Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time to see the little one!!

So I of course have to work again today but then we will be going to see our little one!! This is our last 3D ultrasound :( breaks my heart to know I don't get to see this little guy for 8 more weeks! I love getting to see him and she said at our last ultrasound that he would look completely different because he will have developed that much more! I just can't wait she said those little chubby cheeks of his would be even bigger this week-- I can't imagine them being bigger!! :) I will post part of his video & some of the pictures we get later tonight or tomorrow!!

After the ultrasound we will be spending the evening at the hospital again.  Grandpa seems to take one step forward going home and then gets 2 set backs.  It's been really hard to watch all this happen this week! Everyone in my family has came together... we all spend our evenings up there so we have been together all week.  My aunts and grandma were even able to feel the baby have the hiccups! That has been fun! We are just ready for him to come home... He was suppose to come home today but it looks more like tomorrow or the next day.  They have figured out what is wrong but can't seem to get the infection under control and they need to have the infection under control or even better gone before they do surgery on the problem. So we are still taking all the prayers for him!

Other news... I am getting a cold! Jayce just got over having a cold so of course I would get it or all the little germs I take care of at work have got me sick! :) Things are also starting to look up for me I'm not so "down" Yay!! :)

Well I will post more later I'll do my 32 week survey & add the pics & video of the little one!!
Have a great Thursday Everyone!! Only one day left of the work week!!!

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