Saturday, January 8, 2011

29 weeks!!

So this week has been pretty boring! I am enjoying staying home more and more!! I love the January challenge also.  The first week went awesome!! I use to ALWAYS be on the go. I never spent time at home I would really only be there to sleep but not anymore I hardly leave.  This past challenge week (Mon-Thurs) I only left my house 4 times and 1 of those times was to go to work the other 3 was to run to the store to pick up movies, return movies, grab reeses or grab something we needed for dinner the next day which was maybe a total of an hour all together.  I had a couple of rough days this week just mood wise-- I have been very hormonal! I'm hoping this coming week will be beter-- considering I start SCHOOL yes school I am going back to college this semester.  I think I'm crazy for trying to do this but I am only going part time (6 credit hours-2 classes) both classes are online so I'm hoping to be able to work ahead so I will be able to take a week off when baby decides to arrive. If I'm not ahead Jayce has said that he will try to help any way he can even if that means he does my classwork that week. Well I'm all out of thoughts for this week so onto this weeks survey! :)

How far along?  29 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  a little over 20 lbs.

Food cravings:  reese's

Best moment this week: everytime baby gets the hiccups :)

Gender:  Boy.

Stretchies:  no new ones but having some "issues" with the few I do have they are itching like crazy I contacted my doc office they said to keep an eye on them I can't wait till my appt so they can look at them and make sure they are normal!!--I'm seriously going nuts over this!

What I miss:  nothing this week.

What I am looking forward to: only a week till my appt! :)

Symptoms: most pregnancy symptoms I am currently experiencing.

Belly Button in or out?  still in. going through an awkard stage right now.

Movement: lots of it. :) :)

Sleep:  content.

Milestones: We are all signed up for birthing classes & breastfeeding classes + I got my first breastfeeding book in the mail!! :)

Emotions:  they are a little more crazyyy. :(


  1. You will enjoy the classes and being at home. Love you forever

  2. i just started reading your blog. congrats on the baby on the way!! baby boys are the best!!

  3. Thanks for following!! We are looking forward to the adventure!! :)