Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm now 21w6d. as you know from my last post that my due date changed well my doctor decided that she didn't think we should change it because the first date would most likely be most accurate but they were very uncertain last time on the actual day so, I guess you could say my due date now technically ranges from March 17- March 22.  Also, at our appt on Tuesday we heard the heartbeat- 136. still beating perfect. :) I had to of course pee in the cup for them to test for stuff not sure everything they test for but, I know they test for sugar because that came back very high.  I told them I had just ate some Panda Express-Orange chicken & drank some Pepsi they said that was probably why it was so high but,  they want me to do my 28 week testing early as in next Wednesday-- yuck! Not looking forward to it but, they want to make sure I'm not developing gestational diabetes! So lucky me I get to go drink the famous yummy drink- ew. & then get my blood drawn! Sounds like a great time-- Not!

Also at my appointment she said that they had found a "dot" on his heart, they aren't sure what it is or if it is actually anything but she wanted me to get into see a high risk doctor and have him do an ultrasound that will look at his heart closer.  She said not to get worried because this happens and a lot of the times it turns out to be nothing and we will be able to see her- our normal doctor after he says that everything is good. So, we have just been praying that it is nothing but we have tried not to think about it much because thinking causes worrying and that won't do us any good so, its best to just keep reminding us that everything will be OK! :)

Oh and I have forgot to mention in my previous blogs that my doctor is also pregnant, she is due in January. So, I get to see her for one more appt on Dec 7 well that is if things go well at our appt next Wednesday then we will be able to go back and see her.  But, I'm kinda nervous about switching doctors because this next doctor I get to see will be there for the most important months of my pregnancy because starting at 7 months (end of December) I will be having Doctor visits every two weeks then the last month of pregnancy-9 months I get to visit him every week.  Well the part that I'm kinda nervous about is that my doctor is expecting to come back right around the week that I'm due & so she might come back just to deliver my baby but I'm not sure if I even want her to do that because I will be seeing another doctor and he will know exactly whats going on she won't so, I'm not sure what I am going to do my doctor is great & maybe if I don't like the new doctor then I won't care buttttt I'm just unsure at this moment! Just a little information I forgot to tell ya earlier!

Some VERY exciting news--- He received his first Cubs purchase from!!-- 3 onsies, a shirt & a batting practice onsie for the summer (I'll try to take pics & post soon!)

Other than that we have bought him wayyyyy to much clothes we went a little over board but isn't that the best thing about having babies? Playing dress up! :) hahah!

I have told myself I'm going to try and not buy any more clothing till the day after Thanksgiving! We'll see if that lasts when I go to Fort Wayne today! :)

How far along? 21w6d!

Total weight gain/loss:  8 lbs.

Sleep: beginning to get a little uncomfortable but still sleeping good! :)

Food cravings: panda express I eat it every chance I can!!

Best moment this week: receiving his package from!! :)

Gender: Boyyyy.

Stretchies: hahah! well here's a story for you!-- Last Sunday I went to subway had the urge to pee so I go to the bathroom and look down and there sits a 100 stretch marks ranging from small to big from normal color to purple on my THIGHS I'm like :0... I couldn't believe my eyes I mean I pee multiple times a day and never saw these ugly things before and then its like there they sit right before my eyes and  I was shocked!! :) so, there are a "few" new ones but at least they are on my thighs and no one will have to see them ever but me!

What I miss: the stage where I wasn't gaining any weight-- its starting to stink way to easily!

What I am looking forward to: our appt Wednesday to be reassured everything is OK!  

Symptoms: aches & pains, not as much heartburn but its still there & having a very scattered brain- I'm def losing brain cells!

Milestones:  the first of many cubs purchase!!

Emotions: stable this week! :)

Belly Button in or out?  still in-- my book said it will start poking out soon BUT I think it'll be awhile for me mines still kinda deep :)

Movement: still feel him in there just not much still... only a few times a day but I'm thinking since he is still breech that is having an affect on it and thats why we can't feel it as much.

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