Saturday, May 7, 2011

Videos of the little guy & Mothers Day Present

ok so… first of all I’ll talk about Mothers Day… So long story short My Hubby didn’t listen to my clues on what I  really wanted & he was lazy about ordering what I really wanted so… when he said that him & Maddux needed to go shopping I knew they would be going to the jewelry store & well I don’t want just any old mom necklace I wanted the necklace that I showed him & saved to my favorites under What I want for Mothers Day (you think that would be a big enough clue for him… Nope.  Heck, I may sound a little ungrateful here but I really just wanted the necklace I saved under my favorites so yesterday I made him order it for me instead of going shopping and getting something I wouldn’t really like. So, here’s a picture of what I will be getting in 2-3 weeks. Looks like I’m making jayce take me to dinner whenever it comes in too… we will be having a mothers day do over :) even though I’m sure Sunday will be perfect even if I don’t get to unwrap the perfect gift… I have the best present of all Maddux :)

il_570xN_232001422of course it will say Maddux & 03.15.11—Pretty adorable huh? He ordered it from this amazing etsy shop  Head on over and check her stuff out… the prices are crazy reasonable & everything is super cute.

Then for my mom we got…

 il_fullxfull_233160227It will have Maddux & my niece Marissa’s birthstone on it…. (I just found this yesterday when I was looking at mine so… my momma’s gift won’t be here on Mothers Day either) Her necklace is from this etsy shop.

Now what you guys really came here to look at… that super cute little boy! :)

This video is pretty boring but he really is that good in the bath… this is when I’m able to brush my teeth get my make up on get dressed and stuff if he’s not in the tub he normally won’t let me do much! :)


He was so sweet here… He has been such a happy baby lately it’s been great! :)

This video cracks me up… Can you guess what he is doing?? :) Yes, he was pooping But he was just so funny I had to record! :)

Hahah… Maddux has the hiccups here but he was holding his own head up well trying to… you’ll see. :)

Hope you guys enjoy the videos & Have a wonderful Saturday!! :)

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