Sunday, November 21, 2010

22w6d-- doc appt.

So since the last point we have seen the "high risk doctor" & I'm happy to say that we got nothing but GOOD news!! :)
Baby is growing great & has no problems with his heart he said that the spot is nothing we simply noticed the dot because technology has became so advance that they notice "everything" even stuff that isn't anything so we were very pleased with how the appointment went and we got the ok to go back to our normal obgyn!  Other than the doctors this week I also got the flu--& I got it bad ended up losing around 7 lbs in the 24 hrs I was sick!!  I actually came down with it that Wednesday but just couldn't bring myself to cancel the appt so I ended up going but did not do the glucose testing simply because I wouldn't have been able to keep it down so I'm planning to go tomorrow to do the testing! So good thoughts my way would be awesome!!  Some other news we switched the theme of his room to baseball!! So we are really excited to get started with that! :) Here are some pictures...

Ultrasound Pictures!
22 weeks

Bump Picture
22 weeks

here are ultrasound pictures from when we were 6 weeks & just found out we were expecting!
They have been in my purse since we found out & I totally forgot I even had them!

 here are some of his clothes...
this is nothing compared to what we have bought him just some of my favorite things! :)


How far along? 22w6d!

Total weight gain/loss:  well I had lost some but I'll weigh in tomorrow!  as of monday (before I lost the 7lbs.) I was up a total of 11 lbs.

Sleep: better this week than last!

Food cravings: Snow Cones-- Pickles-- Pickle Sickles-- Salad (olive garden & casas)

Best moment this week: good news from the "high risk" doctor!

Gender: Boyyyy.

Stretchies: no new ones!

What I miss: Nothing.. :)

What I am looking forward to: getting started on his room 

Symptoms: well this week my back hurt butttt I'm thinking that had a lot to do with the flu!

Milestones:  making a FINAL decision on his room && I bought a snow cone maker & some more pickles so I can finally satisfy my cravings!! ( I made a pickle flavored snow cone today to take care of both cravings at once!!)--the joys of pregnancy hahah!

Emotions: good-- a little rocky Wednesday with the flu I was very upset because I felt like I was hurting him since I couldn't keep any food down & was doing nothing but throwing up!

Belly Button in or out?  well I noticed the other day when I got out of the shower that my belly button looked almost dirty so I looked closer at the mirror & noticed the it was my 2nd hole from when my belly button was pierced which used to be inside my belly button well now its outside so I would say it is just a matter of time before it pops! :)

Movement: feel him A LOT-- FINALLY

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