Friday, December 31, 2010

28 week-survey.

How far along?  28 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  around 20 lbs.

Food cravings:  still craving BLT's

Best moment this week: having my mom & Jayce feel the little one kick also the 3d ultrasound was the most amazing thing ever!!

Gender:  boy.

Stretchies:  no new ones but the ones that I do have are itching like CrazY.

What I miss:  not having all those little aches & pains also, being able to shop, shop, shop! I have only been able to shop for a bit and then I have to rest!

What I am looking forward to: my next doc appt which is 3 weeks away my next 3d ultrasound appt which is 4 weeks away & my birthing classes which begin the beginning of February!

Symptoms: manyyyy.

Belly Button in or out?  still considered "in"

Movement: lots & veryyyy noticable :)

Sleep: not complaining :)
Milestones: beginning our every 2 week doctor visits & passing my 2nd glucose test!! :)
Emotions: simply ok.

2010-- a complete blessing.

I've been trying to think of how to write this blog for about a week simply because 2010 was the best year yet & a complete blessing. I have so much to be thankful for because of this year.  I would completely relive it.  When I look back I wouldn't change a thing... well maybe a couple of things but not much! :)

My (now) Husband!
My favorite work girls!!
-even though all of us have found different paths now-
My best friends.

 I had the best birthday-- the next day was probably the worst day of my life but I definitely learnt my lesson & didn't drink that much ever again.

*Through out the beginning of the year I was planning & stressing over my wedding that would happen in August.

In May I had an amazing beautiful bridal shower. I was blessed with many many wonderful gifts! :)

My Bridemaids
They did an AWESOME job!!

Some of the gifts!
June came & we (mainly my then fiance) experienced the biggest blessing of our lives.  Jayce won the lottery... this couldn't have happened at a better time.  We were able to plan the wedding of my dream & boy did I! This blessing couldn't have happened to a better person my husband is the one the hardest workers I know he always have been and this didn't change much! It allowed us to have an awesome wedding, amazing honeymoon, pay off and start are marriage debt free & blow some of it--I won't lie we definitely enjoyed being care free with some of it. :)
**We also became pregnant this month--didn't know it.

July came and we spent the majority of this month doing last minute things for the wedding.
We went to a cubs game and had front row seats right behind home plate--this would probably be my husbands favorite moment of the whole year... He was in heaven--sadly the Cubs lost.  Lastly,
 we found out we were pregnant at the very end of this month at that point we were 6 weeks along.

August came and so did the best moment of my life...

some of the most amazing girls I've ever met
my bridesmaids & flower girls

my other half & love of my life

the boys

the group.
these are some of the people that made this day so great.

Next we experienced an amazing honeymoon.
a 5 day cruise to the eastern Caribbean islands.
one of our last days on the cruise.
the sky was amazing this night.

our boat

us before dinner one night.
We came home from our honeymoon to a super clean house & clean cars (thanks mom & dad)

We then celebrated my husbands 24th birthday sadly I don't have any pictures from this day & can't even remember what we did to celebrate? :(

September, October, November & December were awesome months to but for some reason I don't have any pictures to show you the awesomeness other than our pregnancy pictures...
When I look back on the year I just love how blessed I was with my wedding & pregnancy & Jayces big win.  I truly don't know how any year can be better than this one but then I think of this amazing blessing I have growing inside me and how the day we get to meet this little guy will be better than any amount of money we could've received & the perfect wedding day we had. 
This year Jayce & I have built an amazing relationship that seems unbreakable we have never been so happy with each other we hardly fight or argue & I can't see that changing so bring on the new year!! :)

I hope everyone had just as wonderful of a year as I did. 

Ultrasound (28 weeks-3D)

So everything went great at the ultrasound!!!
He even cooperated most of the time... He was laying up against the placenta so you will notice in most of the pictures and during the video that the left side of his face is a little blurry because of this--We tried to get him to move away from it but he was comfortable and didn't want to.  We got 50 images on a disc plus 20 print outs (some 2d, some b&w 3d & some color 3d) we also got the dvd of course...

From the ultrasound we can now say that he has my cheeks, Jayce's lips & a definite Wilcox nose.  Oh & he has Hair!! :)

Here is a small clip of the 30 minute dvd we have :) 
sorry if it isn't a good clip- my computer kept freezing so finally i decided to just pick a spot and go with it!


 this was the very first 3d we saw of him... look at those cheeks!! Crazy to imagine how much they will grow in the next 10-12 weeks!!

 this little face broke my heart--looks like he is going to cry.

 rubbing his little eye.
Like I said earlier we recieved a ton more pictures those are just some of my faves. 
If you are pregnant and are considering getting this done I would completely recommend it! 
It made Jayce & I feel that much more in love with him & so much more excited! 
Hope you guys enjoyed!! 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

28 weeks!

