Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Months!

weight: 17.5 lbs (according to our scale)
length: ??- need to do this.  
Diaper Size: 1-2
Clothes: 3 months some 3-6 & a couple 6 months.
{sadly this list is getting smaller & smaller}
time eating baby cereal & oatmeal--you didn't like it
time being babysat by anyone other than gma & gpa Rowe {Aunt Michaela watched you & so did great gma Rowe & your buddy-Hayden}
time rolling belly to back {at your 4 month check up}
first funeral & viewing
first play date with someone other than Everett (you played with Kennedy)
first time going to the nursery at church
first wedding
celebrated momma & daddy's first wedding anniversary

Random Facts
You only take your paci in the car and when you sleep
You still love Mickey & it's the most precious thing to watch your reaction to him
your personality is coming out more and more--your a pretty stubborn baby
Daddy can make you laugh really hard
He also can make you smile a lot.
You are a momma's boy most of the time
You would rather stand over sit
You are a pain to take shopping-- I guess that's ok since you are a boy.
You still LOVE the bath & swimming. :)
you love your blanket

Maddux with every new day you melt momma's heart! You mean the world to me & are such a blessing!! You make momma & daddy sooo happy & complete us! :)
We love you so much!
Happy 5 Months! :)

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