Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Recap

This year has been one of the best yets! 2010 was fun winning the lottery, getting married & finding out we were expecting but 2011 was really our year... we really grew in our faith, as parents & just within our selves.  let's look back shall we...

we were in our last trimester of pregnancy, I got Pupps, we had a 3d ultrasound of our little one.

We really took in our last month as a family of 2, we celebrated Valentines day & my birthday, I began experiencing severe swelling in my feet & ankles.

this is the month that our lives were forever changed.  We became Parents-- we were given a purpose for life.  Our breastfeeding journey began and ended this same month.

We celebrated Easter, We began spending a lot of time at the ball park, we had our first date night without Maddux & he spent the night at his grandparents for the first time, we also purchased the snuza for a peace of mind.

Maddux turned 2 months old,  I celebrated my first Mothers Day,

Maddux turned 3 months old, we went to the zoo for the first time, we quit co-sleeping. celebrated Fathers Day, we also finger painted for the first time, Maddux also went swimming for the first time!

Maddux turned 4 months, we got in a car accident, I thought Maddux seriously lost his penis & we spent A LOT of our days at the ball park watching his cousin play baseball

Maddux turned 5 months old,we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, we had 2 weddings, we celebrated daddy's birthday

Maddux turned 6 months, I got baptized, Maddux got dedicated, started saying his first word:: Hi. & Maddux went to his first DeKalb County Free Fall Fair :)


Maddux turned 7 months, Maddux was a super cute Octopus for Halloween, Maddux started crawling, started saying Dad & started waving.

Maddux turned 8 months, Maddux got his first haircut, Maddux gave up the paci

We celebrated our first Christmas, Maddux turned 9 months, Maddux had his first ER visit due to a high fever & Maddux got 2 teeth

So long 2011... let's hope 2012 brings some great things maybe even a little brother or sister for Maddux!!
We are so blessed... :)


Monday, December 19, 2011

9 Months {a few days late}

Last Thursday Maddux turned 9 Months old... seems crazy! 

weight: 22 lbs 4 oz
height: 28 in.
diaper size: 3
clothes: some 6-9 and some 12 (the 12 are still big but more comfortable than the 6-9)
First Thanksgiving
First time standing all alone
First time saying "nana"
& honestly I think that's it...
Random Facts
You have lots of personality shining through nowadays
You say 6 words now-- dad, mom, hi/hey, Yay, mmm...bite (pronounced ""), Nana
You can also--high five, wave bye bye, clap, dance & bounce
Mickey Mouse is still your favorite--nothing makes you happier. :)
You are always on the go... you are such a wiggle worm.
You love to eat
You aren't afraid of strangers but you are very unsure of men that you don't know
Bath time is still your favorite time of the day
We have started a nightly bedtime routine--dinner, play, bath, book, movie, bed--your adjusting well
Maddux James... You are such a joy to have in our lives.  Every new thing you learn is amazing.  You make us so happy & you are the most precious gift ever.
We Love you!

Happy 9 Months Baby!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Trying To Concieve:: Ready, Set, GO!

That's right everyone... we have started trying for Baby #2.
Can you believe it?
I'm so excited...scared...happy...nervous... & sad all rolled into one about this.

I'm excited to grow our family--I can't imagine being blessed with another baby like Maddux he's perfect and I want to experience pregnancy and labor all over again because of him.

I'm scared because who knows how long this process could take & once it does happen how will I manage to take care of my child while being exhausted from pregnancy.

I'm happy because seriously another baby? EEEKK!!

I'm nervous because of the same reasons I'm scared... & what if this pregnancy isn't easy like Madduxs

& lastly I'm sad because I'm having to accept the fact that this little guy isn't so "little" anymore and he's only going to continue to grow!

so there you have it Baby #2 is in the works!

Thoughts, Prayers & advice are appreciated.

But that's all I have for now since the little guy I'm already blessed with is ready to get up!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Really Baby #2?

First of all, How do you know when your really "ready" to try for baby #2?