So We've made it through another month!!-- I say it all the time but this pregnancy is just flyinggg by!!... I'm sure hoping the next couple months go just as fast!! I really have enjoyed being pregnant but I'm just ready to meet this lil guy!!

So earlier in the week we had our "first" appointment with our "new" Doctor.  He was GREAT--such a relief! He was a really nice guy which made me feel much better about choosing to switch to a male doctor.  I was so nervous mainly that being the reasoning but after the visit I felt great about the choice we made!  It was a very fast appointment did the normal stuff--weight, heartbeat, measurement that kind of stuff.  He said at our next appt (in 3 weeks) that he was try to find out what position the baby is in. I'm excited that I have something to look forward to he said we will also talk about some labor stuff too--crazy to think it is already time to start discussing some of those issues!

Glucose Testing results= I passed (i think)  I say that because Monday morning before my appt. I called to find out the results.  The nurse put me on hold and came back saying I passed with a 132 which I was super estatic about considering I did not want to have to go through anymore testing!! Well, when I got to my appt my nurse told me that she couldn't find the results or she didn't have them yet... so I was going to use the patient portal and contact them and find out if my results just hadn't been filed or if the nurse just gave me the wrong information?? I have forgot to email them until this morning, in which, I tried and failed at this attempt because I forgot my login information so plan on calling them... soon.  

Baby Wilcox is finally on the go he is quite the little mover inside of their now--Which I love!! He is to the point where he kicks multiple times right in a row so it is easier for ppl to feel the little guy kick! The Hubs got to feel him kick a couple times christmas eve, he said he is pretty sure that is the first kicks he's "really" felt... so I guess the last time he felt it he really didn't?? && Then the other day my mom & I went to the movies to watch Little Fockers (super funny)  & he began to kick so I had to tell her she may be able to feel the little guy move and sure enough as soon as she put her hand on my stomach he gave her 3 hard jabs!! :) She loved it!! She was then able to feel him again later that night at a family gathering he moved quite a bit for her then!!

Later today we go for our 3D/4D ultrasound!!! I can't wait!! We have my parents, my grandma, his grandma & his mom all coming with... we are excited they get to experience this with us... my parents and grandma came to the ultrasound that we found the sex out but this is the first for his mom & grandma I'm excited they all get to come-- the room for the ultrasound is huge... it has a large tv that the image is on and it also is projected onto the wall & there are 2 couches in there for ppl to sit on so it is plenty big enough for everyone! I will post the video & pictures & my 28 week bump picture later--like hopefully tomorrow!! :)

I also hope to finally post some great xmas presents we got!! :)

Have a great day everyone!! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

3rd trimester!!--27 weeks, Pepperoni face, Movement & Christmas.

