Tuesday, November 30, 2010

24 weeks. lots of updates :)

So... we've made it to 24 weeks-- 6 months!! Crazy to think that we are already this far into the pregnancy.  It's so funny to think about how last year around this time Jayce & I would talk about how we couldn't wait to become parents but we figured out "a plan" that we both were happy with.  Yes, we should've known you can never plan things out in life but we were very set on what we wanted... married in August, try to conceive in November (late November )  and now as your reading this and realizing that I'm 24 weeks pregnant in well late November our "strategic plan" just didn't play out the way we wanted it to but now looking back... Jayce & I couldn't be happier with where we are at in our lives-- we talk every day about how we can't wait to become parents & meet our little boy! Everything happens for a reason & this is clearly a blessing from God!! I'm sad to see the next 3 months come & go but at the sametime everyday I get more and more excited to meet my growing baby inside me :)... just looking back crazy to think we would talk about parenting and getting pregnant every so often and now we discuss it everyday multiple times a day on becoming parents & how the pregnancy is going... it seriously is life changing from the very moment you find out... simply AMAZING!! :)

Well... let's see other than now being 24 weeks Jayce & I are planning on painting the nursery this weekend/week!! :) Can't wait till that is done his room will practically be finished once it is painted!

I plan on going to register the next week I'm not planning on having the baby shower till January but, I want to register now so I have plenty of time to add/remove anything that we may want & who knows how miserable I will be in the next month to come! :)

We have a doctors appt this coming Tuesday (Dec. 7th) I'm so nervous & actually kinda sad about this appt because it is the last time I will see my doctor until she returns from maternity leave!-- I just dont know what to expect after this appointment I mean I've seen Dr.Thomas for the past few years & to have to switch this far into my pregnancy just stinks but then to switch back the week of my due date is going to stink toooo so a little prayer that whomever Dr.Thomas switches me too is just as wonderful as what she has been would be appreciated! Oh so more prayers that my sugar isn't high would be appreciated as well!! :)

Some more exciting news that Jayce & I have officially decided that we will be getting a 3d/4d ultrasound done... I'm thinking I'm going to go with the following package...

Medallion Package: $295 NOW $275• 3D/4D
• (2) 30 minute sessions
• 4 black and white photos
• 4 black and white (3D) photos
• 4 color (3D) photos
• DVD of entire session recorded to music
• CD full of 2D and 3D jpeg images of your baby
I have to make sure that I will recieve all the photos & cds at both sessions-- if I will only recieve that at one session then I will just go with the....

Platinum Package: $225 NOW $205• 3D/4D
• 30 minute sessions
• 4 black and white photos
• 4 black and white (3D) photos
• 4 color (3D) photos
• DVD of your entire session recorded to music
• CD full of 2D and 3D jpeg images of your baby

Its the same as the other package you just only get one session!! But they have some great savings going on right now... $25 off any 3d session plus they have a refer a friend special going on which you get a $100 discount to split with that other person so you each get $50 off the package price, which another person I know told me about so when I called I told them she refered me so now I get to use that discount so I'm thinking I should get $75 off the package!! I think I'm getting a good deal I could be crazy but oh well Jayce & I are really looking forward to getting it done... I'm thinking we will have the 3d ultrasound done around 27 weeks (and if we get the 2 session package we will get the 2nd one done around 35 weeks)

We are going this friday for a 2d ultrasound at this place so we will recieve the following...

• 2D only
• 10 minute session
• 2 black and white photos
• Quick 3D peek
• DVD of your entire session recorded to music

I'm just really looking forward to the DVD and everything else!! :) I'll let you guys know what package we went with after our appointment on Friday!!


How far along?
 24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  10.5 lbs so far.

Sleep: no complaints this week! :)

Food cravings:  Casas salad && Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks

Best moment this week: going shopping & buying his mattress & rocker and getting all of his stuff put together!! Plus Thanksgiving was wonderful it's always nice to see family :)

Gender: Boyyyy.

Stretchies: no new ones!

What I miss: nothing this week....

What I am looking forward to: ultrasound Friday appt Tuesday

Symptoms: heartburnnn

Milestones:  getting started on his room :) 6 months!!! :)

Emotions: Great!!

Belly Button in or out?  closer & closer everyday to popping out...

Movement: He has his days... He is sooo stubborn if someone is touching or rubbing my stomach he stops moving... :) only daddy has felt him and that was one time-- He's getting frusterated that he can't feel him all the time like I can..

24 weeks!! :)

total of 5in. of growth from the first to last picture :)
& 10.5 lbs
(I don't know if this is something to be proud of but oh well :) )

**Click on the pictures to see the full size**

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


  1. I cant wait to see the dvd. Love you forever and ever mom

  2. Ashlee, I'm sure you're already using something for stretch marks but try Bio-oil. It is SOOOO great! I use it to help reduce the apperance of mine and I love it. Just thought you might like to know in case you want to try it throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.

  3. I'll have to remember that! I have some pregnancy lotion stuff to help prevent them but I rarely use it I mainly just use normal lotion but trust me once more of those things start coming the more I'll being using everything under the sun to not let them get worse! :) Thanks!!

  4. Yeah, kelci is right. Bio-Oil works great, my sisters used it when they had their babies, and now my cousin uses it and she just had a baby in March! Good luck with the baby, i love your blog can't wait to see the 3d/4d ultrasound! Btw: follow my blog please and please leave comments, im new to the blog thing! l0l.

  5. Whats also really nice about BIo-oil is that it doesnt leave like a greasy feel. your skin really absorbs it.