Monday, January 3, 2011

A pretty random post-- fave xmas gifts & bump pic.

I know this is a little late... so is the bump picture!! Sorry!!
28 weeks

Baby Wilcox was spoiled!!--these are some of his presents he got for Christmas!!
My new bakers rack-- I have very limited counter space so it is awesome to have somewhere else to store my microwave!!
My Mixer-- I was excited about this I don't do much baking but I felt that I had to have a Stand alone mixer :)
My favorite Kitchen decor I now have-- I love this little guy & I love the small chalkboard!!
I didn't actually have someone buy this for me... I had a ton of gift cards to Target & planned on getting a ottoman to store some baby stuff in but then when I went to purchase it I found this 50% off!!! I got this for only 100 bucks!! I was so excited about it!!
We got the mount for our TV so We could get rid of our bulky stand-- Our living room feels huge with it on the wall!!
This is one of our walls in the living room still need to get something for the lower shelf but I've been working on this for awhile--thank god for a day I spent nesting :)

Sorry about the random post I just wanted to put these up here and have forgotten too! :)


  1. Thanks! I don't feel like it anymore but Thank You!! :)

  2. i like that chalk board thingy-ma-jigger! you can let the hubby know what you're gonna cook next aprt of your CHALLENGE!! :) **follow me if you want** l0l.