted before Maddux arrived I had wanted to breastfeed more than anything & I truly felt that I could do this no matter what I could get through whatever came our way with this and we would succeed.  So, here's what happened...
right after birth we didn't have any visitors for the first hour so we could breastfeed right away with no distractions as recommended by our nurses and Maddux did AWESOME he latched on perfectly and did great. 
The next couple days went ok he wasn't getting much and would get frusterated so we were supplementing with formula through a syringe while he was at the breast this worked or so we thought... at discharge he weighed 6 lbs 15oz.
When we got to come home Maddux was soooo fussy and wasn't sleeping much.  He also wasn't having but maybe 1-2 wet diapers a day so this was problem but we had an appt on Saturday so we stuck it out and when we went to our appt they weighed him and he was down to 6 lbs 7 oz. The doc said that he would have to gain weight by Tuesday or we would have to switch to formula I didn't want to give up and this was so hard to hear but I was willing to try to anything to get this right.  The doctor also told us that we should try to give him a pacifier to help him sleep which we were trying to go at least the first 3 weeks without to help avoid any confusion between nipples but, we took the docs advice and gave him a pacifier it did help soothe him but at the very next feeding he seemed confused like he couldn't latch on so I thought I would try to pump that feeding so I knew he could have something.  I pumped 2 oz. and he ate all of that.  after he ate that out of the bottle then having the pacifier at the following feeding he refused to latch and ended up just screaming and getting so upset which inturn upset me and I knew then that this just wasn't going to work-- I knew I had to give him a bottle so thats what we did I gave him a bottle at the next two feedings which got us through the night.  He was instantly sleeping better and was a different baby but I still wanted to at least try to breastfeed even if that meant I just had to pump but after going over 12 hours with no pumping and Maddux not latching to me I pumped each breast for over 30 minutes and I only got an ounce!! This was so discouraging and that was the point that we decided as a family that breastfeeding was not going to work so sadly and through TONS of tears on his behalf and mine he is now a happy formula fed weight gaining baby as of Tuesday he was back up to his discharge weight of 6 lbs 15 oz.

I know that breastfeeding is much better for him but I don't think he was getting enough to eat which is even harder to except considering I feel like I starved my own child but then I have to remind myself that I had NO idea what was going on and I feel like we made the right decision to have him switch to formula.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

falling behind...

Ok so... I knew parenting would be hard and would take a lot of my time but WOW! This is exhausting!! I am loving EVERY minute of being a mommy but sometimes I feel like I forget to breathe and my day just flies by! I always have the intentions of blogging about all the awesome/stressful/new things going on with the new little one and my breastfeeding experience but I just haven't been able to find the time! I am trying to rush through this because it is time for the little one to eat but this is the first time I have had my computer in my hands in a couple of days so I figured I needed to let you guys know that I WILL be back (hopefully soon) I am trying to learn how to make more of my time but so far I haven't gotten much of it! A quick update... Maddux is wonderful he has about a 3-4 hour period every night that he won't sleep so that has been rough and I suppose you understand why I'm having a hard time finding time to blog because when I do get a free minute or so I am trying to catch a quick cat nap! Breastfeeding is HARD!! We are doing it and aren't really struggling to much but it def has its moments! He had a doc appt today and is dropped down to 6 lbs 7 oz and doc wants him to go in for a weight check on Tuesday and if he hasn't gained weight by then we may have to go to formula I really don't want to do this so we are trying even harder now to get him to stay awake longer and latched but for now I MUST go... I really hope to be back to the blogging world super soon and on more of a regular basis!
Hope everyone is doing well! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maddux James has ARRIVED!!

So sorry for being MIA since Monday
Have been sooo busy learning the ins and outs of being a brand new mommy!!
Thought I would catch a quick post while he is being assessed this morning
we are getting released sometime today so hopefully once I am home &
get breastfeeding down a little more my post will be much more regular...
but for what you have all been waiting for...

Maddux James

March 15,2011
9:10 PM
7 lbs. 6 oz
19.5 in.

