Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Weekend {{mini photo-dump}}

So this past weekend we did a lot... we went to Maddux's cousins' baseball game, we hung out with him gma & gpa a lot, we went to a cookout, we went swimming, we went to the park, we went shopping & we just hung out at home! Sorry for the crappy quality of the photos they are from my phone! :)

*Here we are getting ready to go somewhere... obviously Maddux was excited. :)

*Bath time lovin! :)
*First time in the cart like a big boy 7/9/11--
I must add that he tipped over one time when I was looking at nipples for his bottle & he hit face & cried. yes it was horrible--for the both of us! :(  
 *Don't mind all my unmatched bedding-- I am in the process of changing it but have been to lazy to wash the normal stuff. :) anywho,
don't the boys look so cute? :)
I melted when I walked in from showering and saw this. :)
 *sorry for the blurry picture this was for church yesterday & it was his first time wearing shoes! :) 7/10/11
 *Maddux went swimming for the first time! :) He loved it! 7/10/11
 *Grandma bought Maddux the adorable hat! :)
 *Maddux also swung for the first time. He also loved it! :) 7/10/11
 *again swinging
 *Momma & Maddux at the park :)
 *Maddux & Wrigley :)

 *Maddux fingerpainted for the first time last Saturday (7/2/11)
 *His artwork is now framed & hanging in my kitchen! :)
 *He got a little messy!
*Maddux in his shades & hat! :)


  1. awwwww he is getting so big and so adorable! I love the first and the last one, his little personality is starting to show!!!

  2. Aww he is so gorgeous little lad… Poor thing when he hit his face, must be horrible feeling. I love Maddux with his shades and hat… Beautiful pictures.

    follow each other yeah?

    I love your header and your lovely blog too