Monday, February 14, 2011

34 weeks (only a day late)

So technically I am 35 weeks today but I was super busy this weekend so I didn't get a chance to post the survey to week 34 or some pictures...

So here ya go:

How far along?  34 weeks!! (6 weeks left--7 @ the most)

Total weight gain/loss:  30+ lbs.

Maternity clothes?  yep.

Sleep:  Depends on the day... I'm up about every 2 hours but when Jayce goes to work I switch to the couch and seem to sleep better there!

Best moment this week:  getting some motivation and cleaning most of my house!! :) & Jayce got us all caught up on our laundry!! :) Also, we had our first L & D class at the hospital & we both LOVED it--We got a lot of really great information can't wait for this weeks class we get to tour the L & D portion of the hospital!!

Movement:  Still there some days more so than other-- The other night Jayce & I were in the car listening to the music kinda loud and Baby was kicking in a rhythmic pattern it was to funny--felt like he was having a dance party!!

Food cravings:  Well this week it really hasn't been anything specific-- I used to have a normal to small appetite but this week I have noticed I can eat a lot more than what I used to & I can eat whenever--even if I just got done eating! (not a good thing! :))

What I miss:  my normal feet!!  

What I am looking forward to:  Well today is V-day even though Jay & I won't see each other until about 7 tonight I'm looking forward to dinner with him, tomorrow is my birthday so of course I'm looking forward to that, Wednesday is our L & D class, Thursday we are going to Takaoka (my fav. restaurant) with my friends, Friday Jayce has to work, Saturday we have a couple bday parties (including mine) & Sunday we have church & a financial workshop course we are taking--- So We have a veryyyyy busy week but it should be a lot of fun & go Really fast!! (each passing weeks means we are closer to finally having our little guy with us so I'm ok with busy weeks!! :)

Milestones:  Beginning our L & D classes so now we feel even more ready for him.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  well I am more aching than ever... my feet and ankles are swelling like crazy but other than that I don't have any other symptoms! :)

Stretch Marks: No new ones... I don't think :)

Belly button: its still stuck at that awkward stage-- I don't think it'll ever "pop"

Here are some pictures for you guys to see!!
( I forgot to get a picture of me when I was 32 weeks)

{click on the images to see larger}

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  1. Love the pictures. It has went so fast I can't wait to meet are little guy. Love ya forever and ever.