Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I totally have been in the dumps the past couple of weeks.  So many things have contributed to this crappy mood.  I feel bad for the people who have had to be around me.  Trust me, I have been no fun & a ticking time bomb.  At times I've been telling myself that it's the hormones but I dont believe myself when I say it.  My last day of work is tomorrow & I totally feel like me being considered "unemployed" with no baby at home is going to make this situation worse.  School is already stressing me out even though we are only into week 2.  I feel like I need a fresh start with life but I also think it's crazy that I can feel like that with the amazing little guy growing inside me.  I mean really how can a woman with a great marriage & a healthy little guy in her belly be sad.  I know everything will be ok but I need that to be right now. I need to not force a smile to spread across my face. I know times like these come and go in everyones life but I feel like this is the most inconvienant time in mine.  This weather isn't helping anything either... I need some sunshine! I'm sorry for going on this small rant.  I hope that something wonderful happens soon. Next Thursday will be wonderful-- Our second 3d ultrasound is then!  Also, I want to update you guys on my pupps situation it is practically gone.  I no longer have any "rash" anywhere on my body.  I now just have some dry skin on my stomach.  The cream that I was given even is cleary my stretch marks up & making them a little less noticable. Those are about the only positive things going on lately.  Even though Jayce is still the amazing super husband that he has always been.  He puts up with the good the bad & the ugly.  He reminds me that everything will be ok & he even puts a smile on my face multiple times a day.  He may add fuel to my fire some days but no matter what I thank God everyday for putting him in my life.  He is the BEST husband a woman could ask for & he will be the BEST dad a child could have.  Can't forget to thank my momma for being my backbone lately.  She is always there to pick me up when I feel like I'm falling.  She not only tells me everything will be ok but she always makes everything ok.  She has always put myself & my brother before anything else & without her we would be lost.  I am so thankful for not only Jayce & my mom but also my amazing family.  Just adding this little tidbit to this post has reminded me that I am lucky, I do live a good life & things could always be worse-- but no matter what everything WILL be ok because I have famILY. 

I found this today & had to include it in my post.  Sorry again for the lack of posts lately--when I get back to "me" I promise to get back to the normal--not so boring post.

I hope everyone is have a great week!

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  1. Thank you Ash you just made my day. I love you forever and ever. Everything really will be ok I promise and you know that I would do anything for you so cheer up. You always have a way of making my day because you never have a mean thing to say. Thanks again and I love you forever and ever Mom