Sunday, February 20, 2011

week wrap up! :) 35 weeks!!

So I feel like all my link ups are taking over my blog but I love doing them because it gives my followers a chance to find some random little facts about me & really get to know what I'm all about. :) So, I will most likely continue to do all of them but I'm going to try to have more original posts just from me too! I know I've been slacking, sorry!! :)

So this week we has been crazy busy for us!! Here is a play by play for you!!

Monday- Valentines Day:: Worked alll day & most of the evening dinner with the hubs!

Tuesday- My 22nd Birthday:: Got a massage: it was super relaxing but I wasn't very happy with the service I received simply because she only did the massage for about 45-50 minutes and it was suppose to be a full hour! But for the time she did do the massage that it was nice & I used my gift certificate I got for Christmas so it was a nice gift! We went up to my parents to get my gift from them (dinner & a movie & money) exactly what I asked for! Then Hubs & I went to dinner at a local bar & then we went to the movies and watched Just Go With It--Amazing movie We both loved it!! :)

Wednesday-- I worked & then we had our last birthing classes:: I loved this taking this class!! I meant being a first time mom I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to this pregnancy and the labor & delivery so... I needed this to feel more comfortable and relaxed about what is happening & going to happen! It was so eye opening!! Jayce also really liked the class! :) I now have a much better idea of what kind of labor I hope to have! At first I wanted to try and go as natural as possible & I'm still hoping to experience a lot of the labor natural but I do plan on getting an epidural once I get pretty miserable and uncomfortable... I mean I guess the way I look at it is if I can be comfortable & enjoy my labor & delivery I might as well! The nurse who taught the course said that in our community 95% of women get an epidural!! I thought this was crazy I knew a lot of women would get it but I didn't realize that it was that high of a statistic! So, it made me feel more comfortable with my decision on getting it.  We also had our tour of the L & D part of the hospital & the rooms & services that they offer at the hospital we are delivering at our AWESOME!! The rooms are spacious & have a lot of things to try & help make you as comfortable as possible they also have a delivery suite that is offered to their patients that have a jacuzzi tub in the room & is even bigger than the other rooms!! I really like this I'm a big fan of the shower/bath/pool/hot tub/etc. if I am in pain or don't feel well... so, I'm hoping this room is available when I go in labor!!

Thursday--Birthday Celebration Evening:: So, I spent the day doing a lot of nothing & then when hubs got off work we went to Babies R Us to add some stuff to our registry because my shower is next weekend so, we wanted to make sure that everything was on it that we needed!! (we only ended up adding 2 things--hahah!)  We then met my friends at my favorite restaurant Takaoka!! This was a blast!!  We used to go to dinner here every couple months together & we hadn't in awhile so it was nice to do that again! After dinner we came home & I thought we would just relax watch a little TV & go to bed but much to my surprise my friends came over & brought a cake & Jayce gave me my bday present--Quelf the board game that I told everyone I was asking for and sooo excited to get!! Well our plans were to play that but then we ended up sitting around chit chatting for too long and it got a little to late for us to be able to play it so we have a rain date on our game time! This was such a fun night!! I seriously needed this evening to remind me just how awesome my husband and friends really are!! :) They made me feel so loved & reminded me that no matter how much time passes or how busy our lives get that we still can get together and not feel like we missed a beat!! :)

Friday--Work:: I had to work & Hubs had to work so once I got off I went to dinner with my parents, brother & sister-in-law. I then went back to my parents and hung out with them until it was time for Jayce to get off.  We then came home & just went to bed it was a pretty boring day!

Saturday--Party Day:: Was a busy day for us... We had to get our taxes done (which we were dreading) we were pretty nervous that we would be owing a lot since Jayce won the lottery this year but we actually walked out of our appt a lot happier than we expected so that was a relief for us! :) Then we had our nephews 2nd birthday party so we went their for a bit but had to leave to come to my families celebration of our February Birthdays--their are a lot of bdays in Feb.  We brought Quelf with us & played that it was a BLAST to say the least!! I also got my first "aunt" card from Marissa!! I was pretty excited about it!! hahah!
Oh yeah we also cleaned out the babies room so now everything is put away where it goes... all we need to do is get his decor stuff put up which we are still waiting on getting the main focus of his room so... until we get that we probably won't be putting anything up!

Sunday(today)-- Today we got up went to church, had lunch with laura, now the Hubs is napping & I am writing this before I go to a 31 gifts party--I'm not quite sure what this is but I'm excited to go with my mom it's at my aunts so I'm looking forward to shopping! :) Later Jayce & I have our 2nd Financial Peace University Class which I am SOOOOO excited about I seriously can't get enough of this because I feel like it's changing our lives already & we have only been to one class! I look forward to letting you guys know what I learn this week--also all of our class workbooks & stuff should be in so I'm excited to get that so I can go over it more than once a week! :)

Pregnancy update/survey::
So I am wrapping up week 35 & I'm so excited to say that!! I love being pregnant I really really do but now I am getting to the point where I just want the little guy here.  I'm also beginning to worry a lot more about little things that I shouldn't really stress about but I just want to know that he is healthy so I would just feel better if he was here so I would know he is ok! I'm worried that the longer he is in their something might happen?? I have read to many horror stories about women losing there children this late in their pregnancy so I am getting to the point where its really affecting me... I want a healthy baby more than anything in this world so there are times where I get to the point of tears worrying about this but I know that God would never give me something I can't handle I also know that everything will be fine I just need to not worry!!

How far along?  35 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  30+ lbs.

Maternity clothes?  yep--

Sleep:  This really depends on the night... it hasn't been horrible lately... I know it will get worse!

Best moment this week:  getting the tour of L & D at the hospital--getting his room cleaned--only 29 days left less than a month!! :)

Movement:  he still moves a lot but he isn't "kicking" or "hitting" as much its more like his just squirming around to get comfy.

Food cravings:  cookie dough blizzards from DQ :)

What I miss:  my normal feet still!! :)

What I am looking forward to:  our appt this week!! we start our weekly appts!! My baby shower next Sunday!! :)

Milestones:  being only a week away from being considered "full-term"

Pregnancy Symptoms:  well I am more aching than ever... my feet and ankles are swelling like crazy & I have been pretty moody this week!!

Stretch Marks:  hahah! well I thought I was still sitting pretty good when it comes to these but I guess I thought that because I can no longer see the bottom of my belly so the other day while I was trying to find something to wear I looked in the mirror and much to my surprise & horror I discovered that I have gotten a lot more of these than I remember!! I guess it's a good thing I can't see my lower belly unless I look in the mirror! :)

Belly button: still at the awkward stage--where you think it's going to pop but it STILL hasn't so I think it will stay this way!!

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  1. I asked for an epidural as soon as my pain level got to about a 4, my contractions were about 3 min apart but I was only one cm. In the hour it took them to get the epidural done (1hr later) my pain was a 9 and I was almost a 9 in pain! The epidural allowed me to relax, hot down the time line and details, keep friends and family updated, and even blog! Lol within a few hours I was fully dialated and ready to go! I believe the epidural really helped me enjoy my labor, delivery, and Rylin after wards without drowning in pain! If u feel like u need it then get it don't stress the nay sayers! You'll know what your body needs and you'll do great!

  2. Less then a month away. I can't wait to meet my grandson doesn't that sound awesome. The nursery is looking great. Can't wait for the Dr's appointment this week. Love you babe forever and ever. Hope you have a wonderful week.