Monday, July 25, 2011

4 Months!-- A week or 2 late :)

weight: 15 lbs. 14 oz.
length: 25 in.
Diaper Size: 1-2
Clothes: 0-3 some 3-6

First real laugh
First time being in a car accident
First company picnic w. the fam--Walmart D.C. @ the Fort Wayne Zoo
First time riding in your new big boy carseat
First time sitting in the cart
First time swimming in a real pool
First time swinging in a swing at the park
First time finger painting
First Father's Day (you & daddy now have matching shirts :)
First time celebrating 4th of July

Random Facts
you are still a very happy baby
you are beging to recognize that your bottle means its time to eat
you are trying so hard to roll over but just won't yet
you talk (babble) all the time
you make momma and daddy play your mickey c.d. in the car where ever you go
you do not like your new carseat
you still only stay with gma & gpa Rowe
you love your buddy Hayden (momma's cousin)--if he is in the room you will only pay attention to him
you love love love great great grandma & grandpas fish tank
we toured the nursery at church preparing for you to go there next month!
you are still a momma's boy (thats ok because I love it)
Maddux I love you more and more everyday.  You are my world.  Momma & Daddy are beyond blessed because we have you.  Your smile & giggle make absolutely nothing else matter. 
We love you forever & always.
Happy 4 Months! :)

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  1. aw he's so cute!!

    jenna duty