Thursday, September 15, 2011

Momma gets baptized. :)

A couple weeks ago our church had a HUGE outdoor service in celebration of our Acts 4 initiative

Our church wanted us to sell unused items around our house to raise money like the old church.

And the amount we raised was revealed at this service along with baptisms in our pond.

We had a total of 64 people signed up for baptisms & a goal of 10,000 dollars for our Acts 4 initiative offering.(The money raised was to go to our Community Care Fund)

Well the day came & it was beyond gorgeous outside--I was overwhelmed with emotions... I was excited, nervous, calm, happy, anxious, etc.

The service was wonderful & heart warming.  It was amazing to praise God outside with my church family & really be able to be in awe of all his makings. 

The day ended with the baptisms-- like I said 64 people had signed up to get baptized and after all of them were baptized they opened it up to people that were their and felt that God wanted them to get baptized. 

& I'm proud to annouce that...

101 people got baptized!!

that shows just how amazing God is. 

The total raised was annouced at the very end of the service & that total came to...


This is HUGE we surpassed our Goal that was set & some! :)

In addition to all of that over 1,500 people were in attendence that day! :)

Here are some pictures from that day! :)
don't mind my face here... obviously the sun was in my eyes
This is Laura we have been friends since 6th grade & she got baptized with me!

getting baptized.
after getting baptized

a view of the baptisms

during our worship.

again all of the people. :)

This was a GREAT day!

God is Good!

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