Monday, March 14, 2011

Huge Update!! 39 weeks!-Induction!

So... I know I've been a bad blogger over the weekend but I was actually pretty busy!!
Friday we got our lovely tax check so we went and got a few last minute things for Maddux--even though I still feel like I need some more stuff... we also purchased our new couch then Hubs had to work so I did some homework & looked for some new blogs to follow!

Saturday we had a 6 hour church seminar "The Case for Christianity" It was a long day and I was swelled up like crazy (worse than ever before) then after the seminar we got together with my friends went out to dinner then back to our place to play Quelf-- it was so much fun to get together with all my friends one last time before the baby would be coming!

Sunday we had church then we went to lunch with my parents and to pick up the couch then we just relaxed for a couple hours before we went to our Financial Peace University Class--it was on Debt Dumping (great class) then we did our usual dinner and starbucks with my fam!

Overall, we had a GREAT weekend!! Now onto the good stuff!!

So Saturday & Sunday my feet and ankles were HUGE-- like scary big to the point I called L & D to see what I needed to do because they hurt they were so swollen & what not! They told me to try a nice warm bath and just to elevate them like always so thats what I did it didn't help much but I knew I had an appt today so I wasn't overly concerned about it....
So we go to our appt I was still pretty swollen but not to bad actually and we get there and I get weighed and I had gained another 7 lbs in one week my blood pressure was high and I again had protein in my urine so when the doc came in he said that he wanted to have the baby come sometime this week-- I was relieved hearing this after hearing about all the signs of preeclampsia were back I would just rather be safe than sorry and evict the little guy before something got worse!
Dr. said he would be right back so he left while Jayce and I sat and discussed how we couldn't believe that we would be coming back sometime this week to have a baby unreal to finally be at this point
So the Dr comes back in and says he wants us to come back to the hospital at 7 pm TONIGHT! I couldn't believe I thought he would want to see us in a couple days but nope he wanted us here tonight so...
here we are
In Labor & Delivery
We have been here for a hour and a half
We just got something inserted to ripen my cervix
We will switch to something else tomorrow morning around 7--either pitocin or just something else to help put me in "active labor"
We will for sure have a baby in 24-36 hours!! I'm hoping for more of 24 or less but you never know this could be a slow process!
The baby is doing great right now his heart rate is around 135
So we are doing good!
I'm still only 1cm dialated & I am 70% effaced!
I'm hoping to post tomorrow with a little more info for you guys!
Can't believe today is here and he will be here soooo soon!!

gotta love hospital gowns!


  1. congrats ash, i can't believe we both will soon have babies!

    you will be the best mom!

  2. I love you Ashlee forever. I am so excited. I feel like a little kid on Christmas eve knowing I have to go to bed so Santa can come but not being able to fall asleep. Love Mom

  3. how exciting! i am anxious to hear more!!

  4. Yay!!! I hope all goes well! I can't wait to see pics of baby Maddux!!!

  5. Congrats! I pray your labor went well and everyone is healthy! It is amazing to finally have that sweet one in your arms!

  6. Oh my goodness! How exciting... I'm sending positive vibes your way!

    ps.. I also am passing along an award to you! =)

  7. Thank you girls sooo much!!
    He is perfect!!
    L & D went great!! :)