We are all doing soooo well!!
Breastfeeding went awesome right after birth--
was crazy hard yesterday but he was really sleepy because of getting circumsized
Then his late feeding last night--3 am went AMAZING
so did the one at 6:30 this morning hopefully it stays this way...
He needs rewarded for trying or he gives up and doesn't like it so we have been feeding him a little formula while breastfeeding with a tiny syringe
but he has all the techniques down great he just has to be a little more patient so
We would love some prayers that his breastfeeding continues in a good way! :)

--doc just came in and said he looks great & is weighing 6 lbs 15 oz. now so he said thats normal so yay!--

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Huge Update!! 39 weeks!-Induction!

So... I know I've been a bad blogger over the weekend but I was actually pretty busy!!
Friday we got our lovely tax check so we went and got a few last minute things for Maddux--even though I still feel like I need some more stuff... we also purchased our new couch then Hubs had to work so I did some homework & looked for some new blogs to follow!

Saturday we had a 6 hour church seminar "The Case for Christianity" It was a long day and I was swelled up like crazy (worse than ever before) then after the seminar we got together with my friends went out to dinner then back to our place to play Quelf-- it was so much fun to get together with all my friends one last time before the baby would be coming!

Sunday we had church then we went to lunch with my parents and to pick up the couch then we just relaxed for a couple hours before we went to our Financial Peace University Class--it was on Debt Dumping (great class) then we did our usual dinner and starbucks with my fam!

Overall, we had a GREAT weekend!! Now onto the good stuff!!

So Saturday & Sunday my feet and ankles were HUGE-- like scary big to the point I called L & D to see what I needed to do because they hurt they were so swollen & what not! They told me to try a nice warm bath and just to elevate them like always so thats what I did it didn't help much but I knew I had an appt today so I wasn't overly concerned about it....
So we go to our appt I was still pretty swollen but not to bad actually and we get there and I get weighed and I had gained another 7 lbs in one week my blood pressure was high and I again had protein in my urine so when the doc came in he said that he wanted to have the baby come sometime this week-- I was relieved hearing this after hearing about all the signs of preeclampsia were back I would just rather be safe than sorry and evict the little guy before something got worse!
Dr. said he would be right back so he left while Jayce and I sat and discussed how we couldn't believe that we would be coming back sometime this week to have a baby unreal to finally be at this point
So the Dr comes back in and says he wants us to come back to the hospital at 7 pm TONIGHT! I couldn't believe I thought he would want to see us in a couple days but nope he wanted us here tonight so...
here we are
In Labor & Delivery
We have been here for a hour and a half
We just got something inserted to ripen my cervix
We will switch to something else tomorrow morning around 7--either pitocin or just something else to help put me in "active labor"
We will for sure have a baby in 24-36 hours!! I'm hoping for more of 24 or less but you never know this could be a slow process!
The baby is doing great right now his heart rate is around 135
So we are doing good!
I'm still only 1cm dialated & I am 70% effaced!
I'm hoping to post tomorrow with a little more info for you guys!
Can't believe today is here and he will be here soooo soon!!

gotta love hospital gowns!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Name!!

Maddux James

I've been waiting on those baseballs to get finished to finally announce the little ones name... but there you have it... He is named after Greg Maddux a former Chicago Cubs baseball player--Daddy has a pretty ridiculous obsession/love for the Cubs! James is my dads name so that is where his middle name is from!
We have known for years that our first boy would be named Maddux I think we decided this when we were both still in high school & it has just never changed!
Can't believe we are only 12 days away from meeting him!
now we can finally finish his room all that was left was to hang the decor up... Hopefully I'll get some energy & post pictures of that later this week! :)

No News!

So yesterday I had my 38 week doc appt & this post is going to short & boring just like my doctors appt was... sadly!

Well my blood pressure was good! No protien in my urine this week! I'm still gaining weight rapidly & some days is worse than others but that is because of me retaining water...

He checked me again and I'm still at 1 cm & 50% effaced!-- I was pretty bummed about this considering I walked 2 miles yesterday trying to get this baby to progress some more!!

There are moments when I want him here NOW and others where I'm content with having him inside me... I personally have always thought that he is going to come on the 17th Hubs thinks the 14th... I am starting to think that he is actually going to wait though and come Late... I will be a nervous wreck if he decides to come late... I've already had this convo with my doc I have heard to many horror stories about the baby being completely healthy at the 40 week appt then something bad happening between that appt and them giving birth so I've already told him I don't want to wait a whole week to be induced--so we will talk more about this if we make it to my 40 week appt! 