Well I'm officially in my 3rd & final trimester!! I can not believe how fast this is going I mean I seriously feel like it was yesterday when we found out we were expecting.  From all the blogs I read I think I have had the easiest pregnancy possible-- hoping this doesn't change in this last trimester. 
This past week nothing new has really happened other than a sudden case of acne.  I've never struggled with acne so this to me is bad.  My make-up covers some of it but not good enough. I post on the bumb regularly & a lot of the women on there are saying how they don't feel like the cute pregnant lady anymore because of the weight they have gained & I just can't relate I mean the weight I have gained is all right in my belly mainly so I only see pregnancy weight & I can't think thats bad when I know the little guy is for the reason I'm getting as large as an elephant butttt this acne I can't find ANYTHING positive about it... I have been doing more to prevent this acne than I have preventing stretch marks! If any of you have ANY kind of solution to get rid of the pepperonis that are appearing alllll over my face (& chest-forgot to mention the mess appearing there) I am all ears & would love some advice!!
Early in week 25( & before then) I experienced A LOT of movement & then that horrible Thursday came where I was miserable & in a lot of pain and feeling a lot of pressure and ever since then the little guy hasn't moved nearly as much--I'm chalking it up to be because he is running out of room?? He is positioning himself differently?? I'm just not really sure I still feel him a few times a day so I know he's still kicking in there but I just don't feel it as much.  Last doctor appt I told her I was concerned about the amount of movement I felt but she said not to let it bother me & once he is around 29-30 weeks then we can do kick counts & things like that to make sure he is doing alright but I'm thinking since I have an appt next week with the new doc that I will just ask him & tell him how I feel... Hopefully he will have a "good" reason for the little movement going on. 
Christmas is on its wayyyyyyy!! I just can't believe that it's almost here! :) :)  Christmas eve is by far my favorite day of the year!  Normally by this point I have all my presents bought & wrapped, well this year is different I have about a third of my presents bought & none of them wrapped. Thank God I only have to work 1 day this week or I dont know what I would do!  I hate waiting till the last minute but I mainly have gift cards & stuff like that to buy (I think) so my shopping shouldn't be to hard.  I also loveee to wrap presents but I only like to wrap like 10 presents at a time & then thats enough for me & I have to stop do something else for awhile & then wrap some more later, I don't think I'm going to have that option this year.  I may have to do a lot of gift bags :)
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day are just CRAZY busy for us... We have 2 family gatherings on Christmas eve--both in the evening Jayce's dad side & my dad's side. Then Christmas day we have a lot.... we go to my parents in the morning, my dad's side always does lunch, my mom's side has a get together during the day, Jayce's mom's side has a get together during the day & then another that night that his extended family comes to... We also have to have a christmas with his mom then another with his dad. This year we will be splitting up on Christmas eve He will go to his get together I will go to mine & then Christmas we will just have to split our time up--this is always no fun it makes it so we spend most of our time driving from place to place.  Next year this will be even harder to split our time up with the baby and all-- I'm not really willing to not go to my gathering on Christmas Eve we have had that tradition in my family since well forever & I just look back on my childhood christmas' and I have the best memories from those get togethers... & well Jayce really doesn't want to give up his Christmas Eve tradition with his family so we are splitting up this year but next year we will want the baby to go to both so hopefully one of the sides can change there time because as of right now they start at the same time soooo... We are going to enjoy this last Christmas the same way we have as the past and do our own thing Christmas Eve & Christmas Day try to go everywhere & we will worry about next year when the time comes...

I hope everyone has a very blessed Holiday & is able to spend it with loved ones!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

26 weeks- Surprise!! :)

So... 26 weeks not much has changed since last week getting more used to him moving around in all the awkward places in there. I'm learning how to make myself comfortable after he gets cozy. This has been such a busy week, you would think it would be a relaxing one since my new schedule at work started only working Wednesday & Friday but it hasn't.  I ended up working Monday for a few hours & it was my mommas birthday so I wanted to spend some time with her then I had Tuesday off but Jayce ended up coming home sick from work but once he got some medicine in him he began feeling better so we went & got new tires put on my car, got plates for his truck & took care of some other things then we went & registered at Babies R Us & then that evening I had a meeting at work--which much to my surprise turned out to be a meeting/surprise baby shower!! It was super sweet of the girls to put it all together! :) I'll add more to that in a bit.  Then Wednesday I had to work & then later that night we had our Christmas program at the Y-- I was sooo nervous about because the kids didn't do to hot rehearsing earlier in the day, but it all turned out perfect!! :)  & today I have the day off so, I have started laundry, started cleaning out the closet in the nursery, started cleaning my house-- I say that I started doing all of these things because none of them actually got finished because I got tired & began to sweat so I stopped. :)  So, now I am relaxing, watching a movie, blogging & just getting ready to eat some lunch!! So as you can see this week hasn't been a relaxing one it has actually been quite busy & it's only going to get more hectic next week preparing for Christmas & then the following week having numerous appointments.
So... Like I said earlier we went and registered at Babies R Us... this was actually a hard task for us because we have really enjoyed shopping for our little one & we prefer to just buy stuff when we see it which as I've said before he has a TON of clothes so, we mainly registered for the little necessities that you need! We did register for 3 larger items--our monitor, our swing/bouncer (my favorite #1 wanted item on the registry) & the breast pump.  I'm still not sure when we will be having the shower I'm thinking in early February but that could change. 
Now to the Surprise Baby Shower at work... it was just a little thing considering there are only 9 of us that work in the childcare but it was still so thoughtful of all of them. They got me a Bumbo, Bumbo tray, a couple small toys, a diaper cake with lots of goodies & a card.  We played a few cute little games & ate some yummy food!! =D  The shower turned out great & I appreciate everything they did for it! If it wasn't for the girls I worked with I would go insane!! :)  the wonderful girls I work with... this wasn't at the surprise shower this was the next night after our Christmas program! :) They are great!

bump picture
26 weeks.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

25 weeks.