Jayce & I have talked and decided to start trying for this bundle of joy in December...
we have also had talks where we aren't sure if thats really what we want.

Do I really want 2 under 2?
2 in diapers?
2 unable to fully express themselves?
2 babies?

When I think of it like that is scares me... a lot.
But then I think of...
a sweet sweet cuddly newborn
the love I have for Maddux and how I can't wait to feel that all over again
and the big one that gets me...
the future.
the relationship my children would share being so close in age.
&& that my friends...
makes me want to grab the hubby and make our way to the bedroom baby #2.

But seriously, how do you know?

I think we are ready.
I know we can handle it.
I know we will love it.
I know we can afford it.

I also have the concern of how would Maddux take this?
a new baby?
He's my baby & I don't ever want him to think someone else has taken his spot.

I'm just so torn.
but at the sametime each month when flow comes to visit it's such a weird upset feeling I get.
Hubs & I aren't trying to have another baby and we have had only 1 time where another baby really couldve happened but theres always always a small chance so each month it's like...
a small dissapointment when I'm not pregnant.

Any thoughts on Baby #2?
Any advice on what to do?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday...

To the greatest man I know...
My dad.

Growing up I never realized how lucky I was... looking back now I can't believe I missed out on hanging out with and spending time with someone so amazing.
He seriously means the world to me & I know I do to him.
I couldn't ask for a better hero in life.
He does anything and everything I ever ask of him.
He does a lot that goes unnoticed.
The day I walked down the eisle to marry the man of my dreams he was right next to me...
calming the nerves that were beginning to come over me
holding me up as I took in every moment of walking down the isle
and the greatest blessing of all from that day...
supporting my decision and giving us the blessing to become one

The Day I gave birth to my own child...
he never left my side
he was patient and overjoyed as we waited to welcome our baby boy.
The one thing I remember though is  my mom and jayce who were the ones holding my legs as I pushed this miracle out he sat back on the couch just waiting..and once Maddux was out and they went to clean him up and weigh him etc. I laid on the bed in pain as the doctor took care of me, cleaned me up, sewed me up...
He was the one who was their
He was the one checking on his baby...
He kissed my cheek and told me he loved me
and that I will always remember
He took over when the excitement of Maddux took over everyone else...
This is one of many days...
Maddux is his world.
Seriously I couldn't have asked for a better Grandpa for my kid.
He loves him prolly more than his own kids. ;)
He is seriously is hands down the best Grandpa ever.

You are the greatest and we are so lucky to have such an amazing dad,grandpa, friend & hero.
You are wonderful!
Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday Dad!
Love ya Forever!

The Wilcox Family

Rant of all Rants.

Let me just tell you if you don't want to hear me complain... like a lot then just go on up to the top right of the screen and click that little x... yep go ahead because that is the mood I'm in.  I'm just needing to complain about pretty much anything and everything & this is just to make me feel a little better--I hope (& if it doesn't then my day isn't going to have a shot in the world to be a good one) so let's begin, shall we?

