Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The journey so far...

being a parent has already proven to be the most amazing, scary, rewarding & hardest thing I have ever done.  I love every minute of having Maddux here but Oh My Gosh--Nothing prepares you for this adventure. Everyday you are learning on how to be a mom.  The feeling you have toward your child is unreal and unexplainable.  I thank God everyday for this blessing he has gave to Jayce & I.  We have both been blown away at our experience as parents so far we never thought it would or could be this awesome yet this hard.  I'm not complaining and when I say hard its not saying I have a bad baby or that I can't handle being a mom.  What I am saying is... that it is hard to get up multiple times a night, it's hard when he starts to cry and you don't know why, it is hard to watch him get poked to get his blood drawn, it's hard to know what is the right thing for your family, it's hard to leave him to run an errand, it's hard to have time for yourself, it's hard to keep a clean house, it's hard to adjust to this new life.  But no matter how hard it is at times it is completely worth it.  I have never been so happy in my life as I when I am able to sit on my couch with the man I love and the miracle we made in my arms.  Parenting is a gift and I am so blessed. 

Now that Maddux is 2 weeks old...
Jayce is back to work.
 -Today is officially our first day without him here but my 2nd night of doing everything myself and letting Jayce just sleep so far so good! :)
He eats about ever 3-4 hours around 3 oz at each feeding.
-This is a perfect schedule for us so far.  Ever since he's been on formula he is much more content.
He's more alert
-loves to just look at things He is awake a lot more this week
He has reasons for crying.
-He really only cries if he is hungry or trying to poop.
We have learnt he doesn't burp-often.
-We try to burp him during his feedings but its not common to get a burp from him then rather you have to wait about a hour or 2 and he will get fussy and you know he needs to burp at that point. 
He is FINALLY fitting into his newborn clothes.
-sadly he has only been able to wear about 4 of his outfits and we had to go out and buy a few more because only carters newborn outfits fit him the onsies were still big on him but he is starting to fit into them better and better.
He loves car rides
-as soon as he is in his car seat he is usually out.

Yesterday was his 2 week check up.
He is now...
weighing 7lbs 13 oz. (25%)
measuring 20 in. long (25%)

Doc said everything looks good and that he is gaining weight perfectly now! :)


  1. he is so adorable! the first few months is always the hardest and the biggest adjustment. believe it or not it does get easier to wake up a million times a night and to get things done around the house but it takes time so just enjoy soaking in your beautiful baby boy the rest will fall into place!!!

  2. I love to read your blog because you are so honest and real about everything. I think you are an amazing Mom. You and Jayce are going to be great parents. House work will always be there so just enjoy our little Maddux. I love you guys forever and ever.

  3. Thanks everyone!!

    @ Etosia--Thank you especially for all the wonderful advice & encouragement it really means a lot!! :)