Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Motivation?= Success!

So I was able to clean my living room, kitchen & the bathroom!!
I still need to do the computer room & our bedroom-- I also need to do laundry.
Yay! For what I did accomplish though!! :)
Thinking I may need to reward myself by going & getting a pedicure!
But I've used all my energy & not sure I feel like getting ready.

Onto the swelling & water retention I wrote about on my previous post!

a. my cankles that have appeared!
b. one of the swollen ankles.
c. if you press on my ankles or my legs it leaves a indent like the one shown above that stays for quite awhile it is not pretty & I'm thinking its pretty bad but I never noticed swelling until the other day and they were already like this!  
These pictures don't do the swelling of my legs and ankles justice-- It looks worse in person!
{any suggestions other than to keep my feet up & to watch my sodium would be awesome}

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