Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a pretty busy one... especially yesterday--Easter was crazy busy!

Here is some pictures of our weekend!! :)

the previous pictures were at the park watching his cousin play baseball!
we went shopping--he slept most of the time :)
We took naps :)

&& We celebrated Easter...
with his easter basket and other gifts-- he wasn't happy with me! :)

my little family on Easter

my little man.

Mommy & Maddux!

We Had a wonderful weekend!! Sadly Maddux & I both have colds but we are getting better! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snuza Love

Ok so I've been meaning to blog about this since the week Maddux was born & I'm finally remembering to do it...
So ever since hearing Mrs. to Mama talk about her love for the snuza and after reading Maddie's story at Another Day Stronger I felt like this was a must have baby item.  So... here's the funny story that goes with us purchasing this.  So I ordered it off amazon and for some reason I recieved an email saying that my debit card didn't go through so I figured I had put my information in wrong so I tried again and recieved an email that my husband read and he told me it didn't go through so he was going to try to order it with his card and information so he did and I got an email saying that my item would be shipped the next day & then a few hours later I recieved another email from amazon saying my item would be shipped the next day... thinking it was odd that they would email me twice I then looked and noticed that my snuza order did go through and that second email was saying that my husbands order of the snuza would be shipped the next day as well.... so, I went back to the email that my husband said that it didn't work and the email stated that an outfit I ordered along with the snuza didn't go through and obviously he didn't read the email. So, the next day this is what we came home to...

Not one but two snuzas.... luckily we were able to return one of them so now we just have one and we actually don't use it very often but we will use it every night when he is in his own crib and room also anytime he is away from us he will use it for instance when he naps in his room or stays at my parents house we will send it with him I would also like to start using it when we are in the car because we can't seem him so if something were to happen while we are driving we wouldn't know...
After I typed out my funny story it didn't seem so funny anymore... but hopefully you enjoyed this and I would recommend this baby item for anyone that is stressed about SIDS or just their babies breathing in general.

Friday, April 15, 2011

1 Month!

*1 Month*

weight: around 9.5 lbs (according to our scale)
length: 20 in.
diaper size: Newborn
Clothes: Carters Newborn is the only brand that actually fits him everything else is way to big on him

First outing: Starbucks
First time eatting out: Cracker Barrel w/ gma & gpa Rowe, uncles Justin Aunt Brianne & Marissa & Mommy & Daddy
First Walk
First trip to the Mall
First time being babysat by Gma & Gpa Rowe
First time being away from Mom & Dad for a whole night
First time going to the park
First time going to church
First sickness--Thrush
First Medicine--you hate it
First Smile (I think it was a real one)

Random Facts:
He takes a paci but isn't a lover of it. (hoping this doesn't change)
Loves the heat the fireplace puts off
The song "Mighty to Save" will make him stop crying & will put him to sleep
Rubbing his eyebrows and up & down on his nose also puts him to sleep
Won't sleep anywhere but in his Mom & Dads bed--this will change soon momma is determined
Sometimes you cry because you are tired being held and you just want to be left alone
You have your mom & dad wrapped around your finger
Gma & Gpa Rowe have only been away from you 2 days since you were born-they didn't like those days
You are the light of mom, dad, gma & gpas life.
You LOVE bathtime & sometimes fall asleep in the tub
You make funny faces when you poop and sometimes mom records these faces

Funny Tidbit
When you were like 3 weeks old you pooped on your mommas leg one day it was in daddy's truck and you made daddy gag from the smell & you mad both mommy & daddy cry from laughing so hard!
Thank you for that.

Thank you for being perfect. absolutely perfect. You are your mommas greatest accomplishment. 
I thank God everyday for you.
Happy 1 Month Birthday Baby!!
Mom & Dad Love you sooo much!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4 weeks--the good, the bad & the ugly

So... we have learnt soooo much in the past 4 weeks & Maddux is growing sooo fast I mean he's going to be a month old this week it's crazy!

The Good
Maddux has been growing like crazy since being on formula!
He is sleeping 6-8 hours at night
He is starting to coo
He smiles (sometimes it's on purpose-I think)
Wrigley & Addison absolutely love him
He loves taking baths-sometimes he even falls asleep during them
Sometimes he really enjoys his activity mat & other times he doesn't
He Loves to lay next to our fireplace with the heat coming out he would lay there forever

The Bad
Maddux is going through a fussy stage
@ night he will sometimes cry anywhere from a hour- 3 hours with nothing making him stop
He sometimes fights his naps
He is starting to spit up--not very much but at least once or twice a day
The only place I can get him to sleep at night is in our bed with me ( I am not a proud or believer in co-sleeping--there is nothing wrong with people that like this but I don't and can't wait to get him to sleep somewhere else)
He has Thrush-- its not to bad though

The Ugly
Last week we were on our way home and Maddux was screaming so Jayce pulled over & I realized he was pooping so I went to change him and I don't know why but I just had him in my lap well I had just pulled the diaper away and went to put the new one under him and right before I got it there he started to poop right there on my leg--yes my leg it was horrible & prolly one of the funniest things we have experienced to date!
We are peed on it seems like once a day but it is getting better! :)

If any of you have tips on having him sleep somewhere other than my bed I would love the advice because that is something that we really want to change and soon before it becomes a habit!