Monday, July 18, 2011

I’m back!! :)


I went missing. It was a somewhat spur of the moment unplanned hiatus from the bloggy world.  Not only did I not post on my blog but I only got on one time to read some of my faves.  The Hubs had the past week off work because he went from doing his second shift weekend (fill in job) back to his normal hours first shift weekdays, finally.  This meant that we got to spend lots of time with him which was awesome because we weren’t seeing him much at all mainly like 1-2 hours on the weekends no fun :(  I feel horrible though because I missed Maddux’s 4 month post—I started it but haven’t finished it yet.  So,the week was spent mostly at the ballpark—our nephew made all-stars & he had a game wednesday, thursday, double header friday & saturday and we try to make it to any that we can and we happened to go to allllll of them.  I got some sun Saturday so that was good.  :)  we also had a cookout with some family, we went to the park, we took his niece and nephew and Maddux of course to the Zoo—that is were Jayce’s family picnic for work was held so we got in for free & got a lot of free ride passes.  The kids really enjoyed it & Maddux was awake for practically the whole thing he only slept for about 10 minutes right before we left.

&& the most important thing we did while I was away was celebrate Maddux’s 4 month birthday!! :) 

Below are a few picture of what we did. 



-Maddux fell asleep while letting me hold him—this doesn’t happen often anymore.

-at the park! :)

-Our niece and nephew at the zoo.

-bad parenting moment ;) Me to the hubs—Did you grab the diaper bag? Him to me—No, did you?  Me—No.  We return him & there it sits in our driveway… I’m the one that sat it there… Jayce was putting Maddux in the car and was in the way of me sitting it in the backseat so I sat it directly behind him & told him to put it in the car he obviously didn’t and this is where it stayed while we were gone for probably 3-4 hours! Luckily I keep a thing of diapers in the car in case of emergencies (like this) & we had our bottle bag with us :)

-Maddux at his 4 month check up.

-Daddy & Maddux at the check up.

-our toilet broke—luckily it was an easy fix. :)


So… I’m sorry for not letting you guys know what was going on but there you have it I had a great week & weekend… & now that the Hubs is back to work I will be back to blogging during naptimes! :)

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  1. at first before reading the broken toilet one looks like a preggo test! & i scream AWW!
    but def a toilet, lil different! haha