Monday, January 9, 2012

PINterest Inspired:: DIY CANVAS

This has been my favorite DIY things I have found on Pinterest so far.
I have put my own tutorial together for you guys!

supplies:: canvas, mod podge, paint brush thing, and picture

first apply mod podge to back of picture

put picture on canvas and let dry

once picture has dried to canvas apply a coat of mod podge
--make sure all strokes are in the same direction

let dry

snacking on some cookies watching mama make the canvas :)

once that coat has dried
apply another coat of mod podge in the oppisite direction you put the first coat!
Then let that dry and your product is FINISHED...

Amazing right??
Total cost?:: under $5

I have made 7 canvases I love them!!

Let me know if you try this out! :)


  1. soooo cute! I will def be trying this! and the picture is adorable too :)

  2. I love this!! I've been wanting to try it, just haven't done it yet. :o) Your little boy is adorable!

  3. LOVE THIS!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog - LOVE your blog. So fun!

  4. I'm going to do it!!! I'll let you know when its done! :-)

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