  • I'm deleting pretty much everyone and their brother on facebook--you don't tell me my kids cute, we don't need to be friends.
  • Seriously rddaffvttekkn needs to stop being a copy cat-- like it's creepy? Does she not realize what a creep she looks like? She's not even copying me but damnnnn guys it's scary. Let me give ya a little run down. 
    • She has love child with fiance--this child is doesn't have a nickname, doesn't wear bows..notta she is a stay at home mom doing nothing extra on the side.
      • Her Idol has child has nickname for child and that child wears bows and flowers... this person is also a photographer/stay at home momma
        • Copy-Cat decides a)her child has the SAME nickname b) her child wears bows/flowers all the time and c) she is a photographer too
    • this list could go on and on and on and on... but I'm over this rant point in case she's a creepy stalker and I'm tired of reading her stupid status that are seriously a repeat of what her idol posts earlier in the week. for realzzz get a life--your own preferably.
  • I spent abot $60 on for xmas presents for Maddux got them in the mail today--they look poor... I bought 2 jackets and a jersey... seriously I could make all of it myself and make it look better than what I bought! I was so dissappointed--I did use coupon codes to get my price so low but this will be going back into the mail on Monday. I'll save my money for something else.
  • As I write this I'm working on my friends list on facebook like stated above--this is taking FOREV it's redic.  they should have a check all button but instead I have to do one person at a time.
  • Breaking Dawn--OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! But that damn ending--I don't read the books so I have no idea what is going on now & I can NOT wait for the other one to come out!
  • At breakfast today I read that copy cat's status that I spoke of earlier and I'm like seriously seriously Jayce this is just stupid she's so dumb blah blah blah and he's like wow Ashlee you just need to calm down and delete her your getting to worked up about nothing--I'm like woah okay whatever definately not the reaction I wanted or needed.
  • That Bday Party I went to last week--was seriously a joke everyone started to fight and I'm just sitting their with Hubs and one of my friends Boyfriends like seriously girls and guys were not in high school anymore just shut up and move on--it was redic
    • They played Beer Olympics--we came in 3rd--we weren't going to participate until we thought of the perfect team name... Team Use To Be--get it? As soon as my friends found out I was expecting I became invisible to them pretty much they NEVER came around and only 3 of them came to my baby shower it was a joke and since having Maddux only a one of them are really a part of his life so our name was saying we used to be friends we used to be cool we used to party we used to be the center of the group and now we aren't anything... and the back had a maid sweeping away our team like they just swept our friendship away--yeah it was awesome! :)
  • Hubs New Job Offer is seriously stressing me out.  Hardcore--I think that's where all this ranting is coming from...stress.
  • I may do a post for this topic and this is totally another issue that is causing these rants... ever since having Maddux I get the WORST stomach aches ever. Like I start to shake I'm in so much pain I've tried to find a pattern to them but there really isn't one. I had one of these stomach aches last night during breaking dawn--it was so hard to focus on the movie... I'm to the point where I want to go to the doctors for it.
  • Oh let me address this one too while it just popped in my head--we ran into one of Hubs co-worker their dauter is about 2 months older than Maddux and we were of course talking kids and something was said about how Maddux has a tooth about to burst thru the gums--or so it feels & he's like well my kid had teeth at this age... then we mentioned how maddux started real crawling a couple weeks ago and he's like my kid do this... and so on.  I know I'm proud of my kid but seriously if your a one upper let's just not be--we are talking about babies you make think your baby is better than mine but it's not.  So, let's stop comparing and just move on and be happy for the other person.
  • There are like... 6-7 people that had babies around the same time as Maddux you would think that we would like talk babies and be friends--eh, no.  I'm not like outgoing outgoing but wouldn't mind to make some mommy friends that have kids the same age as Maddux but then again that's when the whole one upper thing comes into play and I don't want to deal with that.
  • The other day I had one of the worst days ever.  I got my car stuck--yes stuck like in the mud. I was running SUPER late to Maddux's Doctors appt. I got pulled over and recieved a "talking" more like a yelling and spanking it was unacceptable and inappropriate on the cops part and a ticket that is going to cost me at least a third of one my Hubs paychecks.  The cop also lied stretched the truth about my speed... I dont even think he clocked me because my fuzz buster NEVER went off not once. but anyone 19.4 over the speed limit yeah I'd say it's going to be a pretty chunk of money... also the threat of going to court for child endangerment yep it happened like I said he was crazy rude and mean and made me cry.... having a bad day and took it out on me... I think he needs a little God in his life.
  • There is a girl on facebook that announced she was pregnant about a month ago and is saying that she needs to go to the doctor to get something done I don't even know the term anywho I guess it's serious and she needs it done like... now but doesn't have insurance or a job and either does her husband they already have one kid so they have to know how expensive a baby is--what the hell are you doing with internet if you can't even afford to go to the doctor and potentially save your childs life.  I just don't get people BABIES COST MONEY A LOT OF IT--GO GET A JOB AND STOP BEING LAZYYY (they both had jobs seriously like 2 weeks ago how do you both quit your jobs and think its ok)
um... I think I'll be done for now. I hope I didn't offend anyone--I just needed this. I needed it to make me feel better & it did. sorta :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Maddux's First Haircut!

