Saturday, November 13, 2010

16 weeks

Hi Everyone!
So this is my first blog so I have lots of updates and news.  As you know from the title I'm 16 weeks.  I had an appt yesterday where we heard the heartbeat which was 139 "perfect"  We were given the option of having testing done to see if baby has any type of disorders we chose not to find out simply because if there is something wrong they can't do anything to fix it and really you can't prepare yourself for something like that and we felt like we would just dwell on it and stress us out the rest of the pregnancy.  I was so happy that I wouldn't be getting pricked and just as I was thinking I was out of the woods the doctor brought up the flu shot I didn't want it at first but she convinced me otherwise. That pretty much wrapped the appointment up.  So far Jayce & I have purchased the crib, the bedding, the pack in play, the stroller, and the car seat. 

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