Thursday, February 3, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

I feel like I have tons to blog about so hopefully none of it slips my mind! :)

First off to get everyone caught up on my personal January Challenge--Cooking at Home.
Last week Jayce & I ate at my parents all week but Wednesday and we ate out--with them though!
With my grandpa in the hospital we spend most are evenings there so before we go to the hospital we go to my parents to just visit and of course eat dinner then we all head over to the hospital.  So I'm not doing to hot cooking at home but I am at least still eating a home cooked meal. 
So far this week we ate out with my parents on Monday & we ate out Wednesday night also. Tuesday we cooked at home though we had Biscuits & Gravy, of course!
So.. as all of you can see I'm not doing to hot anymore but thats what happens when my life gets busy & I don't spend much time at home.  I'm hoping my grandpa gets out of the hospital soon that will help slow my evenings down a bit, also the poor guy has been stuck in that hospital for wayyy to long.

Update on my Grandpa.
Well as you already know he is still in the hospital.  They figured out what was wrong with him a couple days after being admitted but they can't seem to fix the problem.  He is still getting a very high fever at times & they can't figure out what is causing the fevers.  He is exhausted, I mean you can't really "rest" in a hospital.  He also has developed a horrible cough.  When he was first admitted they wanted to do the surgery in 6 weeks well now they are saying that if he can't get rid of this infection & the fevers soon that they will be doing the surgery sooner, which isn't a good thing they are afraid that if they open him up the infection could spread so we are hoping to be able to hold off on the surgery for as long as possible.  These past couple weeks though have been so hard to go into the hospital each day and one day he is great and should be getting to go home within the next couple days and then you go back the next day and he doesn't look good and you know that his fever came back and that he won't be getting to go home within the time frame they had said the previous day.  He seems to be getting frusterated, as is everyone else.  Something needs to be done he got another Ct Scan done yesterday so the results should be back in today so hopefully we have only good news from that!

Pregnancy Update
Well this past week I noticed a few symptoms of pregnancy that concerned me.  I told my mom about it and she told me a couple of things she thought it could be... one being that I possibly had a urinary tract infection--I told her I didn't think it was that because I wasn't peeing that often & it wasn't painful.  Well on Sunday & Monday I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions off and on.  I also was still experiencing the creepy concerning symptoms and I was having a lot of lower back pain over the weekend.  I was searching the web reading all about the possible things that could be wrong with me, something that I do that I know I shouldn't.  I always get myself worried thinking that worst thing possible.  Well I had emailed my doctor about everything and they wanted me to come in so I had scheduled an appt and went in on Tuesday.  I met with the Nurse Practioner.  She was nice & new exactly what was wrong.  I gave them a urine sample like always and she said that I defiantly had a pretty bad urinary tract infection & that I had a lot of sugar in my urine so she told me I could have absolutely NO caffiene & little-to-no sugar.  I was so glad to know what was wrong with me but sooo bummed about the no caffiene--anyone that knows me knows I am addicted to reese's and well that had been my breakfast for the past couple weeks I would eat the valentine reese's every morning and now I can't have them because of the caffiene in the chocolate!! That really sucked! I had also been eating a chocolate chip cookie everyday from the hospital and now I can't have that either. I drink pepsi not a lot but I had been drinking it & obviously you know I can't have that either.  She said that I couldn't have any caffiene for a week.  I'll survive but after being told what I can't have of course everything that is off limits looks delish & makes me feel like I'm highly deprived even though I know I'm not. 
Some of you readers may remeber back when I was like 18-22 weeks I had a lot of sugar in my urine so I had to take the glucose test & barely passed then I had to take it again at the normal 28 weeks & I again barely passed well... I'm almost wondering if I've developed Gestional diabetes-- I am going to go get a little blood sugar tester thing and test myself to see if that reads normal.  I'm praying that this isn't the case but my doctor told me numerous times you can develop it at any time during pregnancy so its a possibility!
Jayce & I were suppose to have our first birthing class last night but due to this wonderful snow storm we recieved the class was cancelled so we have to start that next Wednesday, I am so excited for this I'm just so curious about everything I'm def looking forward to it!! Oh & I almost forgot to mention the Nurse Practioner did check me & sadly enough my cervix is still closed!

I'm hoping you all have had a wonderful week so far-- I'm a over this snow storm! Hoping that Spring is right around the corner & it begins to warm up before the little one arrives!! :)

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. This has been hard on everyone but we will just keep praying for grandpa. Prayer is a powerful thing and I know that God hears us,Anyone out there that wants to pray for him He could use all they prayers he can get. thanks everyone. Love ya forever and ever Ash