Last week I finally caved and called and made Maddux an appt. for a haircut.  I was trying to last as long as I could because I feel like babies look so funny after their first cut so, I just didn't want to face it.  But with his hair in the front almost touching the tip of his nose when combed straight I knew we had to get it done.  So, I made the appt for Saturday at 9:30 (not even thinking that this is in the middle of his morning nap)  But we made sure we brought suckers (yes, gasp, suckers! Bad Mom Alert!) & Twizzlers (yes, gasp again)  to make sure he would sit perfectly still so we wouldn't end up with a horrible cut. 

His Dad had him sit on his lap the whole time and he did great never crying or fussing once. I will sadly say there are parts that are uneven--the very front & one of his ears is cut out more than the other. (but don't tell anyone I hope they don't notice)  This did change his looks-drastically, I think.  He looks like such a big boy. Here are some pictures of the big day. He's still adorable. :)

The final result (they were looking in the mirror)
These are in no way editted--sorry I didn't have much time! :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

8 Months! (a day late)

weight: will update later (on our scale at home)
height: will post this later (done at home as well)
diaper size: 3
clothes: all 6-9
First time getting a sucker
First haircut
First Halloween (you were a octopus)
First time "real" crawling
First time pulling yourself up on things--you now do it on EVERYTHING
First time falling :( you have a bruise and bump right above your eye
First Snowfall

notice your bruise right about your eye...that's the very first--of many I'm sure :)

Random Facts
Mickey is still your favorite.
We took your paci away this month (a week before you turned 8 mths)
Strangers are always talking to you and asking if your always that good and happy
You have changed your wave from a full arm wave to just moving your fingers
You love to eat what we eat--your over formula and baby food
You are starting to like to watch Jake & the neverland pirates
When you are crying in the car we calm you down by putting your mickey c.d. in
You still love bath time
Grandma & Grandpa Rowe still can't go more than a couple days without seeing you--your their happiness I don't know what they would do without you.
the picture is blurry but you guys are looking in the mirror after your haircut
Maddux James... You are the light of our lives. No words can explain the love we have for you.  We would do anything (I'm sure you can tell) to make you smile. You are growing so fast and getting such a personality.  Our world revolves around you and always will. 
Momma & Daddy Love you

Monday, November 14, 2011

A quick update: bedtime, paci, etc.

I'm sure you have noticed that I was doing awesome on posts I mean for awhile I was scheduled out for over a week and now I've been absent.  So lets play a little catch up before I rush off to bed.

  • Bedtime-- This "was" is going awesome.  But then Maddux gets off schedule when he has a night away from home--which is fine because Grandma & Grandpa are amazing. & I have NO complaints when he is with them but when he is there he is rocked to sleep and has my mom in the same room as him and is picked up at every little fuss which is totally ok because she's grandma but at home he doesn't he is laid down awake and if he wakes up in the middle of the night he has to put himself back to sleep with no consoling (it sounds meaner than what it is...I promise)  So last night and tonight hasn't been the best bedtimes but it is what it is and it will go back to normal in the next day or two.
  • Paci- You guys read my concerns and what not with the whole paci attachment stuff and well the next day I decided to go cold turkey and let me tell you... it went AMAZING. He went down for both naps and bedtime with no fussy at all which was great he only cried in the car and I didn't cave.  Day # 2 was the night he spent with my parents and well that night he got it once he fell asleep which is fine and yesterday (day #3) he didn't have it at all but was super cranky and was not going to bed for us so we let him get up and at that time we contemplated giving him the paci well also during that time Maddux fell... he fell hard and hit his head... :( it was super sad and we gave him his paci to help sooth him and I was so upset from him falling I didn't want him to cry anymore that night that I put him to bed with it.  He didn't get it after that tho and has went all day without it.  He did cry himself to sleep at both naps and now for bedtime but he only cried for maybe 10 mins so it hasn't been to bad.  I'm so proud of him and us for letting this go so easy :)
  • Well like you just read Maddux had his first big spill he was standing next to the couch and I was holding onto him but he had turned himself around so I went to go switch the position of my hand and just as I let go he fell so fast and so hard it was horrible. I called the doc on call in his peds practice and asked if I needed to take him to the ER and stuff but he said no and to just go in and wake him up 4 hours after he falls asleep and to make sure the swelling goes down which he woke up fine for me and the swelling went way down overnight. He just has a bruise and small lump right above his eye now. 

