Saturday, November 13, 2010

update, changes & 20w5d

So, since the last blog we have had some very exciting news!!  We found out last Tuesday that Baby Wilcox is no longer a "shim" that it is now a HIM! IT'S A BOY! This to me was one of the biggest shockers of my life because I have told just about everyone I thought it was a girl so to hear the us tech say well it looks like a boy & begin pointing out his boy parts I was justs overwhelmed with... shock.  Jayce of course was ridiculously excited & instantly began talking about baseball.  Other than finding out the gender we found out that he weighs 13 ounces, he is breech so hopefully once he begins to spin around in there that he stays head down eventually.  He is weighing a little bigger than the average baby around 21 weeks so, our due date could still be a little off.  We got some amazing pictures at our appointment though a great one of his little leg & we even got a 3d picture of him even though he had his hands hiding his face a little he eventually moved them and we got a great shot of it! :) Also, something exciting that has happened since our last appointment... I can officially feel the little guy kick!! :) they are the smallest feeling but yet steal my attention instantly.  It really feels like a bubble popping thats the only way I can describe it.  I only feel it a few times a day but I'm at least feeling something in there! :) We have an actual doctor appt this tuesday which I'm looking forward to hear what the doctor has to say about the ultrasound pictures. Since Tuesday I have went shoppping everyday & can now say that he owns just about every peice of carter clothing out there. It is to the point that you walk in a store and he already owns most of the clothing.  So, I would say he is done on clothing at least until the day after Thanksgiving-- hopefully they have some new stuff out by then! :) We also have already washed all of his clothes and plan to begin putting it away and organizing his room!  We are sticking with the jungle theme we got his bedding from target & I loved it.. I really loved the zebra print but everything about it is cute! :) I'm excited to paint in there I know we will have some kind of green accent and the rest of the room will probably be tan... Hopefully we get everything figured out soon! Oh something I almost forgot about I just ordered his first online purchase from no where else but mlb shop so, he now has some official cubs gear. :)  We can't wait to meet this little guy :) He is ridiculously spoiled & unbelievably loved!

How far along? 20w5d!!-- crazy to think we are over half way there!!!!
Total weight gain/loss:  haven't weighed myself since monday... 6 lbs. at that point! :) We will weigh again tomorrow! :)

Sleep: still sleeping just fine. :)
Food cravings: nothing specific this week. just depends on the day! :)

Best moment this week: getting over the shock of it being a boy & SHOPPING!!!

Movement: FINALLY!!! :) Not often but at least a few times a day. like right at that moment he just kicked 7:45 am. :)

Gender: we have a little baseball player inside of us--- its a BOY!!

Stretchies:still no new ones!!

Belly Button in or out?  in
What I miss: really the only thing I still miss is having my friends around... It is much different now that I'm pregnant & I understand but it is still hard to get used to & remember that some of the girls that stood next to me on my wedding day 3 months ago... are not here for this unforgettable experience... I think eventually things will change & they will come around. Especially once baby is here!

What I am looking forward to: getting the room started & playing dress up with him once he's here! :)
Symptoms: Heartburn, nausea, headaches, aches & pains.

Milestones: movement!!

Emotions: I am very moody-- especially with Jayce.

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