Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No News!

So yesterday I had my 38 week doc appt & this post is going to short & boring just like my doctors appt was... sadly!

Well my blood pressure was good! No protien in my urine this week! I'm still gaining weight rapidly & some days is worse than others but that is because of me retaining water...

He checked me again and I'm still at 1 cm & 50% effaced!-- I was pretty bummed about this considering I walked 2 miles yesterday trying to get this baby to progress some more!!

There are moments when I want him here NOW and others where I'm content with having him inside me... I personally have always thought that he is going to come on the 17th Hubs thinks the 14th... I am starting to think that he is actually going to wait though and come Late... I will be a nervous wreck if he decides to come late... I've already had this convo with my doc I have heard to many horror stories about the baby being completely healthy at the 40 week appt then something bad happening between that appt and them giving birth so I've already told him I don't want to wait a whole week to be induced--so we will talk more about this if we make it to my 40 week appt! 

I have officially switched to him as my doctor!! I seriously love this guy =) He makes me feel like everything is going just fine and that I'm doing great and that he actually cares about his patients! My other doc just wasn't like this I felt like she treated me and every other patient of hers as the same... so I now get to call him my doc & I couldn't be happier with that decision!!

38 weeks.


  1. I am glad that you switched to him I think he is great.

  2. I had Rylin at 38 weeks! I think it was due to my tooth being pulled 13 hours before my water broke/ and or the massive amount of vacuuming I did the day before as well (our vacuum is hard to push and a lot of work!)
    I loved my Dr. up until my water broke! When I called him at 2 am to tell him I asked him if I had time for a shower and he YELLED at me "IDK I'm not there I'm at home in my bed!" I was soooo upset! Lucky for him he wasn't on call that day and his partner ended up delivering Rylin and he was AMAZING! He will defiantly be delivering the rest of my future babies!!!