Wednesday, September 21, 2011

6 Months! (only a week late)

weight: 18 lbs 7 oz
height: 26  1/4 in.
diapers: size 2
clothes: 3-6 pants 6-9 shirts (a lil big) & still 3 month carters

First time eating baby food
First time rolling back to belly
Celebrated Daddy's birthday.
First time being babysat by Grandma Bastin
First time trying real people food other than icecream :)
First time sitting up unassisted--you never did the whole tripod thing

First official ear infection

Random Facts
**You got dedicated this month--Momma & Daddy were so proud and are looking forward to raising you in the church. :)**
You are getting better at sleeping--most days
You love your carseat toys
You are still a Mickey addict
You love your jumper
You smile constantly
You aren't that happy when you try new foods
You love love love swinging
You are starting to notice the wrigley & addison--they make you smile
You still act like your teething and you have a couple lumps in there but nothing popping up yet.
You have done awesome in the church nursery
Maddux James we can't believe that you are 1/2 way to being a year old--It's been a fun ride so far we look forward to the little boy you are turning into.  We love you so much. :)
Love, Momma & Daddy.

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