This past week we had our doctor appt.-- Our last one with our "original" doctor.
She said things looked great & we listened to his heart and she said that it was perfect like always so that was good to know.  The only thing that was a downer at that appointment was that she said she wants me to do the glucose testing AGAIN... I was sooo bummed I wanted to cry I don't know why it upset me so much but it really bothered me knowing I had to do it all over again.  So, we will do that testing when I'm 28 weeks (I plan on doing it the week before so I know the results are back before my 28 week doctor appt.)  I'm very nervous about doing the test again simply because I was so close to failing last time.  There really hasn't been anything going on to blog about hopefully with the holidays getting closer I will have more to say plus the week of Christmas we have 2 very exciting appointments... I start going to the doctors every 2 weeks starting that week, we meet the new doctor & We have our first 3D ultrasound appointment!! I can't wait for it to get here!... This week I did get some wedding gifts put up & I organized my living room... I definitely got bit by the nesting bug-- don't worry it didn't last long just long enough to do the living room. On another note I haven't had many complaints during my pregnancy I seriously have enjoyed being pregnant but yesterday I was sooooo uncomfortable I couldn't sit down without feeling like I was squishing my insides & baby for that matter it was HORRIBLE... I was just absolutely miserable nothing made this better even standing was uncomfortable and would make my back hurt... I'm hoping my body adjusts soon and this gets better soon because I hate to not feel like I can enjoy every aspect of my pregnancy like I was able to in the past. That is all I have to update so far... Have a wonderful week!!


How far along?  25 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  well last week I gained a whopping 5.5 lbs so thats makes it a total 16 lbs.

Food cravings:  brownie dough, Bacon Cheeseburgers (Red Robin--no one else's compare), BLT's & IHOP breakfast :)

Best moment this week: hanging out with friends on Friday-- We went to dinner and then a local bar to listen to a band... the band was great! I loved catching up with the girls & getting to meet the new boys in their lives which I totally approve us & think they both are awesome!! :) So happy they found some good guys finally!! The only downer was that I was totally uncomfortable being the "pregnant girl" at the bar I just felt like I shouldn't be there so I realized you won't be finding me in a bar for quite sometime!! But it was still awesome to see the friends I've been missing!! :)

Gender:  BoY!

Stretchies: 2 new ones on the front of my stomach... :( they are really tiny--hopefully they stay that way!

What I miss: not being soooo uncomfortable!
What I am looking forward to: Christmas--being 28 weeks--meeting the new doctor--3D ultrasound appt :) :)

Symptoms: aches & pains, heartburn off & on, headaches, mood swings

Belly Button in or out?  still working its way out... looking pretty funny right now :)

Movement: more & more each day-- He LOVESSSS music (we go to my cousins basketball games & he is always kicking-they have the band play on and off at his games, also we went to our nephew's school christmas program and he was everywhere during the performance he loved it)

Milestones: We have the nursery ALMOST done we just have to hang up his decor!! 

Emotions: they have been a little more loose this past week :)  Jayce has been experiencing mood swings to though so our household has been a little cranky at times.  

Sleep: nothing to complain about considering I know it'll just get worse!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

ultrasound appt. 24 weeks.

So yesterday we got our first ultrasound done through miracle in motion it was a simple 2d ultrasound... the neat thing with this place is you get a dvd of the whole ultrasound to take home which I loved!! I've watched it a dozen times already!! Crazy to see the lil guy moving around and stuff!
Here is the dvd we recieved at our ultrasound yesterday... it is simply amazingggggg to say the least!
Baby Wilcox did NOT want to photographed at all he did practically the exacty opposite of what we wanted him to the whole time! He was acting shy! Some times you can't make out much of anything and then others its like wow look at him go he litterly was laying like a "C" he looked veryyyy uncomfy but boy oh boy he was not going to move into a better postion for us! If you can't tell what the stuff is in a normal ultrasound pic you probably won't be able to tell what is what in the video... also the quality of the video isn't that great since it is uploaded but be watching around the 3 minute marker he completely turns his body and folds it in half like the "C" I mentioned earlier. Whenever I show anyone the video I stand next to the tv and point out what everything is but since I can't do that for you guys heres just a couple of things....
-at first his head is in the lower left corner hands right about his face & legs up above his body
-later into the ultrasound when she does the 3d sneak peak it is SUPER hard to make out what everything is because he wouldn't look right at us... but you can make out his ear in almost all of them you see his foot in the 2nd one and you get a good look at his face in that one as well...
sorry that the video is hard to make & understand & I'm sure no one else will think this is nearly as awesome as what I do but after you watch it a dozen times you pick out more and more things u didn't notice before!! :)  

We have scheduled our first 3d ultrasound for the 30th of December I will be 28 weeks & then at the appt we will schedule our next one which will be at 33 weeks so around Feb 8th!

If you live in the Fort Wayne or surrounding area you should check out her webpage at....
We absolutely loved our experience there & are so excited to go back! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed.