Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Bedroom {Home Tour Link-Up}


So… I’m linking up with The Bargain Blonde on her Home Tour Link Up!! :)


This week—Our Bedroom! :)

Ok let me just start by saying that you are about to see where my sweet baby Maddog was made. Yes, this is where he was conceived. Enjoy this Tour. :)

As you know we’ve transitioned Maddux to his crib for the most part so we just rearranged our room back to our bed hogging way. We also did some spring cleaning so… here it is. :)


The View from the door


This is the other side view… our room is kinda boring. :)


The other side of the room.


with all my wonderful comments! :)


Jayce’s Closet that I made him clean last week on his vacation… notice the clothes already on the floor (I think he is giving away more of his clothes than what he kept!)


My Closet… Perfect organized (except the top its really hard for me to reach so I just have to throw everything up there)  The bag at the bottom is full of clothes I’m giving away & the bra is from today. I have it perfectly organized though… t shirts,dresses,tank tops. I love summertime!

So that my friends is the magic room.  Go on over & Link Up! :)

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  1. OK I freaking love the color of your walls and I LOVEEEEE the his and hers signs above the closet!!! So excited you linked up, cute room!!!!