Well guys that's your quick little update.  Hopefully I catch a break soon and can write some posts to keep up again.

Oh &&&
Hubs has 2 interviews this week
Both of them are with awesome companies in our community
He actually had one today (this one would be his 2nd choice & he will know if he is offered a job tomorrow)
& the 2nd one is on Thursday at 5
so please please please say some prayers for him...
I want baby #2 soon and that can only happen if he gets a new job ;)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

$$ Save Money $$

I have blogged about this before (here) but I feel the need to blog about it again...

Amazon Mom & Amazon Subscribe & Save

I have NEVER and will NEVER purchase diapers from the store... why you ask?
Because I would litterly just be throwing my money away.

I purchase 1 economy size box of diapers a month (size 2=246 diapers size 3=222 diapers)

I am paying A LOT less than what people are at the store. 

I went to Wal-mart and people are paying around $25 for a 120 pack of size 2 diapers seriously this amazes me... I am getting DOUBLE the diapers for only.... $33 dollars--you read that right only 8 more dollars than what someone buying there diapers at walmart are paying for theirs. 

So EVERYONE needs (that uses disposable diapers) needs to head on over to amazon & you need to become an amazon mom to get the full discount

but you also need to order them through subscribe and save program let me give you some more information on that.


*Cheaper products--added discount
*Most products come in bulk packages--so less hassle
*you can cancel your subscription at ANY time
*you can skip an order
*you can have your order come sooner than scheduled
*you can change your subscription at ANY time

Seriously guys just go check it out... I truly believe this is something everyone should do
Click on whatever brand you use and it will take you to the amazon page & you can get signed up & start saving your money! :)

I have also added these to my side bar to the right! :)
I really think this is important and just really want people to realize how much of a rip off buying diapers at wal-mart or target is...
UNLESS you can get your diapers for free which is possible with coupons and such but if you can't do that then I recommend heading on over to amazon and takin advantage of this deal

Oh & Don't forget about the deal I posted yesterday! $18 for 11 x 14 Canvas Print!! Just Click HERE!

** For some reason when I ordered another one this morning I only got $5 plum bucks so I ended up getting the deal for $23... still a awesome deal if ya ask me! :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things People Say...

I swear some people don't think before they speak.

First of all maybe I'm not right but you don't talk to strangers and you especially don't touch them. 

I'm  a friendly person but I don't just walk up to someone while they are eating dinner and talk to them when I have no clue who they are.

Well this past week a couple things have happened.

1- Maddux was called FAT... yes fat people not chubby not chunky just plain FAT.-- unacceptable I think so.


2. Maddux has been referred to as a girl on 2 different occasions.  A GIRL??

Let me elaborate on these subjects.

We were going out to dinner and my husband being the kind man that he is decides to hold the door for a family leaving the restaurant--mind you we live in Indiana so the weather was ridiculous but as this family is walking out this little girl makes the comment "awwww look at the baby he's so cute" & the mom instantly fires back..."Yeah a FAT baby" and she didn't even say this in a nice cheerful voice. No. She was snarky and rude about.  I instantly said as she walked away and her husband was thanking my husband for holding the door.  OH MY GOD did you seriously just hear what that lady just said? I'm like she just called him Fat.  My sweet 7 month old FAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? A baby is not fat--what is wrong with our society... if you can seriously look at a little baby that can't even walk yet and call them fat you seriously have problems and I feel very sorry for your kids. 
What upset me the most about this lady calling my child fat was the fact that she said it right in front of him and was rude.  I know Maddux doesn't understand what that mean lady said but it's just the fact that it's like really, you couldn't wait until you got to the car to say that? I mean it was just uncalled for... it took everything I had to just stay calm and not strangle this lady.

