Friday, July 1, 2011

Lost Penis?

I've never been around boy babies.  I mean when I worked in childcare I worked as the preschool teacher so I didn't deal much with the infants. So Maddux is one of the first babies that I've actually "cared" for. 

Over the past few weeks Jayce & I have really wondered if Maddux was circumsized right....
It seems he still has a lot of extra skin so we had planned on asking about it at his 4 month appt in just 2 short weeks. 

But the other day (Monday)  I was getting Maddux out of the bath & I brought him to his changing table laid him down & prepared to put a diaper on him....all of the sudden I looked down to find just skin... my instant thought was panic-- I thought I needed to get him to the emergency room I literally thought he lost his penis.  I then began to take a picture so I could send to my Hubs-- after I tried calling him with no answer.  Well as I'm freaking out I thought I needed to try & find this.... yes this is a little detailed but I began just poking on his skin above where his penis is & finally out it popped! I couldn't believe my eyes... I had no idea that a penis could dissappear. 

Maddux got his pictures taken that day & for most of them he was nude & this happened at least 3 more times that day so me being the paranoid mama that I am I called the doc to talk to the nurse I explained that my son kept losing his penis & what not... I told her I probably sounded crazy but I was concerned & needed to know why this was happening.  She simply told me it was normal.  (Good to know) 

This really bothered me though I was so concerned & still keep a close eye on things down there.  I'm counting down the days to his appointment to find out if everything still looks good down there!

I know I probably just sound crazy & probably a little perverted but this really happened....
oh the joys of parenting boys. 

I guess there is a first time for everything right???

I will have to write this one down in his baby book... He'll love this story 20 years from now right ;)


  1. lol...isn't being a momma of a boy wonderful?
    xo monica

  2. parenting of a boy, sigh. im still learning every single day. potty training, well that was interesting let me tell you.

    you should get it checked out though...

  3. bahah just the title of this made me laugh
    boys are "werid" :P
    I remember when I was nannying and the little boy said it wont go down & was asking what to do
    uhh? that can happen to a 2 year old???
    i called his mom & was freakin out.
    apparently that to is "normal"

  4. SNORT! Oh man, boys are awesome, aren't they?! I gotta say...I'm glad I'm having another boy! I wouldn't know what to do with girl parts haha. At least I'm used to these strange little boy tweaks lol