Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pause Button? Please.

Life is seriously going by so fast. 
I'm losing my breath just thinking about it. 
seriously one day starts and another one ends.

I need a break.
plain and simple.

I feel like I'm missing my little guy grow up &
I'm spending every waking minute with him-- how is this possible?

This week has been so crazy busy. I'm about to lose it.

I want a week of NOTHING && that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

but I promise promise I have tons on my mind to blog about...
so here in the next week you will see some big some little some important some stupid posts but hey a post is a post and that's all you guys want right? :)

You'll get to hear me ramble on about...
my hair.
my friends--or lack of.
my family--especially maddux's grandparents.
my future as a stay at home mom.
& of course
my one and only Maddux.
oh & a update on how Madduxs bedtime and sleep is going...

so for now I'll leave you with a...
I'm sorry.
I'm a bad blogger.
but life can't revolve around my blog--it has to revovle around the ones I love.
this past week a friend of mine, her dad passed away so I have been busy with that. 
so until next time
Everyone have a wonderful weekend & I'll be back soon.

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