Monday, May 16, 2011

2 Months!

Yes my little baby Maddux is now 2 months old! Time is already flying by but, I’m loving all the new things he is doing! :)


weight: 11 lbs. 12 oz (50%)

length: 21 3/4 in. (10%)

diaper size: 1

Clothes: Some Newborn & Some 0-3 months


First time going to watch your cousins play baseball

First Holiday: Easter

Celebrated Momma’s first Mother’s Day

First time watching Daddy play softball

First Nap in your crib

First cold

First Giggle

First time rolling from your back to side (only did it once & I don’t think you were really trying to it just sorta happened)

First time going to Cebolla’s (Momma & Daddy’s favorite place)

First Cubs Jersey (purchased)

First time having your best friend, Everett, over to our house for a play date

First nap in your pack-n-play

First time meeting your birthday buddy (Shannon—Momma’s cousin)

Random Facts

You aren’t a morning person… you like to get up move to the couch & go back to sleep

You Love to watch basketball on T.V.

You still love the song Mighty to Save but you also love Time After Time sung by Javier Colon

You still sleep thru the night! (Momma loves this)

Everyday around 1-2 you get really happy & smiley for about an hour then your ready for a nap

You really don’t seem to like to go watch your dad, uncle or cousins play baseball/softball

You hate the sun

You are beginning to love your swing! (FINALLY)

You still aren’t a lover of your paci but will take it if your upset

You spent the night with Gma & Gpa Rowe twice this month

You are starting to like your activity mat as well

Still love bath time & still will take naps sometimes in it


Funny Tidbit:

Well this month we were at gma & gpa Rowes house and gma was holding you and you were pooping she held you awhile longer than laid you on your blanket so Momma thought it was safe to change you so I started changing you talking about how you showered me with pee the day before and just as I was putting the new diaper under you… you started to pee so your momma being the genius that she is I take that diaper and cover your pee with it so she doesn’t get another shower leaving you bare bottomed on your blanket well mid pee you decided to start to poop again… so you pooped all over your blanket it was awful but gma gpa & daddy thought you were a riot! :) Momma was freakin because it was her favorite blanket (Thank God for Grandma—she’s a laundry God :) –seriously she is)

This past month has been a blast Maddux. Your personality is starting to shine more & more everyday.  Your Momma & Daddy Love you more than words can say & seeing you smile makes our lives worth while.  You are so perfect & such a wonderful blessing!

Momma Loves you!

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  1. The picture with the 2 is just waaaay too cute!