Saturday, November 13, 2010

19 weeks... Heartburn Hell

Well... I just typed this wonderful long post and then hit the "post" button and didn't realize my computer diconnected... so I just lost that WHOLE post.  So, I will try to retype a just as nice shorter version! First thing first, as of today I'm 19w4d pregnant.  This week has been horrible! I have had the most horrible heartburn!!! I have never had heartburn before pregnancy and this is just awful I have also heard that it could be GURD or acid reflex? So, since I've never had heartburn I can't say 100% that thats what it is so... hopefully when I go to the docs in 2 weeks I can find out if it is heartburn and what she can do for me!
How far along? 19 weeks

Movement: none yet! Hopefully coming soon!! :(

Gender: ultrasound @ 4pm Tuesday!

What I am looking forward to: ultrasound appt next week! & doc appt the following week!

Symptoms: heartburn, headaches, heartburn, aches & pains, heartburn & laziness--if this is a symptom... I definately blame this on my pregnancy! :) Then probably some more heartburn!

Milestones: gaining my first lbs last week but now this week I feel like its a let down seeing that number on the scale go up isn't a happy thing after those first 3 lbs. :)

Emotions: one word-- Stable. :)
What I miss: not having heartburn!!! its the worst.
Stretchies: no new ones this week so just a couple to date!
Total weight gain/loss: last week I officially gained 3 lbs so far this week I have gained another 3 so I'm up to 6 lbs so far.  Before I gained the 3 lbs last week I was getting concerned because I hadn't gained anything but now that I have gained 6 lbs I am thinking it can stop :)

Sleep: I am still sleeping like normal! :) There have been 2 nights where I have woke up in between 2-4 am and felt wide awake but after about a 1/2 hr of tossing and turning I can normally fall right back to sleep so I'm not complaining just yet! :)

Food cravings: fried zuchini. :)

Best moment this week: actually having people that don't know me acknowledge that I'm pregnant... so I think I can officially say that I'm out of the stage where people have to wonder if I'm pregnant or if I just have a beer gut! :) Also, I announced to my parents of the kids in my preschool class so it has been great hearing the wonderful things they have to say! :)  Also, having one of my little girls in my class tell her mother that... "Miss Ashlee's baby is sucking her blood" her mother had to explain that she isn't "sucking my blood" that she had to use some of my blood to live. :) kids really do say the silliest things! :)

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