Saturday, January 29, 2011

32 weeks-- ultrasound pictures, video & survey!!

Baby didn't really cooperate at this ultrasound...
He kept his chin tucked & his hands right in front of his face for a lot of it.
Here are just a few of the pictures.

 his cute little face. :)
 rubbing his eye.
lips just like his daddy. :)
his tongue poking out :)
 his tongue all the way out. with his hand of course right up by his face.

 resting his face on his chin. :)
 his fingers look sooo long :)
 his hand is at the top and his foot is at the bottom.--he was kicking so picture didn't turn out real clear.
he was trying to get his hand in his mouth. :)

**video isn't uploading right now so I'll have to do it later! :)

How far along?  32 weeks!! :)
Total weight gain/loss:  I'm up just a pound from last week so still around 20 some lbs.

Food cravings:  I've been eating a lot of ice chips. :)
Best moment this week: seeing the little guy for the last time & having everyone feel him kick! :)

Gender:  Boy.

What I miss:  my normal bodyyy.
What I am looking forward to:  my appt in 2 weeks. :)

Symptoms: I am soooo acheyyy-- but I worked 30+ hours this week so that could play into it.

Belly Button in or out?  still working its way out.

Movement: sooo much!! :)

Sleep:  a little rough lately-- I am up multiple times a night :(

Emotions:  good, I'm good. :)

Milestones:  seeing the little guy for the last time.

Stretchies:  no new ones. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time to see the little one!!

So I of course have to work again today but then we will be going to see our little one!! This is our last 3D ultrasound :( breaks my heart to know I don't get to see this little guy for 8 more weeks! I love getting to see him and she said at our last ultrasound that he would look completely different because he will have developed that much more! I just can't wait she said those little chubby cheeks of his would be even bigger this week-- I can't imagine them being bigger!! :) I will post part of his video & some of the pictures we get later tonight or tomorrow!!

After the ultrasound we will be spending the evening at the hospital again.  Grandpa seems to take one step forward going home and then gets 2 set backs.  It's been really hard to watch all this happen this week! Everyone in my family has came together... we all spend our evenings up there so we have been together all week.  My aunts and grandma were even able to feel the baby have the hiccups! That has been fun! We are just ready for him to come home... He was suppose to come home today but it looks more like tomorrow or the next day.  They have figured out what is wrong but can't seem to get the infection under control and they need to have the infection under control or even better gone before they do surgery on the problem. So we are still taking all the prayers for him!

Other news... I am getting a cold! Jayce just got over having a cold so of course I would get it or all the little germs I take care of at work have got me sick! :) Things are also starting to look up for me I'm not so "down" Yay!! :)

Well I will post more later I'll do my 32 week survey & add the pics & video of the little one!!
Have a great Thursday Everyone!! Only one day left of the work week!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I totally have been in the dumps the past couple of weeks.  So many things have contributed to this crappy mood.  I feel bad for the people who have had to be around me.  Trust me, I have been no fun & a ticking time bomb.  At times I've been telling myself that it's the hormones but I dont believe myself when I say it.  My last day of work is tomorrow & I totally feel like me being considered "unemployed" with no baby at home is going to make this situation worse.  School is already stressing me out even though we are only into week 2.  I feel like I need a fresh start with life but I also think it's crazy that I can feel like that with the amazing little guy growing inside me.  I mean really how can a woman with a great marriage & a healthy little guy in her belly be sad.  I know everything will be ok but I need that to be right now. I need to not force a smile to spread across my face. I know times like these come and go in everyones life but I feel like this is the most inconvienant time in mine.  This weather isn't helping anything either... I need some sunshine! I'm sorry for going on this small rant.  I hope that something wonderful happens soon. Next Thursday will be wonderful-- Our second 3d ultrasound is then!  Also, I want to update you guys on my pupps situation it is practically gone.  I no longer have any "rash" anywhere on my body.  I now just have some dry skin on my stomach.  The cream that I was given even is cleary my stretch marks up & making them a little less noticable. Those are about the only positive things going on lately.  Even though Jayce is still the amazing super husband that he has always been.  He puts up with the good the bad & the ugly.  He reminds me that everything will be ok & he even puts a smile on my face multiple times a day.  He may add fuel to my fire some days but no matter what I thank God everyday for putting him in my life.  He is the BEST husband a woman could ask for & he will be the BEST dad a child could have.  Can't forget to thank my momma for being my backbone lately.  She is always there to pick me up when I feel like I'm falling.  She not only tells me everything will be ok but she always makes everything ok.  She has always put myself & my brother before anything else & without her we would be lost.  I am so thankful for not only Jayce & my mom but also my amazing family.  Just adding this little tidbit to this post has reminded me that I am lucky, I do live a good life & things could always be worse-- but no matter what everything WILL be ok because I have famILY. 

