Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday...

To my wonderful husband. 
He deserves so much more than what I can give him.  He is an amazing man & I am truly truly blessed to have him in my life. 
So today I am spending the day celebrating him.
Happy 25th Birthday!
25 Reasons I love YOU!
  1.  I love the fact that you work your butt off for us. 
  2. I love you because you make me laugh. A Lot.--even though most of the time it's because I'm hiding the embarrassment your causing me :)
  3. I love that you are a great father.
  4. I love your love for the Lord makes my love that much greater for you.
  5. I love that you help make me a better person--at times.
  6. I love you because you put others before you.
  7. I love you because you are an amazing person
  8. I love that you are still with me after realizing I'm a pretty bad housewife.
  9. I love when you make Maddux laugh it melts my heart
  10. I love the fact that you let me "run your life" :)
  11. I love that you would do anything for me & Maddux
  12. I love that yu took care of all my pregnancy cravings.--only an amazing man could do that.
  13. I love you because you stand by my side even if most of your family would prefer otherwise.
  14. I love how you can put a smile on my face--even if I'm furious at you.
  15. I love that you lie really good say you like my new mom body.
  16. I love that you put up with me being a backseat driver--even though I save our lives 90% of the time your driving
  17. I love your smile
  18. I love that you let me control the tv changer even if I'm really not watching it because I'm on the computer.
  19. I love you because you remember the hand shake we made up when we were in high school.
  20. I love your love for Maddux
  21. I love how you get so excited over the little things.
  22. I love your laugh-- all of them.
  23. I love your relationship your share with your brother.  I think it's amazing.
  24. I love that your willing to take a 100 pictures with me.
  25. I love when you do your hair
mainly though I love you for you.
Your a great partner, father, friend, teacher & person.
Happy Birthday Babe! :)
Enjoy YOUR day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Months!

weight: 17.5 lbs (according to our scale)
length: ??- need to do this.  
Diaper Size: 1-2
Clothes: 3 months some 3-6 & a couple 6 months.
{sadly this list is getting smaller & smaller}
time eating baby cereal & oatmeal--you didn't like it
time being babysat by anyone other than gma & gpa Rowe {Aunt Michaela watched you & so did great gma Rowe & your buddy-Hayden}
time rolling belly to back {at your 4 month check up}
first funeral & viewing
first play date with someone other than Everett (you played with Kennedy)
first time going to the nursery at church
first wedding
celebrated momma & daddy's first wedding anniversary

Random Facts
You only take your paci in the car and when you sleep
You still love Mickey & it's the most precious thing to watch your reaction to him
your personality is coming out more and more--your a pretty stubborn baby
Daddy can make you laugh really hard
He also can make you smile a lot.
You are a momma's boy most of the time
You would rather stand over sit
You are a pain to take shopping-- I guess that's ok since you are a boy.
You still LOVE the bath & swimming. :)
you love your blanket

Maddux with every new day you melt momma's heart! You mean the world to me & are such a blessing!! You make momma & daddy sooo happy & complete us! :)
We love you so much!
Happy 5 Months! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

1 year.

1 year ago yesterday.
I married my very best friend & soulmate. 
I have thought for days on what I wanted to say on here to really express how much I love this man.
& obviously I couldn't.
I don't think anything I can say or do will ever show him how much he means to me
or how deep my love is for him.
The only thing that can come close to explaining my love for him is that little boy we both adore.
This has been the best year ever.
My life would be nothing without Jayce by my side.
Everyday I fall more in love with him.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mickey Love.

I just had to share this with you guys... It's to funny
Maddux will be fussing & you can turn on Mickey &
he will turn his head toward the tv and just smile...
I turned it to Mickey around 39 seconds
look at how he turns to the tv and smiles! :)
tooo cute!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ya Find Out Who Your Friends Are...

For Real! I'm sure all of you momma's can relate to the blog title. 

You have a kid & you lose friends. plain and simple... it's sad but true.

I'm young only 22.  In high school I had a few best friends.  Stayed close with most of them but then life happened...
I got engaged... lost 1 then.
I got married... lost 2-3 then.
I got pregnant....lost 2 more.
this is no joke.  the day I told one of my friends I was pregnant was the last time they asked me to hang out.  grant it we had all just recently turned 21 & I couldn't go out anymore but seriously it was like bam. done. 

Now that Maddux is here some have came around a time or two but nothing like we used to... 
I seriously wouldn't change a thing but dang I miss them.

I don't think it's the late nights or the parties or even the gossip but I think I miss the genuine people they all were at one point or another. 

I have great friends & 3 of them were there the night I gave birth to Maddux and knowing they were outside in the waiting room meant the world to me and thinking about it makes me cry... it's just sad because a couple of these girls were mentioned above when I talked about losing friends. 
They missed my WHOLE pregnancy and then showed up for the most amazing day of my life.   I seriously love knowing that they dropped everything and were there for me. 

But then I think where have they been now?
1 of the girls has seen Maddux 2 times since he was born.
1 of the girls has seen him 3 times since he was born.
& the last one was there for most of my pregnancy (on and off) & has seen Maddux almost once a week since he was born.

But, I guess the reason I'm writing about this is because it's crazy.
This past week a friend of mine her dad died. We all came together again and spent time together at the veiwing.  This was the first time I was together with all of them in a long time.  It was awkard and I was uncomfortable-- I mean we were at a viewing so it wasn't the best place to converse but I came home sat on the couch with my husband next to me and Maddux in my lap and broke down. 

I just broke.  When I could finally catch a breathe and spit out why I was so upset all I could say was.  What happened?

I felt like I had no one... other than my best friend sitting next to me.  My other half. My husband.  & this just devastated me.  I mean I know friends don't always last forever but seriously just the previous summer and the time leading up to my pregnancy we were inseperable and now it's all just gone. 

I felt like I didn't connect with anyone.  They were talking about there late nights out and I was talking about my late night feedings.  They would talk about gossip and I was talking about the little boy smiling in my lap.  They would talk about there boy troubles and I was talking about my marriage.  They were talking about the latest teen mom episode and I was talking about mickey mouse.   They were talking about there weekend plans and I was talking about my family. 

Just nothing connected & it sucked. 
I hated knowing that somewhere in all of our busy lives that we lead that we forgot about one another... or just forgot about me. 

As I cried for a while I just kept saying I need some mommy friends. 
I must say God granted me that wish by having my childhood best friend still very close to me have a little boy just a few months older than Maddux which is great since both of us don't have many friends.

I will say that this past weekend I did get together with the girls for a gathering at my friends house it was with her family and out of town guests that were here for the funeral & the hubs watched Maddux and I went and just enjoyed a few drinks and I did catch up on the latest gossip but still... I won't here from most of the girls till the next time I contact them in need for a girls night out. 

So... all I can say is if you didn't experience this your lucky & if you did I'm sorry. It sucks!

Here are some pictures of my friends. Some are still around... Some aren't it is what it is I guess. I won't point out who's here. :) I miss all of them that's for sure. 

don't mind the numbering I used that collage for something else. :)