Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day Recap.

So Jayce & I have never been ones to celebrate Valentines day... some years we get eachother presents some years we get cards some years we don't get eachother anything.  I blame this on my birthday falling the day after Valentines day (today). So, I normally feel bad and tell him not to get me anything for Valentines day since he has to get me something for my birthday! :)

Yesterday was a busy day for us... He worked his normal day till 4 I worked till 6 He had basketball practice till 630.  We knew we wouldn't be seeing eachother until around 7.  We hadn't got eachother anything and I planned on getting him a card but that sorta slipped my mind too! So, I went to work & when I got home of course he was at practice and normally the first place I go when I get home is the bathroom I mean I pee every 30 minutes it seems like so he knew I would be heading there first... I walk in to see that he has somehow managed to write on the mirror and he made me a card :)

seriously this meant more to me than ANY present or store bought card ever would. He wrote the sweetest stuff in the card that made me bawl like a baby! :) He also took me to dinner-- we were going to go to Casa's for dinner but then I knew I needed to go to my parents and that it would be to late so we just stayed in town for dinner.  It was nice not having to cook or clean up anything!  I actually hadn't done anything for Jayce until I saw his homemade card so I decided I would make him one too! :) I would say our Valentines Day was a complete Success!! :)

Also, My parents paid for us to take the course-- Financial Peace University!!

Jayce & I are sooo excited to participate in this course! We are excited to see what comes for us! We had our first class Sunday & it lasts for 13 weeks-- totally just a learning process & we are really interested in everything that Dave Ramsey teaches! This course isn't just for people that are struggling with money problems but its for anyone it seriously just teaches you how to be smart with your money! :) Check out for yourself what his method is all about...  Go Here!!

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now I'm off to my prenatal massage-- I'll do a birthday post later about how amazing my day is!! :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful. I am so glad that you and jayce love the class and I hope it works wonders for you. It's so nice when I feel like I found someone the perfect gift. Hope you had a wonderful day. Sorry I was alittle grumpy when I saw you. Just one of those days I guess. Love you baby forever and ever.