I found this today & had to include it in my post.  Sorry again for the lack of posts lately--when I get back to "me" I promise to get back to the normal--not so boring post.

I hope everyone is have a great week!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

30 weeks survey

How far along?  30 weeks-- crazy that He will be here in only 10 weeks (or less!!!)

Total weight gain/loss:  haven't gained this week so still around 20 lbs.

Food cravings:  no real cravings this week really-- I'm hoping to make biscuits and gravy this week (for the third week in a row--so you could consider that)

Best moment this week: Good question--This week has SUCKED!! I guess you could say the best moment was when I got my cream to help with my pupps.

Gender:  Boy.

What I miss:  seeing my feet when I'm standing :)

What I am looking forward to:  appt on Monday-- He is going to check his position & we will discuss labor stuff. Can't believe we are this far to do these things!!

Symptoms: I have symptoms but I don't have any worth complaining about... it could be worse.

Belly Button in or out?  still in.

Movement: often!

Sleep:  content.-- I wake up once a night to pee but have no problem falling back to sleep!

Emotions:  It's been a really bad week-- so I haven't been the most pleasant pregnant lady. :)

Milestones: 30 weeks sounds like a milestone to me! :)

Stretchies:  no new ones. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Pupps (Pruritic Uticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy)
Lucky me-- I have been diagnosed with this wonderful rash. Let me give you the low down of what I have been through the past week & then I'll let ya know exactly what Pupps is.

Over the past week I have been developing a rash.  At first my stretch marks just itched(all last week) , then i got small bumps on my arm(Friday), then I got small bumps on my stomach(Saturday), then I got the same bumps on my legs & a bright red patch formed just above my belly button(Sunday).  I have never itched so bad in my life.  It was so bad at times I would just want to cry because NOTHING was helping relieve the itch.  I had a ton of little bumps covering my arms, top of my legs & my stomach I knew I needed to go to the doctors & figure out what was causing this rash.  I was concerned because one of the kids that go to the Y was sent home on Thursday last week so I was worried that I had gotten whatever he had. 
So, I don't have a Family physician so I tried to find one yesterday morning but no one was able to get me in and I knew I couldn't go another day itching the way I had for a week.  So, I went to an after hour clinic that one of the local hospitals sponsors.  I went and was seen she said she thought I just had dry skin-- she told me I probably thought she was crazy & she was right.  I thought she was just plain stupid I did NOT have dry skin I was really upset because I just knew this wasn't because of dry skin.  She also said that I needed to make sure I told my OBGYN at my appt (next Monday) & that sometimes rashes can mean more serious things in pregnant women.  Since I knew this doctor was wrong I called my OBGYN this morning and told them about the rash & scheduled a appt I went in and they looked at it and instantly diagnosed me with PUPPS.  This is a rash that some women get while pregnant.  They don't know the cause of and there is nothing that makes it go away.  I was totally excited until she told me that it has to go away on its own. She did write me a prescription for a menthol steroid cream that should help & make me more comfortable.  I'm super excited to have some relief! I'm also super excited to know what is going on.  Most women get PUPPS around 35 weeks--lucky me I got at 29 weeks... PUPPs normally goes away 1-2 weeks after delivery. 
If you happen to look up more info on PUPPs when you seem the pictures of this rash please note that I DO NOT have it as severe as what all the pictures I have seen (Thank the Lord) I only have a bright red patch that is about a 2 inch circle right above my belly button and the rest of my body just has raised bumps all over it. So don't be too alarmed! :)

Hoping the next TEN weeks go super fast or that this rash disappears SOON!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

(day 8 is up on the challenge page)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

29 weeks!!

