Friday, April 15, 2011

1 Month!

*1 Month*

weight: around 9.5 lbs (according to our scale)
length: 20 in.
diaper size: Newborn
Clothes: Carters Newborn is the only brand that actually fits him everything else is way to big on him

First outing: Starbucks
First time eatting out: Cracker Barrel w/ gma & gpa Rowe, uncles Justin Aunt Brianne & Marissa & Mommy & Daddy
First Walk
First trip to the Mall
First time being babysat by Gma & Gpa Rowe
First time being away from Mom & Dad for a whole night
First time going to the park
First time going to church
First sickness--Thrush
First Medicine--you hate it
First Smile (I think it was a real one)

Random Facts:
He takes a paci but isn't a lover of it. (hoping this doesn't change)
Loves the heat the fireplace puts off
The song "Mighty to Save" will make him stop crying & will put him to sleep
Rubbing his eyebrows and up & down on his nose also puts him to sleep
Won't sleep anywhere but in his Mom & Dads bed--this will change soon momma is determined
Sometimes you cry because you are tired being held and you just want to be left alone
You have your mom & dad wrapped around your finger
Gma & Gpa Rowe have only been away from you 2 days since you were born-they didn't like those days
You are the light of mom, dad, gma & gpas life.
You LOVE bathtime & sometimes fall asleep in the tub
You make funny faces when you poop and sometimes mom records these faces

Funny Tidbit
When you were like 3 weeks old you pooped on your mommas leg one day it was in daddy's truck and you made daddy gag from the smell & you mad both mommy & daddy cry from laughing so hard!
Thank you for that.

Thank you for being perfect. absolutely perfect. You are your mommas greatest accomplishment. 
I thank God everyday for you.
Happy 1 Month Birthday Baby!!
Mom & Dad Love you sooo much!


  1. Happy 1 Month birthday baby Maddux!!! You are such a handsome boy!!!

  2. hes the perfect combo of you two! adorable!

  3. I can't believe he still fits in Carter's newborn size, Andrew can't wear them anymore! He can still wear other brand newborn size but definitely not Carters. Also, I finally accepted and reposted the blog award :-) Thanks so much!!

  4. Happy 1 month Maddux. Grandma and Grandpa love you very much. I still can't believe you are one month old. That four weeks went fast. Ashlee keep up the awesome job you are a wonderful mom.