Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Tour: Living Room.

This week we are showcasing our Living Rooms!… So here take a look at where Maddux & I spend the majority of our days! && Then head on over & Link Up!

living room3

this is all the views of my living room!


The awesome present is a block that has ALL of his information wrote out on the sides including where he was born & his parents names etc.  It really is our favorite thing. It’s just so personal :)



like the pictures say both of our tables were made by my dad… I love being able to display pictures in them.


we have maddux’s pack-n-play in here right now just for the changing table part & the bags are both of his that we take with us when we go places & that is where is car seat sits the majority of the time unless someone is coming over & yes he is asleep in the car seat when I took this picture he needed the nap & I was not going to wake him! :)


the “entry way”  & the couch I can’t wait to get rid of!



One of my favorite things in my house!


my favorite wall in my whole house! :)

a lot these items were wedding gifts…

So.. there you guys have it hope you enjoyed the peak into my living room! :)


  1. Blogger has been horrible so I don't think I've been able to comment on your posts! Anyway, I LOVE your big W ... where did you get it????? Love the idea of putting your baby's bday on the wall too. Thanks for linking upppp!!!!

  2. CUTE BLOG! I am following over from BARGAIN BLONDE. I love your wall color and the wall collage.

  3. Thanks Girls! I love this link up by the way I got the W at Jo anns then I painted it black! :)

  4. Im so going to JoAnns and purchasing a big "B" i love the idea.

    And that little quote "Loved you once, love you still always have always will," think i may use that somewhere too!

    such a cute living room

    [sweet life of a southern wife]