So this week has been pretty boring! I am enjoying staying home more and more!! I love the January challenge also.  The first week went awesome!! I use to ALWAYS be on the go. I never spent time at home I would really only be there to sleep but not anymore I hardly leave.  This past challenge week (Mon-Thurs) I only left my house 4 times and 1 of those times was to go to work the other 3 was to run to the store to pick up movies, return movies, grab reeses or grab something we needed for dinner the next day which was maybe a total of an hour all together.  I had a couple of rough days this week just mood wise-- I have been very hormonal! I'm hoping this coming week will be beter-- considering I start SCHOOL yes school I am going back to college this semester.  I think I'm crazy for trying to do this but I am only going part time (6 credit hours-2 classes) both classes are online so I'm hoping to be able to work ahead so I will be able to take a week off when baby decides to arrive. If I'm not ahead Jayce has said that he will try to help any way he can even if that means he does my classwork that week. Well I'm all out of thoughts for this week so onto this weeks survey! :)

How far along?  29 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  a little over 20 lbs.

Food cravings:  reese's

Best moment this week: everytime baby gets the hiccups :)

Gender:  Boy.

Stretchies:  no new ones but having some "issues" with the few I do have they are itching like crazy I contacted my doc office they said to keep an eye on them I can't wait till my appt so they can look at them and make sure they are normal!!--I'm seriously going nuts over this!

What I miss:  nothing this week.

What I am looking forward to: only a week till my appt! :)

Symptoms: most pregnancy symptoms I am currently experiencing.

Belly Button in or out?  still in. going through an awkard stage right now.

Movement: lots of it. :) :)

Sleep:  content.

Milestones: We are all signed up for birthing classes & breastfeeding classes + I got my first breastfeeding book in the mail!! :)

Emotions:  they are a little more crazyyy. :(

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Best Gift EVER!!

I recieved this gift from my mom almost 3 years ago when I first moved out. 
Its a recipe book that my mom wrote for me!

My mom included some of my favorite meals plus some other recipes!!
plus she even handwrote all of the recipes!!
I absolutely love this & I use it often!
I think every mom should do this for their daughter when they move out!

Thanks Mom!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Wilcox's newest purchase!!

Today I found the cutest beanie that I had to order!
I want him to wear this for some of his newborn pictures!

The hat will be size newborn, it even has a little brim :)
the price was unbeatable when compared to similar hats.
He is going to looking adorable in this!!

I ordered it from this shop on

A pretty random post-- fave xmas gifts & bump pic.

I know this is a little late... so is the bump picture!! Sorry!!
28 weeks

Baby Wilcox was spoiled!!--these are some of his presents he got for Christmas!!
My new bakers rack-- I have very limited counter space so it is awesome to have somewhere else to store my microwave!!
My Mixer-- I was excited about this I don't do much baking but I felt that I had to have a Stand alone mixer :)
My favorite Kitchen decor I now have-- I love this little guy & I love the small chalkboard!!
I didn't actually have someone buy this for me... I had a ton of gift cards to Target & planned on getting a ottoman to store some baby stuff in but then when I went to purchase it I found this 50% off!!! I got this for only 100 bucks!! I was so excited about it!!
We got the mount for our TV so We could get rid of our bulky stand-- Our living room feels huge with it on the wall!!
This is one of our walls in the living room still need to get something for the lower shelf but I've been working on this for awhile--thank god for a day I spent nesting :)

Sorry about the random post I just wanted to put these up here and have forgotten too! :)