Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Pupps (Pruritic Uticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy)
Lucky me-- I have been diagnosed with this wonderful rash. Let me give you the low down of what I have been through the past week & then I'll let ya know exactly what Pupps is.

Over the past week I have been developing a rash.  At first my stretch marks just itched(all last week) , then i got small bumps on my arm(Friday), then I got small bumps on my stomach(Saturday), then I got the same bumps on my legs & a bright red patch formed just above my belly button(Sunday).  I have never itched so bad in my life.  It was so bad at times I would just want to cry because NOTHING was helping relieve the itch.  I had a ton of little bumps covering my arms, top of my legs & my stomach I knew I needed to go to the doctors & figure out what was causing this rash.  I was concerned because one of the kids that go to the Y was sent home on Thursday last week so I was worried that I had gotten whatever he had. 
So, I don't have a Family physician so I tried to find one yesterday morning but no one was able to get me in and I knew I couldn't go another day itching the way I had for a week.  So, I went to an after hour clinic that one of the local hospitals sponsors.  I went and was seen she said she thought I just had dry skin-- she told me I probably thought she was crazy & she was right.  I thought she was just plain stupid I did NOT have dry skin I was really upset because I just knew this wasn't because of dry skin.  She also said that I needed to make sure I told my OBGYN at my appt (next Monday) & that sometimes rashes can mean more serious things in pregnant women.  Since I knew this doctor was wrong I called my OBGYN this morning and told them about the rash & scheduled a appt I went in and they looked at it and instantly diagnosed me with PUPPS.  This is a rash that some women get while pregnant.  They don't know the cause of and there is nothing that makes it go away.  I was totally excited until she told me that it has to go away on its own. She did write me a prescription for a menthol steroid cream that should help & make me more comfortable.  I'm super excited to have some relief! I'm also super excited to know what is going on.  Most women get PUPPS around 35 weeks--lucky me I got at 29 weeks... PUPPs normally goes away 1-2 weeks after delivery. 
If you happen to look up more info on PUPPs when you seem the pictures of this rash please note that I DO NOT have it as severe as what all the pictures I have seen (Thank the Lord) I only have a bright red patch that is about a 2 inch circle right above my belly button and the rest of my body just has raised bumps all over it. So don't be too alarmed! :)

Hoping the next TEN weeks go super fast or that this rash disappears SOON!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

(day 8 is up on the challenge page)

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  1. Your little guy will be worth all that itching and scratching. But I hope the lotion helps you alot.Love you forever mom