Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hello Everyone! :) I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and for you that don't know I'm due March 21-23... I say the 21st Jayce says the 22nd & the doctor is bouncing between all those dates so... hopefully we can get that narrowed down at our next ultrasound appointment.  I think the best way to start this blog and catch everyone up on  our little one is to do one of the neat little survey things I've seen on other blogs. :)

How far along? 18 weeks - 19 weeks tomorrow.

Morning Sickness? Never really experienced this... I'm definately not complaing :)

Weight gain? we weigh in every monday and as of monday i still hadn't gained any weight since we had found out... i weighed myself yesterday (Saturday) and was up 3 lbs. :) I will weigh again tomorrow and see if the weight has stayed!

Symtoms? back aches & exhaustion!

Maternity Clothes? some a couple pairs of pants & some shirts.

Nursery Purchases? The crib, Pack-N-Play, Stroller, car seat, bedding, blanket & some clothes (both gender)

Stretch marks? I have 2 new stretch marks that have formed. :(

Sleep? I am getting PLENTY of sleep... I feel the need to lay down before 8 and I get up around 6:25... No problem in this area.

Best moment this week? Just little talks Jayce & I have had about how awesome marriage has been and how we both agree that marriage has made us happier people! -- Also, seeing all my aunts at a family Halloween Party and having them all ask about me & baby. :)

Nickname for Baby? Shim- So we don't say she or him since we dont know we combined the word and just say shim until we find out!

Movement? Nothing yet.... hopefully coming in the next week or two! :)

Food cravings? Depends on the day... Pickles are a reoccuring craving though & I have now ate a half gallon jar of them. :)

What I miss from life before pregnancy? my friends...

What I'm looking forward to? November 2nd- ultrasound & gender will be revealed--- There are days where I can't wait to find out just like Jayce & then there are days where I am actually depressed because I think the suprise shouldn't be told till Baby decides to come out... but a girls gotta shop! :)

Milestones? Babys Room is officially cleaned out and ready to be turned into a nursery! :)

Emotions?  They come and go... mainly I just get a bit of an attitude but I dont think it is to horrible... yet.
That is our pregnancy thus far... I plan to post and update a couple times a week! :) Hopefully you all enjoy this and it helps you all feel a little closer to us and the baby growing inside me :)

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