Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I posted this in another post but I had posted so much yesterday that this wasn't popping up when people would stop by and visit! So, I wanted to post it agian incase anyone had some suggestions for me!

a. my cankles that have appeared!
b. one of the swollen ankles.
c. if you press on my ankles or my legs it leaves a indent like the one shown above that stays for quite awhile it is not pretty & I'm thinking its pretty bad but I never noticed swelling until the other day and they were already like this!  
These pictures don't do the swelling of my legs and ankles justice-- It looks worse in person!
{any suggestions other than to keep my feet up & to watch my sodium would be awesome}

I've looked up the symptoms and it is a condition called pitting edema it can be a sign of a couple different things but I'm thinking I don't have any other problems other than just the pitting edema but I have an appt on Friday so we will see what the doc or Nurse Prac. has to say about it! Like I said earlier any suggestions would be appreciated!!

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