Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4 weeks--the good, the bad & the ugly

So... we have learnt soooo much in the past 4 weeks & Maddux is growing sooo fast I mean he's going to be a month old this week it's crazy!

The Good
Maddux has been growing like crazy since being on formula!
He is sleeping 6-8 hours at night
He is starting to coo
He smiles (sometimes it's on purpose-I think)
Wrigley & Addison absolutely love him
He loves taking baths-sometimes he even falls asleep during them
Sometimes he really enjoys his activity mat & other times he doesn't
He Loves to lay next to our fireplace with the heat coming out he would lay there forever

The Bad
Maddux is going through a fussy stage
@ night he will sometimes cry anywhere from a hour- 3 hours with nothing making him stop
He sometimes fights his naps
He is starting to spit up--not very much but at least once or twice a day
The only place I can get him to sleep at night is in our bed with me ( I am not a proud or believer in co-sleeping--there is nothing wrong with people that like this but I don't and can't wait to get him to sleep somewhere else)
He has Thrush-- its not to bad though

The Ugly
Last week we were on our way home and Maddux was screaming so Jayce pulled over & I realized he was pooping so I went to change him and I don't know why but I just had him in my lap well I had just pulled the diaper away and went to put the new one under him and right before I got it there he started to poop right there on my leg--yes my leg it was horrible & prolly one of the funniest things we have experienced to date!
We are peed on it seems like once a day but it is getting better! :)

If any of you have tips on having him sleep somewhere other than my bed I would love the advice because that is something that we really want to change and soon before it becomes a habit!


  1. my little guy slept in my bed too, i was so against it too but that is the only place he would.. you could try putting him in his crib for naps during the day and see if that helps.(if you dont already) my baby would sleep anywhere during naps so i hardly ever put him in his crib which i soon learned i should of cuz he probably would of started sleeping in it at night. i dont have a cradle, i TRIED to use a pack n play in my room but i soon learned my child will NEVER sleep in that. not even now.

  2. yeah we have tried his pack n play, his newborn napper on his pack n play a newborn sleeper his swing & his bouncer and it seems like he only sleeps in those for a hour and then he is up if he doesn't wake up as soon as you lie him down... I haven't tried his naps in his crib yet simply because here lately he has been so fussy that once he is asleep I am practically terrified to move! BUT he is getting much better besides the Thrush issue getting to him in the evenings I will have to try that tomorrow so at 8 weeks he wil sleep in there. Thanks for the advice! :)

  3. Rylin did the same thing and would not sleep longer than an hour anywhere but next to me and in my new mommy exhaustion i just went with it and am still going with it. We are planning to transition her to her crib next month! All i can say is keep trying, its exhausting but eventually something will work!
    p.s- i love the new blog header.