I have officially switched to him as my doctor!! I seriously love this guy =) He makes me feel like everything is going just fine and that I'm doing great and that he actually cares about his patients! My other doc just wasn't like this I felt like she treated me and every other patient of hers as the same... so I now get to call him my doc & I couldn't be happier with that decision!!

38 weeks.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

37 weeks!

So... we are full term this week & baby can come whenever he wants!! We are wanting it sooner than later obviously but... I can't complain to much about how miserable I am.  I have my good days & I have my bad days but overall I still love being pregnant & I'm already excited to have Baby # 2!! Maybe I'm crazy since I haven't even got the first one out but I just can't wait for the excitement of all this again! :)

How far along? 37 weeks
Baby’s Size: He is a lil over 7 lbs & is around 19-20 in. long
Total Weight Gain: Well I'm still gaining weight rapidly here of late... the past 3 weeks I've gained 5lbs a week & this week has been no exception-- I'm sadly 40+ lbs. :( {but like I said I've gained 15 lbs in the past 3 weeks alone}
Maternity Clothes: that's about all i can wear anymore unless it looks way to small
Gender: boy allllll boy.
Movement: some days lots other hardly any!
Sleep: I sleep ok but my body aches miserably when I wake up.
Symptoms: back pain, swelling, rapid weight gain, headaches
Best Moments this week: getting checked again and we are now 1 cm & still 50% effaced!--making progress also I got an AWESOME deal at babies r us!! :)
Food Cravings: wings from a local bar--they are delish!
What I miss: my old body.
What I am Looking forward to: doc appt this week & the little ones arrival!
Milestones: We are considered full term!! :)

I got this high chair for 42 dollars!! I got it from babies r us & it was orignally 100.00 marked down to 79.99 then again to 60.09 and then 30% off  that for a grand total of 42 dollars... Amazing I know!!  We weren't going to buy a high chair until we really needed one because we didn't know what we wanted or anything but when I saw the deal on this I just had to buy it! So, now we have one & got it for a steal! :) We love good deals!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week...
tomorrow we will be 38 weeks can't wait!! :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Show Me Your... {Rings}

Link up to Show Me Your....
@ Brittany's Blog
this weeks topic::

the first picture is the night we got engaged... the 2nd is my ring with my 2 wedding bands :)
Simply Perfect!
Did you look at rings together?
Yes & No... at the time I was going to school 6 hours away & I hinted around to what I wanted and liked and would send pictures if I happened to see something I liked but he picked this one out all by himself! :)  

Do you like your ring? Did you from the beginning?...and be honest!
I absolutely love my ring!! I think it is perfect!! :) :)

How often do you wear your rings?
Well before I got pregnant it NEVER came off but it doesn't fit anymore so... I haven't wore it for a couple months now but can't wait for the swelling to go down so I can get them back on! :)

Do you clean your rings?
I have stuff to clean them so I do every once in awhile when I'm home but if I happen to be at the mall I always stop and have them cleaned!

What went through your mind the very first time you saw your ring?
I was so shocked I just wanted to stare at the ring but I mean the guy was proposing so I wanted to hear what he said but I couldn't believe how big & sparkly it was... just thinking about it makes me want to jump up & down with excitement! hahah! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Doctors appt update!

So... yesterday was my doc appt & the non stress test--
well we did the non stress test and the baby passed it with flying colors!!
Blood Pressure was 132/84 so that was ok.
No Protein in my urine. Good!
So things are starting to look up! The little guy didn't move much before his appt but during and after he was all over the place it was nice having him be active again I just hope he keeps it up! :)
Doctor decided to check me...
I'm 50% effaced & only 1/2 cm dialated.
YAY!-- I know its just a little progress but he seemed pretty sure I won't have to be pregnant for 3 more weeks! So, I'm hoping that the little guy decided to come sometime soon!! :)

Next Doc appt is Friday... He said since I have been worried that he wants to see me then more or less just for my peace of mind! I think the doc is awesome!! :)

I plan on doing a fun little give away!! So keep checking back for that I'll post it later today!! :)