Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's List... Maddux Lately.

  • First thing first, Maddux is getting his 2 top teeth in right now.  1 has already broke through the gum the other is about to burst through.  So, I'm sure you can imangine what kind of child I've been dealing with lately. 
  • Sleep? Hahahaha. This child has done a complete 180.  He is up a couple-three times a night.  I blame this on his teeth but still this is hell for me.  I have tried tylenol, gripe water, oragel-- nothing is soothing him long enough at night... any other suggestions would be great.
  • Bottle Baby... ever since being super sick at Christmas Maddux has been addicted to his bottle getting one everytime we lay him down for a nap or bedtime.  Not sure why we let this happen it was just one of those things ya know?  He is recieving 1-2 bottles during the middle of the night & he has one in the car most of the time. 
  • Food Strike? Maddux has started refusing food-- he will take about 3-4 bites of something not make any faces and want more but then all of the sudden somewhere around bite #4 he begins refusing to eat.  He makes faces, he spits it out, he wimpers, he doesn't want it.  The only thing I have gotten him to eat is french fries & most of the time he eats broc & cauliflower with cheese sauce. 
  • We are starting to walk-- Maddux walks a lot like down the hallway distance or like 7 steps at a time! He is doing awesome.  I feel like I could call him a walker but he doesn't get it all the way ya know? He can turn & take steps but the balance isn't completely there yet but he is soooooo close to being a full time walker!
  • No pictures? NO CAMERA! That's right everyone, I dropped my camera a couple weeks ago right down into a cup of coffee I let it dry out completely and it works. Kinda. The flash doesn't work anymore so? As soon as we get our tax return I'm getting a new one and you will see lots of little maddux and family pictures! :)  Until then I'm going to upload all of my pictures off my phone and post those so you get an idea of what's been going on and so you don't forget what we look like!

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