Now... on to the next issue.

Maddux looks like a girl... I think not.

This has been said on 2 different occasions both times by elderly people
the first time maddux had on jeans his purdue shirt and his cubs hat & the second time he had a gap onsie with old style cars all over it.  Neither outfits at all resembling something I would ever put a little girl in. 
I personally just feel like if you are unsure about what a baby is then just shut your mouth and don't say anything.  Tonight was the second time it happened and the old lady went out of her way to come over and comment on how it wasn't fair that we were making --"her it's a girl right?" uh no lady he's all boy--eat cheerios while we had wings. It's like really just really?  My husband was like Seriously he doesn't look anything like a girl... oh well I guess I would rather have him referred to as a girl than fat any day. 

But Moral of the story is....
& let me leave you all with a picture of my sweet healthy baby boy

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Growin' like a weed.

Where has the time gone?

3 days before I gave birth

In Labor...

right after birth

1 mth.

 2 mth.

3 mth.

4 mth.

5 mth.

6 mths.


Crazy Right? This just makes me so sad to know that he is getting so big...
He looks like a little toddler sitting on the potty waiting for his bath.

P.S. He is crawling--Has been for awhile now but he now "real" crawls not just army crawl unless he really wants something then he goes back to the army style because he can do that faster :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Make New Friends....

How do you do just that?
I mean seriously I'm just over this whole friend situation.
 I love my old high school friends but I just don't "connect" with them.  I mean they will always be my friends but until they are on the same chapter of life as me we will never "connect" like we used to ya know?
 I just struggle daily with not having anyone that is going through the same things as me so I have only my husband to talk to.
I do have a couple of mommy friends but I want best mommy friends ya know?
 I know friendship takes time butttt.... I want to just be able to text someone and tell them about my bad day or just swing on in for a playdate and likewise... I want to be able to gossip and just relax. I just want that best friend relationship with someone on the same level as me!

I feel like life just happens and all the sudden your stuck in the middle of it-- alone. 

I mean I have my husband and I have my mother and they are my true best friends but I just still feel like there is something missing. 

I need some friends.  Tell me where to find them or what I gotta do to get them because I miss having them! :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011 {mini photo dump--Our little Octopus}

I had searched all over the internet for Maddux's costume and I finally found it here! I changed it quite a bit but overall this is where the idea originated from....
I couldn't find cute socks anywhere so I decided to just tye dye is outfit. So that's what we did... I didn't do a hat though simply because Maddux hates beanies and constantly tries to pull them off whenever he has one on so we just skipped that.

Maddux is such a wiggle worm anymore and doesn't hardly sit for ANYTHING

Here's a few more pics from our 1st Halloween as a family of 3 :)

We just went to families houses since he cant walk or talk or eat candy we just thought it would be easier to go visit family :)

We had a great Halloween & hope you did too! :)
We love our little Octopus!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: New Pets

Maddux is the proud new owner of 4 goldfish.
He LOVES my grandparents fish tank (it's huge w. some really big fish in it)
He will sit and watch them forever so we decided about a month or 2 ago
that Maddux needed a fish tank

every morning I sit him right here in this position in front of the tank while I get his breakfast ready and such.

He will sit and watch them for quite awhile-- He bangs on the tank all the time :)
He Loves them! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: 6 Month Photo dump

These are Maddux's 6 month pictures taken by Tara.
She did such an awesome job... we seriously love them all! :)
{I didn't realize I didn't post these sooner...sorry!!}

My absolute hands down favorite!
He LOVES Mickey and this picture shows that.
it's soooo cute! :)

He looks like such a big boy here :)

amazing, right?!
I know! :)