Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today is just another day I am down on my knees thanking God for everything he has blessed me with-- mainly my healthy happy baby. 

Today I had a horrible thing happen & hopefully the first & last time this has ever happened.

Today I got in an accident with Maddux in the car.  It was a minor accident but minor or not it still scared all of us.

This surprisingly in no way at all my fault.

A older lady was driving & just blew a stop sign she tried to stop wayyyy to late  I saw her & thought wow she is going really fast to stop at the stop sign & before I could do anything but slam on my breaks & try to turn out of the way she had hit me. 

As soon as I stopped I jumped out of my car and rushed to my screaming baby in the back seat--
Thankfully he was fine I think the sharp turn & the collision of our car just scared him.  & as soon as I picked him up he stopped crying.

Thank Goodness she only hit my passenger door & front passenger tire.-- If I wouldn't have tried turning out of the way she would have completely t-boned me!

My Mom was with me as well & she was just fine too. 

The lady that was driving the other car said she simply wasn't paying attention she was turned talking to her mother & just spaced it. 

They think she broke the tire rod & there was a bunch of fluid leaking so they don't know where that was coming from  but hopefully no where to serious. 

This is the first accident I've ever been in && I'm hoping this was the last because wow... it was terrifying I can't imagine getting into a serious accident. 

Definitely saying some extra I love yous today. 


  1. I'm SO GLAD you guys are ok! How scary!!! Ugh, that is the absolute worst. Some guy backed into my car while we were sitting in the parking lot, and that was scary {he just cracked my bumper and scared the crap out of me, Nolan was also fine}.

    I hate how out of control you are of anything that happens when driving {save for your own actions} :(

  2. SO scary i am so glad you guys are okay! by the way i was going to add you on facebook but then i chickened out haha.. i didn't want you to think i was a total weirdo lol