Sunday, March 6, 2011

37 weeks!

So... we are full term this week & baby can come whenever he wants!! We are wanting it sooner than later obviously but... I can't complain to much about how miserable I am.  I have my good days & I have my bad days but overall I still love being pregnant & I'm already excited to have Baby # 2!! Maybe I'm crazy since I haven't even got the first one out but I just can't wait for the excitement of all this again! :)

How far along? 37 weeks
Baby’s Size: He is a lil over 7 lbs & is around 19-20 in. long
Total Weight Gain: Well I'm still gaining weight rapidly here of late... the past 3 weeks I've gained 5lbs a week & this week has been no exception-- I'm sadly 40+ lbs. :( {but like I said I've gained 15 lbs in the past 3 weeks alone}
Maternity Clothes: that's about all i can wear anymore unless it looks way to small
Gender: boy allllll boy.
Movement: some days lots other hardly any!
Sleep: I sleep ok but my body aches miserably when I wake up.
Symptoms: back pain, swelling, rapid weight gain, headaches
Best Moments this week: getting checked again and we are now 1 cm & still 50% effaced!--making progress also I got an AWESOME deal at babies r us!! :)
Food Cravings: wings from a local bar--they are delish!
What I miss: my old body.
What I am Looking forward to: doc appt this week & the little ones arrival!
Milestones: We are considered full term!! :)

I got this high chair for 42 dollars!! I got it from babies r us & it was orignally 100.00 marked down to 79.99 then again to 60.09 and then 30% off  that for a grand total of 42 dollars... Amazing I know!!  We weren't going to buy a high chair until we really needed one because we didn't know what we wanted or anything but when I saw the deal on this I just had to buy it! So, now we have one & got it for a steal! :) We love good deals!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week...
tomorrow we will be 38 weeks can't wait!! :)


  1. I so hope it is this week that we get to meet are little man. I love you forever and ever Ash.

  2. you look great! hope you are feeling good. i was miserable around 37/38 weeks but as soon as 39 weeks came, i feel like i got my second wind. can't wait to meet your little man

    xo monica